Floral printed bedding sets by BeddingInn

December 03, 2015 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my dolls! Isn't it a lovely Thursday? Soon as we already deep in autumn (almost winter!) and everything is grey and rainy, I wanted to make it a bit more colorful on the blog these days so we can avoid this autumn rainy moods in a wide circle. That's why I prepared for you one of my favorite online shopping posts about interior shopping so far! Today we will be checking out a store some of you may know while others may not, so this will be a good opportunity for all of you lovelies to find out more about it!

Today we are talking about Beddinginn.com! They are offering fashionable bedding sets, blankets, bathrobe, towel, kitchen gadgets of good quality at the most reasonable price. They provide hundreds of dedicated products for global buyers, coming from USA, Europe, Asia and other continents too. You can see more bedding sets that we will talk about here: http://www.beddinginn.com/Custom-Floral-Bedding-Sets-102396/ They put quite a lot of attention into all of their products. This shop is one of those online corners where you can find something for each and every part of your house, not pay to much, and yet match it all together! 

The awesomest thing about these floral printed bedding sets is that they can also be custom made. They make your bedroom look fresh and merry from during all seasons which means all year long! Florals are not just spring motives, which we saw even on the runways this fall where there were lot of winter interpretations of floral prints.

One of my favorite beddings sets is this particular red floral bedding set that you can see on the photo above together with yellow rose bedding set which I also find very interesting. I would also love to hear all about your favorites when it comes to bedding sets and bedroom decorations of all sorts! Please share your thoughts!

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  1. dear this selection is great..i love the first bedding

  2. such beautiful bedding sets
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