Cocomelody Wedding Dresses 2016

January 22, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

When it comes to online stores that offers pretty much everything wedding related, from wedding dresses over bridesmades dress to mother of brides gowns, Cocomelody is there to answer all your wedding related requirements, no matter how humble or extravagant they are.

We're here to talk about latest trends when it comes to trends related to wedding dresses in the upcoming year and when it comes to spring and summer weddings in the year 2016 I believe a lot of brides to be will be following up to this trend. Right now it's not even all about if the wedding dress will be short, mermaid or gown shape. It's not about strapless, sweatheart or v-neck anymore.

Now it is all about the back detail! Everything is about backless Wedding Dresses .The back part of a wedding dress is only becoming more and more important every year, so much that even photographers are taking different photos with brides looking back over their shoulder in a wedding dress that has a stunning detail in the back,

I would love to hear what do you think about the upcoming trend of backless Wedding Dresses 2016  and do you think back really is more important part of the dress than the front? I saw some very interesting wedding designs when it comes to back lately, I am sure you did too.

You can check out more of these and similar dresses with interesting back details right here: 
 and let me know if you have a personal favorite, because I picked out some both long and short on the images I posted for you in this post. I hope you enjoyed it and had fun reading it!

And also check out their current sale:

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  1. the dresses are super pretty
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  2. Beautiful!!! I'll recommend it to my little sister.