How To Wash Human Hair Weave

September 01, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

We all have to admit that every texture really has its own ways to look graceful and elegant when compared with others. Some look simple and easy but some look classy and radiant for your long hair. Many celebrities opt for the sleek straight hairstyle to finish up their glamorous red carpet look. I believe every of you want to get cheap human hair but don't know where you can get. Don't be hopeless, here Maxglam has cheap hair bundles with good premium quality. We Maxglam can provide various textures that there are straight weave, deep wave hair, body wave, loose wave and also we have kinky series as kinky curly and kinky straight, etc. Does it hit your mind? Then move and get textures you like and suitable for you. For example, you can wear the fabulous straight hairstyles for almost every occasion. They are being able to give you a stylish day time look as well as a polished finish for an important evening party. Nobody can resist the seduction of those sleek straight tresses which are falling down naturally over your shoulders.

After you have got your bundles hair, then you may make sew in or weave bundles hair so that you can be perfect with those. Have you, however, thought about washing your bundle hair? Have you ever thought how to keep them soft and maintain them as the first and virgin time? Many of you I guess don't know how to wash your bundle hair and ever think that to wash them is a trouble thing so you give them away and forsake them alone. That is absolutely wrong for you! So in order to make you guys keep the hair longer, today I am going to show you how I wash human hair weave.

Let's get started! Take your dirty human hair weave and put them in the water channel mixed with shampoo, which is already stirred resolved or you can shake your hands like what I did so as to make sure the shampoo and water was mixed. Make sure the bundles are in the water and with foam then slide through from the weft top to the end so that there would be tangles free. Okay, after I have done the washing, I wash the bundles hair by watering it so as to make sure shaking the shampoo off and out of the hair. Then, I use conditioner into the water to mix as I did before. The reason why I use conditioner is that it can make the hair more smooth and soft after you wash out and do more protection to your hair. So, I barrel them into a micro-bucket and left them for around 15 minutes. 

After then, I use warm water to wash the hair conditioner out of all the human hair weave so that the bundles weave were washed clean~ It is a really simple way for you to wash your human hair and for you to maintain your hair weave longer. Did you guys get it? Thank you so much for watching and I hope you guys love it and learn from it.