2018 prom dresses trends from Sevengrils

January 18, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovely fashionistas and welcome to my new fashion post! As we all know, time passes so fast and new generation of prom girls is getting ready to choose their prom outfits for their very special prom evening that is coming up in a few months. 

While going through an online store I recently found called Sevengirls, I enjoyed browsing through many trendy prom dresses. It was really hard for me to pick my favorite soon as there are so many fun options. The best part is, if you choose one of their prom dresses 2018, you will stay on your budget and have a true eye-catching dress at the same time.

While choosing the perfect prom dress, you might want to be informed about all the latest dress trends that are coming straight from the runways of fashion capitals of the world. I particularly love the trend of two piece dresses, where bottom part - skirt can be long as in regular gown or short if you would like to make it more sassy. Also, more seems to be more when it comes to beading and embellishment on prom dresses this season. 

On the photos in this post I shared with you some of my favorite dresses that you can buy on Sevengirls. I am a huge fan of black gowns because I believe you can never go wrong with black. But also, prom is a happy event where you can enhance your femininity with dresses in girly colors as well. Backless dresses are also a huge trend this season. 

Please share your thoughts and your favorites with me as well my lovelies! What are your favorite prom trends?

Lots of love,