Pink happiness

March 30, 2015 Venoma 17 Comments

Spring time. One hour of sleep stolen by the clock this weekend. Yet I am so happy I finally put away my winter coat. I am still pulling through with my favorite pair of boots, but soon I'll have to put those away too! In the meantime, enjoy my new outfit post! :)


Proleće znači i da su nam ukrali sat sna ovaj vikend. Ipak, srećna sam što dolazi toplije vreme. Sklanjam zimske kapute u korist prolećnih. Čizme doduše još ne idu nazad u cipelarnik. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:

Coat: Udobuy    Bag: Sammydress
Dress: Romwe   Stockings: Foymall
Boots: Newyorker

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March 23, 2015 Venoma 15 Comments

They say in marketing that you should never work with kids or animals. The truth is, it takes more time but it can be very rewarding. My photographer for the day, Dušan Freddy (Freddy Photo), brought this lovely husky with him for this shooting and we had lot of fun doing it. Enjoy the pics!


Kažu da u marketingu nikada ne treba raditi sa životinjama i sa decom. Istina je da takav rad zahteva strpljenje ali zato ume da bude jako dobro nagrađen. Za ove divne fotke odgovoran je Dušan Freddy (Freddy Photo) i ovaj divan haski. Uživala sam radeći sa njima. Nadam se da će vam se dopasti fotke!

Outwear and blouse : Ahaishopping  
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Jeans: Newyorker  Boots: Kitten

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Kitten + New mascara + New promo

March 16, 2015 Venoma 14 Comments

Hello my lovelies and happy another Monday to you!

I was supposed to spend this weekend with my books, but so it happened that I gave up on that somewhere on Saturday at 1 am when I decided to go out. And I did go out and had a great time. And a complete restaurant lunch around 4 am in one of Belgrade's 24/7 hotels. I almost ended up on a morning coffee too deep in the Sunday morning, but I had some obligations so I decided to catch a morning bus home So it happened that the bus I was waiting for ran straight into a lamppost for no reason at all somewhere around 6 am in the daylight right in front of me, so eventually I took a cab home. Hell of a night in Belgrade!

Usual Monday outfit post is up, fitting somewhere between winter and spring. Some of my favorite trends are incorporated - cape, stars, small and edgy clutch and let's not forget my favorite over-the-knee boots! As you will see, out good friend black cat from down the street (you might remember her from Tassel outfit) joined us once again for out shooting. Enjoy!

I am wearing:

Cape: Oasap   
Ring: Ana Jeffrey     Sunnies: Wholecelebshades
Sweater: Babassu     Bag: YesFor
Jeans: NewYorker    Boots: NewYorker

Also I'd like to mention that Maybelline surprised me with a supercute gift last week:

It's a Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, it gives nice and long lashes, you guys should try it out!

They have some amazing discounts waiting for you!

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March 09, 2015 Venoma 9 Comments

,,Don't be racist. Be a panda! Pandas are white, black AND asian!''

Today I'm sharing with you my love for pandas and mesh. I'm kinda happy mesh is back to being trendy, people have been looking at me strangely when I wear it for quite a long time now. Hope you'll like it!

I am wearing:
Hat: Oasap 
Jacket: Missy   Shirt: C&A   Bag: Rosewholesale
Rings: Chicheru   Jeans: Fishbone   Heels: Kitten

 What do you think of my outfit dolls? Do you love playing with funky animal hats? Share your thoughts!

Lots of love,



March 05, 2015 Venoma 12 Comments

Today I want to talk to you about one of my biggest passions: dancing. I've been dancing latin and ballroom dances for years as a kid. I started when I was 11 years old and unfortunately I didn't have a dancing partner so I couldn't compete. I had a small break when I started going to high school, but I soon found a studio in the centre of Belgrade where I attended 'modern dance' - I'm still not sure what exactly was that. Soon as there wasn't too many interested girls for that, I switched to belly dance in the same studio. But belly dance was never my thing. I also hated the way belly dancers started walking after a while of trainings - with their hips forward and a wavy sensation. Don't get me wrong - it looks good on some girls, just not on me.

Then I signed my faculty and that's where I stopped dancing for three years so I could keep up with my exams. Somewhere in the third year of my faculty I went a bit ''off the track'' - I went out of a long relationship and I started having ''a time of my life'', as it usually happens after a long relationship. Somewhere in that path of self discovery I met a guy in a club (in another country actually) that was dancing like a dream. Turns out that guy is from Belgrade and that hip hop dance club he attended was still up and running.

  I went to that dance club, I saw the first class, I fell in love with it and I believe I've been training Hip hop dance in Elite Society for around two and a half years now. There has been some ups and downs but I never considered leaving that club. And Hip hop as a dance makes me really really happy. It has 5 styles and everyone can find something they love the most in it. I personally love Vogue the most (style, not magazine - google it if you like). The awesomest part is that you can dance outside the dance studio - you can go out in a club and dance it out anytime you like. And I really enjoy dancing and grabbing the spotlight on a night out.

I also trained Reggaeton and Dancehall for a while. I quit Reggaeton when I figured out I already learned pretty much everything, but it did help me work on my attitude (and my ass) in every way possible, while I would like to continue Dancehall somewhere down the road. Dancehall is a beautiful dance and actually a difficult one. Right now I just don't have time for more trainings.

Unfortunately, as dance is not something I can really profit from a lot unless I open my own dance studio, I do not get a lot of support from my parents. My mom is against it, my dad is not really interested in what I do. I like to preform more than to teach and I've been preforming as much as I could - I did projects, tv shows, videos... It was fun and I earned some money, but that's pretty much like blogging - it gives you satisfaction but it's not nearly enough to make a living. But I'm not willing to give it up on dancing. Because that's something I really love to do. And I'll keep doing it as long as I can. :)

I am wearing:
Hat: NewYorker
Coat: Elite Fashion   Sweatshirt: Oasap
Jeans: Oasap 
Bag: Nike   Sneakers: Reebok

What do you think about my outfit dolls? Does any of you dance, what do you dance, how do you feel about sports for fun etc.  I would also love to hear your thoughts on your passions.

Lots of love,


It's not me, it's you

March 02, 2015 Venoma 12 Comments

People say I'm one of those people they can tell anything to. And that's true: you can tell me anything. And I won't judge you. Neither will I go to my friends and tell them all about what you told me. Which makes me a perfect person to talk to about all sort of tricky topics. Few days ago I met with some girlfriends and among a lot of topics we discussed, one was particularly interesting - break ups. How to do it, where to do it, when to do it etc. 

And there were also many stories about break ups we experienced through the years. The worst ones, we agreed, were phone break ups. What kind of a person do you have to be to do something that low? Right next to phone break ups are those ''it's not you, it's me'' completely made up break ups. Especially if they come with ''maybe with time/maybe one day we figure it out'' false hope kind of thing. That is so... Mean. It's simply mean. Why is it so hard for people to say ''it's not me, it's you'' and let that person go when it already doesn't fit? It's easier for everybody when people are honest with each other. It might look like it hurts more at the moment when it's happening, but on the long run, it helps the healing process. So lovelies, for the love of God, if you are leaving someone, be subtle but honest with those people. If you were already in a relationship with them, then they deserve that last bit of respect.

Now the fashion part: today I'm showing you something I am planning to wear on my cousins wedding very soon. I got this lovely dress from AmiClubwear just for that occasion and I'm looking forward to that event. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:
Hat: Oasap (here)     Clutch: PrettyGuide
Coat: AhaiShopping      Dress: AmiClubwear      Belt: YesFor
Shoes: Tally Weijl        Heels jewelry: AmiClubwear

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