Soufeel jewelry review vol.2

May 27, 2015 Venoma 6 Comments

Hello lovelies! Do you remember my last collaboration with Soufeel that I wrote to you about in this post? Well, I loved their products so much that I decided to do another review for them! This time I will be sharing with you my experience with a  brand new bracelet and set of 5 pedants.

Another beautifully wrapped package arrived to my doorstep in only few weeks from making the order. What I did this time different than the last time is that I got a bracelet bigger for one size, thinking that I might need a bigger one because of the amount of charms I was planning to put on it. But to be honest, getting the regular bracelet that is 1.5cm wider than your hand wrist might be a better idea than buying a bigger one despite the number of charms. I really enjoy this leather+silver version of the bracelet. It is less formal than complete silver bracelet so now I can wear my Soufeel jewelry easier with casual outfits.

Charms are also quite adorable. I got my first murano glass charm and realized that they are significantly bigger than regular charms, so when you buy them, you should take two or three for your bracelet to be well balanced. Flower connected to the bee with a string I find super fun, you can let the bee hang freely if you like as well.

And here's a little something what you should know about Soufeel: Their jewelry is made out of 925 sterling silver and colored gems. They offer many bracelet designs and over 500 charms designs as well. It was so hard for me (again!) to pick my favorite five out of so many cute little charms! You can pick also your own bracelet size to make sure it fits. They offer free shipping on orders over 50$ and 365 days return.
Bracelet: Soufeel    

What do you think about bracelets with charms lovelies? Did you know about Soufeel before? Do you like my choice of charms? Please share your thoughts!

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Black Ball Dresses by Pickedlooks

May 20, 2015 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having a great week so far! Mine is pretty busy, but I have enough time for a short chit-chat on a fashion-related topic with you guys :) It is again one of those days where I present you stores where you can buy beautiful items. Today we will be discussing a lovely topic which I believe plenty of you dress lovers will find interesting - ball dresses and where to buy them!

Welcome to another one of my posts from ''online shopping'' category where I will present to you a brand new store today - Pickedlooks! They offers a range of beautiful ball dresses, elegant prom dresses and evening dresses for girls. All the dresses are fine-designed and made from high quality fabric. With very low prices on all of the items in their offer, you will definitely not go bank-broke if you shop here. They can offer you ethereal, classic and fashion-forward ball dresses attires that match your figure and personality.

When it comes to ball dresses, my personal favourite is, as always, black lace and variations of black tulle and black lace. I also have a thing for embellishment and sparkly details in big quantities. I just can't help loving all those black ball dresses! Even my prom dress was black, I loved that dress so much!

I've been looking at a lot of ball dresses lately (like every girl does right? ;) ) and I love all the new trends that keep appearing. Still, I can't decide if I like trendy ones or traditional ones more. What do you think dolls? Which one of these gowns are your favourite? Did you attend to one of these events suitable for a ball gown? Please share your thoughts in comments!

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Gold dress + Lace up heels

May 18, 2015 Venoma 10 Comments

Hello my cupcakes. This weekend was very lovely for me. 16th May is a special day for me, 10 years ago on 16th May I kissed the love of my life for the first time. C: We had some great times and some not so good times since then, but I'm proud to say we still love each other more than ever and we're still rocking this relationship. I was very lucky to find him 10 years ago and we worked our asses off not to lose each other over the years. But that is what you do when you want something to work. Trust the expert ;)

About the fashion part: I pulled out my favorite gold dress and matched it with my new Soufeel bracelet and SheInside lace up shoes. I hope you guys will like it! Enjoy!


Zdravo dragi moji! Ovaj vikend je bio tako divan. 16. maja pre tačno 10 godina sam po prvi put poljubila ljubav svog života. Imamo neka sjajna i neka ne baš tako sjajna vremena iza sebe - sve ono što jedna veza treba da bude i ostane. Ponosno mogu da vam kažem da smo ludo zaljubljeni kao i tog dana pre 10 godina - i da, to je sasvim moguće, mi smo živi dokaz za to. Imali smo ludu sreću da pronađemo jedno drugo, a zatim smo ludo radili na tome da jedno drugo ne izgubimo. Jer kad nešto želiš, onda moraš i da se potrudiš. :)

Što se tiče današnje odevne kombinacije, ovo je upravo nešto što možete obući na značajnu godišnjicu ili slični događaj. Zlatna haljinica i cipele na pertlanje vas neće razočarati. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholesalecelebshades   Necklace: Oasap
Bracelet: Soufeel 
Dress: Mr.Gugu and Miss Go     Bag: Sammydress
Heels: SheInside 

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Lots of love, Venoma


Tassel Top

May 11, 2015 Venoma 13 Comments

It was my last day of a lovely vacation yesterday. And today I am really really grumpy. God damn Monday again!

 Anyway, I took a few pics of an outfit I wore this weekend on a friend's birthday party. I am in love with fringe as you obviously noticed. I might not have the best body shape for crop tops, but I don't think girls should wear only things that fit them perfectly, because only models get away with everything fitting them. Nothing wrong with being different and wearing stuff you like. :) Enjoy!


Juče je bio poslednji dan mog godišnjeg odmora. Ako ste ikada radili i bili na godišnjem sa kog treba da se vratite, znate kakva tuga i očaj me trenutno spopadaju. Prokleti ponedeljak!

Odevnu kombinaciju sa fotografija crop top + široke pantalone sam vam, doduše, spremila još za vikend. Nosila sam nešto slično kod drugarice na proslavu rođendana. Iako mnoge devojke ne izgledaju kao modeli, smatram da treba slobodno da nose crop top-ove ako to žele. Samo zato što nešto stoji savršeno samo na ofingeru ne znači da ne možemo uživati u nošenju tih komada sa sve svojim nesavršenostima. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Romwe   Bracelet: Tidestore
Top: Lalalilo  Pants: Koton
Watch: Daniel Wellington    Bag: Tidestore
Shoes: I love sexy

What do you think dolls? Do you wear fringe and crop tops? Share your thoughts!

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Lots of love, Venoma



May 06, 2015 Venoma 17 Comments

Hello dolls! I'm so sorry I wasn't posting for a while, I was off on my vacation in Paris and OMG it was so amazing! I hope once I'll have some time to write more to you about my experience in France. I filled up my mental batteries and I feel a lot better.

While I was gone my postman was very busy so plenty of packages with adorable goodies waited for me when I came back. One of those is this cute creamy dress from EliteFashion99! I paired it with (of course) some black and silver accessories including a great bracelet set from Dresslink! I melted a bit while shooting this one for you because it's practically summer around here already so I opened the seasons of short skirts and tops. Enjoy!


Zdravo dragi moji! Izvinite što outfit post kasni ovom prilikom, bila sam u Parizu i OMG još se nisam osvestila od tog prelepog putovanja. Nadam se da ću imati vremena da vam kasnije prenesem svoje utiske. 

Dok sam ja bila odsutna, moj poštar je bio vredan i doneo mi mnoge zanimljive stvarčice. Ova krem haljina sa čipkom i aksesoari su samo jedni od njih. Otopila sam se tokom ovog fotkanja, ali sva sreća pa se to ne vidi toliko na slikama. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholesalecelebshades         Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelets: Dresslink (here)       Dress: EliteFashion99 (here)
Clutch: Carpisa           Shoes: Lovely shoes

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