Online Wholesale of Women’s Plus Size Clothing

March 22, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Wholesaling has been the cornerstone of the retail business world since earliest times. The Silk Road is a good example of how wholesale goods travelled across the globe centuries ago. Wholesaling involves selling bulk orders of goods and usually takes place business to business (B2B) as opposed to business to customer (B2C). 

Wholesaling allows businesses to avail of the discounts that are usually only available to people who buy in bulk. As a general rule, price per item decreases as the size of the order increases. Some wholesalers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and may even sell to other smaller wholesalers who in turn divide the bulk goods into smaller allotments and sell them on to retailers. There are also efficiencies and savings for people who buy wholesale in terms of the shipping and transportation costs.

The world of wholesale was completely revolutionized with the expansion of the worldwide web and the ability of businesses to order their inventory online. People all over the world order wholesale quantities of goods over the internet. There are numerous safety mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of the transaction. It is also possible to do due diligence online on any wholesale outfit to ensure the quality of the goods and review other customers satisfaction with the wholesaler. Some businesses like to order some samples prior to placing a large wholesale order especially if dealing with a new supplier or when sourcing a new product from an existing wholesale supplier.

Ordering wholesale online means that retailers no longer have to travel overseas or attend expensive trade shows to source their products. It can all be done now via apps on a smart phone.

There are so many advantages to ordering wholesale online but the advantages of ordering wholesale online are even more obvious for people who sell in niche markets. Take for example retailers who cater for the larger woman. It is possible to attend many trade shows and find a limited choice of wholesale women's tops plus size. It can take just a few minutes searching online to find a quality online supplier of wholesale women's tops plus size. Online wholesaling makes perfect business sense for retailers who want to specials in tops for the larger woman or for retailers who just want to cater to all sizes of women.

Business to business has come a long way since the Silk Road traders carried their goods across the seas and deserts but online wholesaling is just a modern day, smarter and more efficient version of the same thing.

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