Lensvillage.com i.Fairy Yuri Red lenses Review

April 21, 2014 Venoma 13 Comments

Hey dolls! I have something special prepared for you today, I believe you realized that from the very first photo in this post! If you are one of my new followers, you may not know that I have a huge thing for big eye color lenses! I've tryed some more natural colors before, but today I'm trying out a pink pair of i.Fairy Yuri Red lenses straight from Lensvillage.com!

My lenses arrived perfectly sealed in two small bottles, packed inside a bubble wrap inside another package! You also get a lens case when you order any pair of lenses but this time I got a lovely animal lens case that I feel in love with!

Y.Fairy Yuri Red Lenses are soft lenses with duration of one year, and you handle them like any other 1-year soft lenses. They give you this ''dolly'' look that a lot of people find super cute. What I love the most about them is that they are big circle lenses with plenty of color that still allow me to see perfectly - they have left and right eye power of -1.5 like I needed them to have!

But beside that, isn't it just amazing that nowadays we are able to change the color of our eyes with these lenses into any color we like? We can match it with our moods as much as with our outfits!
Personally, I had a lot of fun answering question like ''what happened to your eyes'' when I took this pair of lenses for a walk for the first time. I will definitely have to do that more!

Don't forget to check out all the crazy lenses designs that Lensvillage had to offer. And of course, I'd love to know what do you think dolls? Do you wear lenses? Have you ever tried circle lenses? What's your experience? How do you think these fit me?

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  1. Lepo ti stoje :)


  2. thoses lenses look good on you!!


  3. Cool pics, you're so beautiful!
    I'd be happy to see you on my blog :)
    Good luck!

    I'm a new follower ;*
    Follow me if you like me blog.

  4. Whoa! Creepy, but still very cool! :D I hate lenses, the mere thought of me having to touch my eyeball makes me cringe :D

  5. Adorable photos :)

    Maybe we can follow each other, just let me know on my blog?!


  6. these are super cute


  7. Wow, što volim što kod tebe uvek ima nešto neobično da se vidi i pročita! Kaja :* :* :*