Online shopping: Faux fur products by Messca

December 12, 2015 Venoma 3 Comments

Hello my darlings! Are you enjoying your weekend or are you working like me? Whatever it is that you are doing this Saturday, I'm happy you are taking a break to read some new interesting fashionable news about online shopping today on my blog! 

We will be checking out a brand new online store with a new and very interesting concept. It's all about faux fur products for women and now we will be taking a closer look at it!

Messca International deals with development and production of high quality faux fur clothing. Based in Hong Kong, but working together with world leading faux fur designers, they are making beautiful faux fur products such as women fur coats  and also women fur vests

More than 600 experienced workers are making sure that every product that goes out of their factory is well made and high quality.

They provide more than 500 faux fur clothing styles for every customer's style and fashion taste. They distribute their products such as women middle fur coats  to Europe, US, Russia and Oceania area. 

When it comes to the products they offer, faux fur is almost the same as the real fur in color, texture, and even better than the real fur in gloss. Their philosophy is to maintain a more beautiful Earth and let everybody enjoy faux fur and enjoy real love!

When it comes to my favorites from their store, you can see some of the lovelies made out of faux fur that I picked out from their site. You can always check out a wide range of their new arrivals and share your own favorites with me! Share your thougths lovelies!

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  1. Divne bunde!

  2. Definitely supporting the 'faux fur' trend, these pieces look gorgeous!
    She is Mary

  3. the fur coats are just amazing
    keep in touch