Heart shaped glasses

October 26, 2015 Venoma 15 Comments

Hi dolls! You know what I love about these last few seasons? Long boots seem to never go out of fashion trends! And I bet you already know how much I love to wear them! I am all glamed up today, wearing my first white jacket ever from Megz  (they have quite adorable and unique designs if I may add, you should check them out), super urban shiny heart shaped glasses #EERoundHeart from Emblem eyewear and a cute necklace from Lovelywholesale. Hope you like it!


Zdravo dragi moji! Znate li šta obožavam u vezi ove sezone? To što čizme preko kolena doživljavaju još jednu reinkarnaciju! A sigurna sam da ste do sada primetili koliko ih volim. Danas me gledate u malo glamuroznijem izdanju. Bela jaknica sa rajfešlusom sa strane i mirrored naočare su sjajan izbor za ovu jesen. Uživajte!

I am wearing

Jacket: Megz   Necklace: Lovelywholesale 
Shirt: Pull&Bear
Skirt: Jexshop
Boots: Newyorker

Share your thoughts babes!

Lots of love,


Fashionable Car Accessories by Beddinginn

October 25, 2015 Venoma 1 Comments

Happy Sunday my babes! Let me tell you straight away that it is not going to be a typical fashionable Sunday here on Venoma Fashion Freak today. No, I prepared for you a topic that we never discussed before and I bet you fashionistas will love to hear more about it! 

Today we will be discussing some awesome items that you can get to make your car more comfortable, cute and fashionable place for you. It's not all about the model and the color, there is something in car accessories and car freshener too! I just love some ideas that you can find in online stores when it comes to pimping up your car and not spending too much money while doing it.

One of my latest online store discoveries is called Beddinginn.com! They are offering fashionable custom car fragrances, car stickers, car accessories and plenty other stuff for your car that are good quality at the most reasonable price. They provide hundreds of dedicated products for global buyers, coming from USA, Europe, Asia and other continents too. All the products they are selling are made by the top quality materials and go through rigorous inspection. They have an elite team with professional skills and unlimited creativity in bedding sets and other on sale items making. And they have such awesome car fragrance in their offer!

When it comes to car air freshener, my personal favorites are vanila and magnolia. I just love how those stay in the air for a long time! 

Also I'd love to discuss this topic more with you my girls! Do you drive and what do you do to make your car more comfortable and fashionable for yourself? Do you buy car accessories and car fragrances by yourself? What do you think of these: http://www.beddinginn.com/Custom-Car-Decor-Accessories-102416/ What is your favorite kind? Share your thoughts!

Lots of love,


Italian luxury duvets: Piumini Danesi + Discount code!

October 21, 2015 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my darlings, I hope you are having a great Wednesday! As you know, we have previously discussed some ideas on how to decorate you house and where to buy best household products that suit your style. Today we are taking that topic a bit further with this new post from ''interior design online shopping'' that will take us straight to Italy and luxurious online duvet store: Piumini Danesi!

Among many products that you can find at Piumini Danesi are duvets, pillows, duvet covers, featherbed, pillow cases, sheets etc. Their philosophy is against the “throwaway culture". They have designed, developed and manufactured their products to such a high standard, that they will last for years - duvets are sold with a guaranty of 10 years, and when used properly, can last for 25 years and more! Nowadays that is quite something for a company to be proud of!

I am specially taken away by their amazing luxury corner. My personal favorite is Aida: Royal Jacquard Goldan exquisite reversible duvet cover with a pure gold jacquard design on one side, and plain sateen on the other.  You can see it on the first photo in the post and check it out. It is a dream come true for any bed!

Also, there is a super urban Comfy travel corner where you can find two kind of travel pillows that seem far more comfortable than anything I used to improvise during my trips. When it comes to Baby line it's both cute and completely kids oriented. I am in love with baby bag and baby night sleeping bag, they are items that can make your life so much easier!

