Tidetell.com - New Online Store

January 18, 2016 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my fashionable cupcakes! Is your day going well? I hope it will go even better after what I prepared for you today in my newest post! We will be checking out one of your favorite categories, online shopping of course, once again in the search for a perfect evening dress - or any other dress for that matter. I found a new store that can help you find an affordable dress for every taste and every occasion and I hope it will help those of you who celebrate their prom this year as well. God knows all the girls who have prom this year are already searching for dresses even tho it's January!

The store I mentioned to you in the previous section is called Tidetell and you can find it here https://www.tidetell.com where you can see their wide range of dresses and matching accessories. There are many sections: wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, prom dresses, special occasion dresses and many others! Tidetell prides in great customer service, affordable prices and high quality of their products. They create and customize their dresses to always fit the latest trends which makes them have new designs in their offer on almost daily basis! Isn't that awesome?

I picked out a few very eye-catching dress designs from their store to show you in my today's post. All three are different colors depending on the taste and occasion: red, blue and black. I believe red dress like one on the photo is very daring and represents a strong woman. Blue and white combination is super elegant and represents a ''Greek goddess'' kind of dress perfect for special occasions. And black dress with sparkly decoration is my favorite kind of black dress as you already know!

Let me know your opinion on these dresses and this store my lovelies and leave that in comments. I hope you liked the post!

Lots of love,