Photo diary (bits and pieces of spring)

May 01, 2013 Venoma 11 Comments

Hey lovelies! Happy Wednesday and 1. May! I can't believe we are getting this close to summer! Few days ago I decided to put all these images I keep in all my phones to some good use, that is, to share them with the world and of course, you guys! :) I could use Instagram for it, but I am kinda trying to keep myself off another social network - I think I already use too many of them for someone who claims she's not an internet addict x) In each case, I'll let you get to know me a bit better through these photos. :) Hope you like the post!

 My latest candy addiction

 Me, here, there, everywhere... I had a great time going out these last few months

 I love cake... and donuts! ^^

 Right next to my faculty there is a Mint caffee... Sometimes I just go into that building instead of class x)

Someone I really, really care about and some of our bits and pieces... :) And God, he will be angry I put him on the blog x)

 Another one of my loves - JUNK FOOD FTW!

 Few shots from Love district party with my friend Dragana, I still have those flowers x)

 One of my best dancing experiences in the past year, Balkan Fury :)

 Wherever I go, I seem to end up in Costa at the end of the day

And a view from an apartment I'll be spending next few days in. I wish I could have made a better photo, it is on 12th floor and you can see half of Belgrade from there :)

Hope you liked it my fashion freaks! Share your thoughts! I am having an awesome post in mind for you in the next few days. Until then, feel free to follow Venoma's fashion diary on:

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Love you, Venoma


  1. Stunning photos, so gorgeous all of them. Love cakes :))

  2. Nice photos!!! :-D Thank you so much for coming to me! Check back soon to see me on Inside Me!

  3. Che belle foto

  4. Super! A zalazak sunca...divna fotka:)

  5. E, najlepsa si na slicici sa D. ;))
    A taj bes... Sta znas, mozda i ne vidi ovaj post! :P