Piumini Danesi and Venoma Fashion Freak teamed up to offer all of you my lovely followers a 10% discount with code Milica! You can use it site-wide and internationally. 

What do you think about Piumini Danesi?  I'd love to hear what do you think of luxury duvets and how do you decorate your bed. Are you aiming for quality, looks or something else? Share your thoughts! I hope you enjoyed my post :)

Lots of love,


Online shopping: Wall Art

October 20, 2015 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having a lovely Thursday! It is pretty rainy and cold in my town, but we are managing it. When it comes to blog, it's time for a new post about online shopping and today we will not be talking about the usual dresses, shoes and bags. We will be talking more about home decor and interior design. Which means, it's time for another interior online shopping post this time about modern wall art and I hope you will like it!

While browsing some house decoration online lately I saw a store that has much to offer - it's called Beddinginn.com! They are offering fashionable 3d animal wall stickers, wall stickers, wall art, bedding sets, blankets, bathrobe, towel, kitchen gadgets of good quality at the most reasonable price. They provide hundreds of dedicated products for global buyers, coming from USA, Europe, Asia and other continents too. All the products they are selling are made by the top quality materials and go through rigorous inspection. They have an elite team with professional skills and unlimited creativity in making their products.

I must admit my favorite type of wall stickers are 3d floral wall stickers. I have flower wall sticker on my fridge and my whole kitchen! I also love how wall stickers can refresh boring walls and cover all the stuff you don't want people to see on your walls.

Don't forget to check out more of their custom wall art here:  http://www.beddinginn.com/Custom-Wall-Art-103766/  and share your thoughts on it. What do you think about wall art? Do you use 3d wall stickers in your home? Do share your experiences and thoughts on this topic in comments babes! I'd love to read them!

Lots of love,


Poncho time

October 19, 2015 Venoma 10 Comments

Hi babes! With poncho as one of the main trends for this autumn, I'm very happy to present you with my first poncho pick straight from Newdress! I kinda like how it looks over leather jacket as well! But I'll show you that some other time. Enjoy my latest outfit!


Zdravo svima! Vrlo sam uzbuđena što vam danas predstavljam svoj prvi ''pončo'' outfit! Zaljubila sam se u taj trend čim se pojavio. Osim u ovoj kombinaciji, sviđa mi se kako izgleda i preko kožne jakne. Ali to ću vam pokazati neki drugi put. Uživajte u postu!

 I am wearing:

Hat: Oviesse
Poncho: Newdress    Necklace: Tidestore
Jeans: Newyorker   Bag: Oasap
Boots: YesWalker

Lots of love,


Wooden watch by JORD review

October 16, 2015 Venoma 6 Comments

For me as a fashion blogger, the best part of this hobby is when I get a chance to collaborate with stores that have an unique concept and beautiful products. Among all mass production, copy-cats and overly exhausted fashion trends, it's so refreshing to find something that stands out and compliments your personal style. I was so happy when Wooden watches by Jord asked me to take a look at their amazing range of wooden watches and pick one out that I would like to review!

There are many very interesting and unique wrist watch designs on Jord's site and I took my time to check them all out and find the one that I believe matches my personality and my lifestyle.

On of my main criteria was the ability for me to match it with what I wear everyday, soon as this is my first experience with watches made out of wood. 

My final pick was this gorgeous piece from Cora series: Koa and Rose gold. You can check it out HERE. Koa wood has such a beautiful color and texture that matches rose gold so nicely that I feel I can wear this watch on special occasions as much as in my daily outfits. I feel like it adds a touch of luxury to everything I wear.

Jord watches are delivered in a neat wood box together with a watch pillow, watch extensions if needed and a cotton tissue for gentle care. I really enjoyed this unique packaging and fast shipping.

What do you think about wooden watches dolls? Did you ever wear one? Would you? Please share your thoughts!

