Polka dot dresses by Rosegal

May 19, 2015 Venoma 5 Comments

Hello my lovelies! How is this spring day going for you? I hope you are enjoying this nice weather, sun and are looking forward to more days like this just as I am! Spring is, of course, one of the main seasons of the year when people decide to organize their weddings and other special events we all need all the finest clothing and shoes to wear. I personally already attended one such this season and God only knows how many more is incoming this year!

Today it’s time for a new post in my ‘’online shopping’’ section and you know what that means – that means we are presenting you with an awesome new online store for browsing and buying goodies! Spring is here and summer is also coming up fast which means we need more places to find the perfect spring and summer dresses, don't we?  

Rosegal.com is an online store that has so much to offer to you when it comes to the choice of the perfect dress! It is the intimate fusion of endless possibilities that vintage and modern apparel has to offer. So that is why today we are checking out one of their many sections on the site: polka dot dresses!

Soon as they love vintage for its understated simplicity and see the vintage style as being a uniquely timeless fashion statement, Rosegal is the right place for you to find your perfect polka dots dress. There is such a contrasts with the evolving nature of modern styles that capture the essence of urban energy and edgy lifescapes in every polka dot dress.

It was hard for me to pick my favorite colour of polka dot dresses so I presented a few to you on the photos above. I think I like the navy blue and red with white polka dots the most. It's just so vintage yet so classy and stylish as well! You can check all their polka dot dresses here!

What do you think dolls? Do you wear polka dot dresses? Did you ever shop with Rosegal?

Let me know!
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  1. I love polka dots, so good!! These are beautiful. Happy day doll xx

  2. Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  3. such pretty polka dot dresses
    Keep in touch

  4. I looooove those polka dot dresses! So beautiful!
    xo Beckerman Girls