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November 14, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hello my dear fashionistas! I hope you are having a beautiful Monday with a far better weather than we have here in Belgrade where autumn is at full swing. For today's post I have prepared for you one of my usual topics which belongs to my ''formal wear shoppinh'' posts, but it won't be our usual wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. No, today we have different and spicy topic I must say! 

We will be checking out one of the latest and most popular trends that took the world by the storm, all the way from runways to everyday life, all the way from Kardashians to ordinary people. When it comes to formal events, it doesn' matter if it's a red carpet event or a prom that is so special to every girl out there, on a birthday party or other special event, everyone is looking for that one perfect, trendiest, chicest dress among all those adorable dresses that will make them shine. 

The latest trends when it comes to formal blackless dresses that we are talking about today are online backless formal dresses from Everybody seems to be paying so much more attention to the back of the dress ever since Kim Kardashian made those kind of dresses to popular.

You can check out all the amazing long evening gowns right here:  and let me know what are your favorites! 

What do you think about the latest trend of backless dresses dolls? Share your thoughts!

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