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August 19, 2015 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello baby dolls! How is your Wednesday going so far? I hope you are having a lovely afternoon! Today I prepared for you one of my ''online shopping'' posts, this time in the category of ''special event shopping'' and you all know what that means: today we will be discussing where you can find everything you need for a special day. Today the main focus will be where to check out and find the best and most affordable cheap homecoming dresses!

When it comes to homecoming, even tho we don't have that here where I live, I see that every year so many girls around the world are looking forward to that event and picking out a special dress just for that. And great online stores such as Ihomecoming are there to provide you with discount homecoming dresses! And there are so many to choose from where it comes to cheap homecoming dresses from Ihomecoming!

My personal favorites were so hard to pick among these Ihomecoming affordable homecoming dresses. I picked out a red one first because I think she is quite a show stopper. You can match a red dress with pretty much anything, both white and black, but also silver, gold etc. My second favorite from Ihomecoming homecoming dresses for sale was this gorgeous peach dress with so many sparkly details! I prefer short dresses when it comes to homecoming, but I noticed that there are plenty of long ones as well for all the lovers of long dresses. I do find my favorite long dresses to be either blue or purple. I'm not a fan of rainbow colors combined.

What is your favorite type of homecoming dresses dolls? Is there a design or color that you prefer? Please share your thoughts, I would love to hear about that!

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  1. i am so in love with that red dress! amazing!

  2. Great dresses!