Counting stars

February 18, 2014 Venoma 18 Comments

''We make plans and God laughs at us'' is so true... I love to think of myself as someone who always sees the greater picture. Everything in life has its place and everything that happens has a reason why it happened. But sometimes, while it's happening, it looks to me like it doesn't make any sense at all. I believe in putting positive energy out there in order for it to return to me. I believe that your faith is what you create it to be. I believe nothing is destined to be or not to be if you try hard enough. I also believe that I love this pink coat more than I expected! :D We are having a mini spring here in Belgrade lately. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:

Dress: Eyebox
Bag: Rosewholesale 
Bracelet: Oasap    Stockings: Lovelyshoes 
Coat: Udobuy   Booties: Kitten

How do you like it dolls? Please share your thoughts in comments!

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L'oreal Miss Manga event

February 12, 2014 Venoma 11 Comments


Pink Galaxy

February 10, 2014 Venoma 21 Comments

I must admit this is my favorite outfit since Sunset. It's a tiny bit out of my usual color palette as you can see, but I love it non the less and I think changes are good! :) I matched galaxy skirt (a bit older trend) with a pink coat (newer trend), studded shoes with adorable black clutch... And it wasn't cold outside so I could finally take some outdoor photos. Enjoy! Also, if you like low budget but great quality tennis bracelet, you should check out HipHopBling to find one like I'm wearing in this post!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholecelebshades 
Coat: Udobuy   Blouse: Babassu   
Skirt: Pretty guide    Clutch: Pretty guide
Bracelet: HipHopBling 
Tights: I love sexy   Belt: Rosewholesale 
Shoes: Lovelyshoes 

Please share your thoughts in the comments dolls! Also I'd love to send some special love to all my blog fans who say hi to me around 2 am in random alternative Belgrade clubs, you guys rock, really :D

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Look of the day: Balloon skirt

February 05, 2014 Venoma 13 Comments

I think I should really clone myself into two more copies. One to stay at home and get enough sleep and one to finish all exams that I got left so I could get everything else done. I was trying to get some rest these last few days, but that failed, like, completely. I've had some health problems, some internet connection problems, I got my own personal Murphy making sure that everything that could go wrong went wrong these last few weeks. But hopefully I'm done with that. I did pass that exam I was complaining about tho ;)

Anyway, if you add a huge winter coat on this outfit, I'm pretty much ready to go out, but soon as I hate huge winter coats, I took these indoors so you can actually see what I'm wearing. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:

Blouse and bracelets: no name
Bag: Rosewholesale
Skirt: Persunmall 
Tights: I love sexy  
Boots: Amisu

How do you like it dolls? Please share your thoughts in comments!

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December & January outfit recap

February 03, 2014 Venoma 10 Comments

Hey dolls! Happy Monday! I hope you're having a great week! Today we're doing a recap of December & January outfit posts. I had a lot of fun taking these and I didn't froze as much as usual when I shoot outside in January. As you can see, I moved to indoors as soon as the pinguins came out! Enjoy the recap! Links are below the pics!