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October 17, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my loves and welcome to my new post! As we all know, autumn is here with the rain and the wind that always come with it. That is why today we will be discussing how to stay fashionable and on point with current trends but at the same time stay warm and dry during this unpredictable weather. We will also be checking out the best places for you to browse and buy interesting garments for this season and winter as well!

Today we will be talking about one of my favourite online store that I am sure you already heard of - it's called Fashionmia and there you can find all the latest and trendiest outerwear for women and all that while keeping it very affordable and budget friendly in every way.

When it comes to outerwear highlights of this autumn, parkas are still with us together with colourful fur on them. Leather jackets come now in all colors that you can imagine, while baby blue and pink take stand right next to an old yellow favorite.

What I also enjoy wearing in autumn are sweaters and that is why I always pay attention to where you can find cheap knitwear online. I enjoy the warm comfy oversized sweaters all winter long, while for some more official occasions I love to wear knitwear with zippers and a lot of details.

What do you think about these fashion tendencies my lovelies? Please share your thoughts in comments!

Lots of love

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