The Attention of Importing Wedding Dresses from China

December 16, 2015 Venoma 3 Comments

China is regarded as the largest wedding dress export country. Many European and American sellers’of wedding dresses are mainly importing from China. A lot of wholesalers and bridal shops choose their goods here because China has abundant clothing materials and professional workers. Guangzhou and Suzhou, the most important exporting cities, have thousands of wedding dress factories which have wedding dresses custom and mass produced, such as Blue Moon in Guangzhou and Jusere in Suzhou. It is not easy to find a reliable wedding dress manufacturer for the merchants who come to China to import wedding dress for the first time. You need to take some time to judge if they are worth cooperating. So why don't we talk more about how to import wedding dresses from China.

The first step is to find a reliable manufacturer. There are many suppliers on several B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Global Sources and so on. But not all of them are manufacturers, which means that many of them are trading companies, and the quality of products cannot be guaranteed and the price cannot be the lowest neither. If you have a large demand, you can consider attending trade fairs in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Generally speaking, the manufacturers attending trade fairs need to pay a lot, so that you can hardly be cheated there. Of course, beside these two ways mentioned, you can find potential manufacturers via search engine, such as Google and Bing. However, there is a higher risk of being scammed in this case.

After you find a manufacturer, the next step is to purchase a sample dress. You can ask for the wedding dress pictures or choose the one you're satisfied with on their website, and then confirm the questions of clothing material, size and so on with the factory. Purchasing sample dress can help checking the capability of the factory and corresponding making time. After receiving the sample dress, you can see if the quality meets your expectation and then decide whether to cooperate or not.
Delivery method of importing wedding dresses overseas requires special consideration. Goods like wedding dresses are sent by sea in general. You can receive the goods 30 to 45 days after the shipments. Although it takes long, the overall cost is low. If it is urgent, you need pay more for corresponding express service. Besides, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future, you need to reach an agreement with the factory on the issue of freight corporation selection and relevant shipping freight.

In addition to the shipments, you should also take payment into consideration. Cooperating with Chinese manufacturers, you usually need to pay 30% to them in advance as deposit for purchasing corresponding materials. After the accomplishment of the wedding dress, and confirmation of the buyer, the buyer should pay the rest separately. The general payment methods are T/T and L/C. Of course, some manufacturers also accept the Paypal payment. However, Paypal payment would charge a fee from the manufacturer. Thus not all of them accept this method. Certainly, the previous deposit can be adjusted according to the corresponding order quantity and cooperative relationship.

What you should note here is that many wholesalers are afraid of being cheated so that they struggle to find a safe payment method. Actually, choosing a reliable manufacturer is the foremost, because it not only guarantees the quality, but also can ensure more cooperation in the future. For the merchants who come to China to import wedding dresses for the first time, it is necessary to collect enough information to ensure the manufacturer can meet your requirements.