Lots of love,


Red dress

October 12, 2015 Venoma 15 Comments

Hi huns! Happy Monday! This week is already spinning out of control, so I won't stay here to chat with you a lot today. But I have prepared a brand new autumn outfit for you! Stars of my today's outfit are a chic and simple red dress from Newdress and an amazing watch from Jord that I will be writing you a whole review for this week. I am a big fan of how red matches my hair now that I'm half blonde (read all about how I recovered my hair after) and the leather jacket around my waist makes it all much more laid back. Dresses are not only for dates my dolls! Enjoy the outfit!


Zdravo dragi moji! Nadam se da je vaš početak nedelje više pod kontrolom od mojeg. Nemam previše vremena da ćaskamo danas, ali sam vam zato spremila jedan od prvih jesenjih outfita! Danas nosim jednostavnu ali efektnu crvenu haljinu zajedno sa predivnim drvenim satom o kojem ću vam pisati recenziju ove nedelje. Zaista mi se dopada kako se crvena boja slaže sa mojom kosom u poslednje vreme. Kožna jakna čini ovaj look malo ''tvrđim'' i opuštenijim. Možete je nositi regularno ili oko struka ove jeseni. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:

Sunnies; Romwe
Dress: Newdress   Jacket: Tidestore
Watch: Jord   Bracelets: Rosewholesale
Bag: YesFor  Boots: Kitten

Lots of love,


Kako oporaviti kosu oštećenu farbanjem i blajhanjem

October 07, 2015 Venoma 6 Comments

Kako sam tek nedavno prešla u polu-plavuše, nakon drugog blajhanja sam osetila koliko oštećena kosa može postati. U nekom momentu krajevi su me podsećali na jako loš flis papir, nisam više smela da prolazim prstima kroz njih pri sušenju, niti da opušteno koristim četku. Moji crvenokosi dani kada nisam morala da češljam kosu uopšte koliko je bila zdrava sad deluju kao davna prošlost.

Prvi savet je, ako baš ne morate da mnogo oštetite kosu, nemojte. Nemojte raditi ništa na svoju ruku ako niste tome vični. Odvojte dovoljno novca za dobrog frizera. Izbegavajte više od jednog farbanja u roku od mesec dana. Izbegavajte više od jednog blajhanja u roku od 6 meseci. Strpite se, sačuvajte kosu, inače ćete dobiti boju koju ste želeli, ali ne i kosu koju ste želeli.

Ali ako ste već oštetili kosu farbanjem, kao ja, evo mojih saveta kako joj možete pomoći. U nastavku sledi kompletna lista preparata koje koristim za negu i oporavak moje kose oštećene farbanjem i blajhanjem:


O ovom šamponu sam vam već pisala u postu ''Kako se ofarbati u crveno bez oštećenja kose'' i još uvek ga uredno koristim. Ovaj šampon poseduje ''magične'' sposobnosti da učini da vam izraste mnogo ''nove'' kose u jako kratkom roku tako da je savšren za sve žene koje imaju tanku kosu i zanima ih kako mogu najlakše rešiti problem gustine kose. Ima niz negujućih sastojaka i za mene radi zaista sjajan posao sve ove godine. Malo pakovanje je nešto više od 200 RSD, cena mu je svakako veliki plus.


Ovaj balsam je uvek davao blistav sjaj mojoj crvenoj kosi. Malo slabije deluje sada kad je delom plava, ali ipak i dalje deluje, tako da ga nanosim na gornji deo kose koji je još uvek crven. Cena je negde oko 350 RSD.


Ovo je maska koju držim samo par minuta tokom pranja kose na krajevima. Rozikaste je boje i ima simpatičnu voćnu aromu. Cena je nešto manje od 400 RSD.


