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January 12, 2016 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my favorite fashionable dolls! How is your Tuesday going? I hope you are having better weather than I am! But soon as it's cold and I'm spending this day indoors where I get to write something nice for you in a warm calming atmosphere while rain is falling on my window, I decided to write to you a few words about upcoming trends when it comes to special event wear. And what could be more special than wedding wear? Pretty much nothing if you ask an average girl, whether they are searching for a simple modest wedding dress or something way more complicated, glamorous and expensive.

So I prepared a special edition of ''online shopping - special event wear'' post for you and we will be checking out some brand new and super trendy wedding dresses that have a great chance to be the object of desire in the upcoming year. We will be talking about inexpensive wedding dresses jvsdress that can also help you get everything you want from a wedding dress and also spare a few dollars on your wedding budget money.

One of the first dilemmas all the brides-to-be have is should they go for a short dress or a long dress. If you are searching for inexpensive wedding dresses us there is a high chance that you will have  a hard time choosing as well. There are many short and long designs that are very attractive in their own way. I believe it all depends on the idea of your wedding that you always had. If you dreamed of a big wedding gown with lot of embellishment, then don't be scared to go exactly for what you always wanted. If, on the other hand, you are more of a practical modern bride, there are many short wedding dress designs that will make you look as glamorous but will spare you some money on material and also make you feel more comfortable in your wedding.

When it comes to wedding dress trends that are coming up in 2016, I believe you can notice them yourself when you check out . Everything goes either towards simplicity and lace elegance or towards ''more is more'' style. I would love to hear what do you think on upcoming wedding dresses trends my lovelies! Please share your thoughts in comments!

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  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful dresses! :)

    Brina xoxo,

  2. The weather here is awful! We just had our first big snow storm. Sigh! Loving these dresses though. That first one is really beautiful.

  3. the dresses are super pretty
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