ToSave Affordable Products Review

February 12, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

Hi babes and welcome to my new post! Today I will be presenting you with some products I received from ToSave online store for a review. There are all sort of stuff in here, so I hope you will have fun. It's a store that is on the affordable side, so the quality is according. Here's what I got for myself:

First of all, some gorgeous and affordable fake lashes. I got 5 pairs and I believe it will last me a while. Find them HERE.

Now here comes the best one! This pink/black detangling brush is the best thing that happened to my hair in a while! It's light, super easy to use and definitely spares my hair from additional breakage. You have my recommendation for this one and you can find it HERE

Now let's check out the product that I was the least satisfied with. This is a black shirt with off shoulder and lacing details. Soon as it costs a bit less than 5$ i did not expect a lot, but it was supposed to look like the one on the model HERE and it doesn't really because the lacing in the front does not go correctly when shirt is put on and the button in the back is not sewed in correctly.

Next I got a hamster swing and I really love this one. It matches the product pictures, it's per friendly and adorable with little colorful bells on the bottom. You can get it HERE.

Next item I got for you is a brown bow belt which was a bargain - only a buck for this cutie! It's brown but there are many colors to choose from and it's quite cute. A piece of the material got off on mine after a few wearing but I fixed it with a bit of glue. It's fine for a buck. You can find it HERE.

 And last, another set of 5 pairs of affordable eye lashes. More natural this time. The packaging had many corporate stickers on it that I had to remove to show you guys the product, that's why it might be a little bury, but the lashes are fine. Find them HERE.

Let me know what do you think about products from ToSave dolls. They also sell human hair extensions. Have a lovely day!

Lots of love,

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