Ovu masku sam kupila kada mi je frizer koji me farba otkrio da mi zapravo treba maska za oštećenu i suvu, a ne za farbanu kosu. Ono što ova maska nudi je otprilike sve ono što meni fali: povećavanje kvaliteta kose, manje kidanja kose, sređivanje krajeva kose. Stavljam je na krajeve kose i držim koji minut prilikom pranja kose, nakon stavljanja balsama i maske za farbanu kosu. Nekada je i stavim uveče na krajeve, prespavam s njom i isperem je ujutru (Zoranin savet, hvala joj). Zaista mislim da dosta pomaže. Plus je i što je povoljna, oko 300 RSD.


Ovaj sprej koristim veče pre nego što ću oprati kosu. Nisam baš sigurna da li mnogo pomaže ili ne, ali mi je tako lagan i jednostavan za stavljanje, da se osećam kao da je to najlakši način da pomognem svojoj kosi. Na pakovanju piše da pomaže rasčešljavanju, ali meni lično malo masti kosu, tako da ga ne koristim za to.


Čitavih 225 RSD sam dala u Liliju za ovaj najmagičniji sastojak oporavka moje plave kose oštećene blahjanjem. Ovo ulje je veoma gusto, tako da je potrebno samo malo staviti na jagodice prstiju, razmazati i naneti na oštećene delove kose dva sata pre pranja. Mnoge žene se žale da im ovo ulje masti kosu, stoga bih preporučila da ga koristite samo za krajeve ili da ga držite kraće/stavljate manju količinu. Moja kosa se zaista oporavila TEK nakon upotrebe ovog ulja,


Iskoristila sam septembarsku ponudu u salonu Češalj&Makaze i za 999 RSD uradila Botoks kose koji obuhvata reconstruction šampon, infusion ampulu, reconstruction ampulu i reconstruction masku. Nisam sigurna kolika je trenutna cena tog tretmana. Tretman je odličan i mislim da mi je zaista mnogo pomogao, plus sam dobila i gratis feniranje, tako da sve pohvale za ovu uslugu u salonu u Ruzveltovoj. Prava prva pomoć kad ukapirate da ste spalili kosu farbanjem x)

To je sve za danas drage moje. Nadam se da će vam ovaj post pomoći ako imate problem sa oštećenjem kose od farbanja i potreban vam je brz i efikasan oporavak oštećene kose. Svoja iskustva i savete možete podeliti u komentarima. 

*Garnier, L'oreal, Gliss, Biomelem, Galafarm i salon Češalj&Makaze nisu ni u kojem smislu sponzorisali ovaj post i sva izneta mišljenja su objektivna i iz mog ličnog iskustva

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Classics + Autumn Blog Sale

October 05, 2015 Venoma 12 Comments

Hello pumpkins! I hope you are having a lovely Monday so far! Today I'm going for a totally autumn-ish look with a trench coat and my favorite and oldest vintage little black dress. The scarf trend is something that I also embraced this season, but this one came in one of my packages without me ordering it. Soon as I get a lot of packages every month, I must admit I'm not sure from what store did this one come from. What can I say, fashion blogger problems!

In the meantime, I'll finally get a place to wear all my special occasion dresses next year! I got invited to more than five weddings, so I might even order some more dresses! xD Enjoy my outfit huns!


Zdravo dragi moji! Danas istražujem načine nošenja trenč kaputa tako što ga kombinujem sa vintage malom crnom haljinom. Ovu haljinu sam nasledila, ko zna koliko godina je stara, ali znam da je nošena sa zadovoljstvom kroz svoju istoriju. Šal je detalj koji planiram da više koristim u svojim odevnim kombinavijama ove jeseni. Svileni šal koji vidite u današnjem postu mi je stigao nenaručeno u nekom od sponzorisanih paketa. Pokušala sam da se setim od koga, ali nisam uspela. Šta da vam kažem, blogerski problemi! :) Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:
Trench: SheIn  Sunnies: Dressin
Dress: vintage
Bag: Wholesalebuying
Shoes: SheIn

Lipstick: Aura Absolute Matte   Hair: Češalj&Makaze
Lots of love,