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December 03, 2015 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies! This week is slowly coming to an end, and even tho it't not Friday yet, I believe we might cheer ourselves up with some colourful and fashionable posts! When it comes to colourful and fashionable, what other topic should we go straight to but elegant prom dresses! Yes my darlings, it's time for one more ''online shopping - special occasion wear shopping - prom edition''!

Prom dresses are most certainly one of the most visited sections in all online stores that take care of women's need of dresses. And they are always inspirational and full with brand new ideas that reflect all latest trends in worldwide fashion. For example here  you can find so many stylish ideas not only for prom, but for every other special occasion that demands a beautiful dress as well! 

When it comes to prom dresses it is most certainly the most important part of the whole prom evening for every girl. I believe that the biggest question is should it be a long prom dress, a true eye catcher, like one of these  or a short prom dress that maybe some of the girls could wear again. I honestly always suggested all the girls to go with the long gowns because prom is only once in a lifetime. You will have the photos and memories from that evening forever and I'm sure you want them to be perfect.

My favourites are, as always, on the photos included in the posts. Fluffy dresses in strong girly colours that have embellishment details are always a good and pretty safe idea. Many of them are very affordable and you can check them out here . My second favourites for this upcoming season of proms are the beautiful green dresses. Green dresses in many different shades are everywhere this season and I believe they are quite a show stopper. 

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  1. Beautiful dresses. lovely colors :)

    Brina xoxo,

  2. the dresses are super gorgeous
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