How to Find a Unique Engagement Ring

December 22, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

The engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry and this is why many people find it difficult to choose one. Usually, if you’re not sure which type or design to choose, the classics are a safe way to go. After all, the thin platinum band and beautiful diamond is a design that will never go out of style.

Still, if your significant other is the kind of person that stands out from the crowd, you should consider highlighting their personality with an equally unique ring. However, with unique engagement rings, you risk getting a design that’s way too special for your beloved’s preferences. So how do you choose without ruining the surprise?
We know how difficult this process can be so, to help you out, we listed a few steps to help you choose a unique ring that we hope your SO will love.

Take a Vintage Approach

The best way to make sure the design you choose is actually unique is to go back a decade (or more). We can recommend an art-deco piece or even something inspired by Victorian times. Usually, the older the design, the more unique and appreciated will be in our times.
But you have to be prepared for the work and effort you’ll need to invest in finding this unique, gorgeous piece. Sadly, you can’t just go to a jewelry store and ask for one piece of vintage engagement ring. You need to hit up auctions, antique jewelry dealers, or even online stores in order to find the perfect gem. However, it will be worth the effort!

Check with Local Artisans

Local Jewelry boutiques are amazing when you’re looking for a unique piece. While it may not be extremely valuable, if you find a beautiful design, it may be very rare. Artisans usually create pieces for one collection and they move on to a new collection the next year. This makes the ring you bought a unique piece or at least one that’s very rare.   
You can even find a great offer online as many high-end boutiques also have sites and online commerce.

The Diamond isn’t Mandatory

If you have a small budget and your significant other isn’t set on having a diamond engagement ring, you can go with a different stone. While tradition dictates that the engagement ring should have at least one diamond, you shouldn’t care too much about this – after all you want a unique ring, right?
There are plenty of beautiful gems on the market and you can have your pick. One way to show how much you appreciate your partner is to have a ring featuring their birthstone (or a combination of both your birthstones).

Do it Yourself

There’s nothing more unique and original than a ring you design for the love of your life. If you have artistic inclinations or you know someone who can help you with this task, then you should feel free to design the ring on your own. Even more, many high-end jewelry producers offer a DIY option where you can choose the stone, the metal and the setting.
Still, if you really want to have full power over the end result, you should consider finding an independent jeweler. But you should also know that the price will be higher than the one you can buy from the store.

Get Colored Diamonds

One way to make the ring more special (if you want to stick with the diamond) is to get one with colored diamonds. Regular diamonds are colorless, but when there’s an anomaly at the source where they are formed, they will get colors. For instance, a yellow diamond will form when there’s a concentration of nitrogen in the structure of the diamond.
But there are many other colors out there like: pink (very rare and expensive), blue, purple, brown, green, gray, or orange. Any of these colors or a combination, will make for a wonderful engagement ring that upholds tradition but is still unique.

Combine Diamonds and Gems

Finally, another solution to make the ring more special is to add a pop of color. This is done by adding colorful gems to the setting and creating a beautiful design that highlights the diamond. It may not be incredibly unique nor extraordinary, but it is a way to add your beloved’s favorite color into the ring and make it more personal.