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April 01, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my dear fashionistas! It is a lovely sunny day here in my town and it inspires me to write to you about beautiful things. I have more than a few spring and summer weddings coming up this year, of which I am a maid of honour on one of them and just a regular guest on the others. I am sure you know what that means - the dress search is on like never before! But while I am searching for a perfect dress for attending a wedding, my beloved girl friends are searching for a perfect wedding dress, together with so many brides to be this year. One of the places I suggested them to take a look at is Cocomelody

Many brides have only one wedding in their life (or at least they feel like the one they're having will be their only wedding) so they put much effort in making every single detail about the wedding perfect. But, everything starts with a choice of a suitable wedding dress. Today I find designer wedding dresses to be very popular among brides to be. 

On Cocomelody you can find many designer wedding dresses among collections of LB studio, Grace Luxury, Adore by Aniia, Faith by Annia and more. There is something to be found in there for every bride, from vintage lovers to super trendy it-girls. See more of these lovely dresses here: http://www.cocomelody.com/designers

I will also take this opportunity to mention their bridesmaid dresses  of which we talked about as well, soon as me as a maid of honour this summer need to have something to wear! But if your bridesmaids also need something to wear, you can grab the chance to buy 2-3 dresses with 10% off or 4+ dresses with 15% off!

And don't forget - 40% off all wedding accessories if you are already buying a wedding dress that costs more than 249$!

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  1. Lovely pics dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Wow, these dresses are beautiful :)
    Xoxo, Victoria