Printic App and Photo Box

April 03, 2015 Venoma 4 Comments

Last week a cute little package waited for me when I came back from work. It was a small orange box full of gorgeous vintage style prints with 50 photos I chose by myself through Printic App!

Printic App is a great app for printing all of your favorite photos. The best thing about it is that it's super-easy to use: you can pick the photos straight from your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox... When it comes to this photo box, you can also add description under every photo to add even more cuteness to it.

The quality of photos I got is pretty great. Shipping was also fast (and it's worldwide free!). Besides the photo box that I choose to review for you on my blog today, there are other great ideas on how to print your memories through Printic: you can print photobooks, posters, magnets, even calendars with your favorite pics!

Now that I showed you all these pics in the review, I can't wait to put them everywhere around the house! ^^ What do you think about these kind of apps dolls? Did you ever use Printic? What are your experiences with printing your memories? Share them in comments!

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  1. Odlično! Baš volim taj fazon izrade fotografija :)

  2. This sounds absolutely amazing. And it is always great to have all of your pictures printed!

  3. I did use Printic and loved them! The photos are so glossy and beautiful, great quality. I placed them on a rope with wooden clips and it makes the whole room shine :D