New In: SammyDress Jewelry, Clothes and Make Up Tools

August 26, 2016 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new ''New In'' post! Today we will be checking out both fashion and beauty items I received recently in a super fast delivery straight from Sammydress store. My items arrived via DHL within 2 days (!!!) from my order and that knocked me off my fit. The package was well wrapped and full of goodies! Let's go straight to them! Links below the photos and reviews!

First we will check out this set of ten brushes and a brush cleaner. First of all, you can get this whole set at a bargain price for what you get it in. All brushes arrive separately packed and none of them can be damaged while shipping. After washing, they seem a little up tight, but they work out. A few hairs are sticking out out of almost every brush, but that can be easily managed. Shedding on the other hand is minimal. Brushes are soft and dense and can work nicely both on face and eyes. The biggest surprise was the make up cleaner - I love that thing!

10 make up brushes + 1 make up cleaner (here)

After that there is a wide brush I couldn't wait to try out! This one is similar to popular oval brushes that are the it items in the beauty world right now. The one that I got is not big enough for fondation to be honest, I would go for a bigger one, but it's great for applying concealer or getting your foundation in all the curves of your face. I like this brush a lot.

Foundation brush

And last but not least, the third brush that looks like something Nikki Tutorials, one of my favorite Youtubers is using for applying highlighter. Even tho there was no shedding, after washing I discovered this brush isn't particularly dense, so it has a bit of difficulties picking up the product. It can be used none the less.

Highlight brush (here)

When it comes to all these chokers I ordered, I must say I love every single one of them. They come in variety of colors and designs, materials are all different, all chokers are adjustable to different neck sizes. What more could a fashionista want?

Black choker (here)
Transparent choker (here)
Golden choker (here)

And last but not least, a cute little white blouse arrived. The size is accurate to what I ordered and I look forward to wearing this one in one of my future outfits!

Shirt (here)

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  1. Great stuff, enjoy all your new items. :)
    Have a lovely weekend my dear!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  2. that brush cleaning thing is so cool
    keep in touch