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May 07, 2015 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my lovelies! ow is your day going today? I hope everything is well with you!

Today it’s time for a new post in my ‘’online shopping’’ section and you know what that means – that means we are presenting you with an awesome new online store for browsing and buying goodies! Spring is here and summer is also coming up fast which means we need more places to find the perfect spring and summer dresses, don't we?

That's why today I'm presenting you with new store on the block by the name ! Zaful is an online store where you can find most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. They have to offer you their affordable collections that are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality. Their vision is to provide the very latest in compelling designs for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. What you can find at Zaful is a wide range of clothes all the way form outwear to swimwear, plenty of trendiest footwear, jewelry and accessories.

Today I picked for you my personal favorites when it comes to their wide range of lace dresses. As you know, I have always preferred black dresses over any other color, but this time I made a few exceptions. I feel in love with some wine red, pink and cream designs from Zaful as well. The rockabilly grey dress and the hippie white one also have their charms. I just can't pick my favorite lace dress!
But the last pink model stole my heart completely. It's a perfect spring dress, don't you think? Check out more of their lace dresses HERE.

What do you think dolls? Do you prefer long gowns or short dresses? What is your favorite when it comes to dresses and lace dresses from Zaful? How do you like them? Share your thoughts in comments lovelies!

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Lots of love, Venoma


  1. Amazing dresses, love all of them!

  2. These lace dresses are all so gorgeous. I absolutely love lace. Especially in the springtime.

  3. Great Selection! Love the white Lace Dress :)