Effortless Aesthetics - 5 Essential Beauty Tips for Lazy People

March 02, 2022 Venoma 1 Comments


Picture: Allef Vinicius/Unsplash 

Anyone with self-confidence can feel beautiful, but some people like to achieve their confidence through beauty routines and cosmetics. The problem is, many beauty routines can take a long time to complete, and not everyone has hours to spare when they’re getting ready to start the day. 

Whether you’re time-poor or don’t want to spend more time than is absolutely necessary preparing for the day, here are some essential beauty tips you may like to consider.

Consider Cosmetic Tattooing

When you visit a cosmetic tattoo studio, your eyes are opened to the possibilities of saving yourself hours of time each week and potentially hundreds of dollars on makeup products. Experienced cosmetic tattooists can provide a range of convenient services like eyelash extensions, tinting, non-permanent eyebrow treatments, and lash lifts. 

Many cosmetic services are temporary or semi-permanent and can be cost-effective and convenient for men and women. Why spend hours in front of a mirror trying to make your eyelashes look longer with mascara when you can see an expert for extensions instead? Cosmetic tattooing is the ideal choice for those who want to be able to genuinely say, “I woke up like this.”   

Apply Face Masks In The Shower

Face masks have long been a popular beauty treatment among people who want to achieve brighter, more moisturized skin. The problem is, you generally have to sit around with the mask on your face, waiting for it to work its magic. 

Whether you lack the time or the desire for all this sitting around, consider applying your face mask right before you step into the shower. While you shave, cleanse, and exfoliate other parts of your body, your face mask will get to work helping your skin. 

Cover Your Roots With Makeup

Not everyone has the time or money to visit a salon as often as they should. Some people simply don’t like the experience and want to avoid it at all costs. If you need to save money or lengthen the time between salon visits, consider using eyeshadow in your hair. 

It sounds absurd, but many people have successfully blended in their gray regrowth with powdered matte eyeshadow that matches their hair color. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’s a convenient and effective one.

Make Your Lipstick Stand Out

It can sometimes feel like applying a full face of makeup takes longer than the event for which you’re getting dressed up. Rather than applying layer upon layer of makeup to smooth out your skin and fix blemishes, consider drawing the eye somewhere else. 

You can achieve a finished look in just seconds by applying a vibrant, beautiful lipstick color to your lips. You can’t go wrong with red, and no one will notice that you’re not wearing any foundation or concealer. 

Try Dry Shampoo

High-quality shampoo can cost a fortune, yet we still use so much of it to avoid oiliness. If you’re keen to save money, time, and effort while still getting rid of that greasiness, try dry shampoo. 

Dry shampoo can absorb any grease in your hair while also improving its volume and texture. It’s a quick, effective fix that can be the perfect solution when you’re not in the mood to wash your hair before work or a night out. 

Your beauty routine doesn’t have to take up half your day. While there’s never any harm in taking your time to achieve a look that makes you feel beautiful inside and out, you may also like to be aware of some quick fixes to save time. The options above add convenience without sacrificing aesthetics.