Sweater Weather

October 31, 2016 Venoma 4 Comments

Hi babes! I hope you are doing well! I really dislike the cold weather and I am pilling up my sweaters for days to come. I hope you will enjoy my new autumn outfit!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear
Sweater: Relaxfeel   Bag: Zara
Leggings: Legginston
Choker: Zaful    Boots: Zaful

Let me know what you think babes!

Lots of love


Why Antique Engagement Rings Are Timeless

October 28, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

 Although there's nothing wrong with contemporary engagement rings, we can't deny the fact that there's a lot of reasons to love antique engagement rings. In fact, a lot of brides-to-be usually prefer these unique treasures more than their modern counterparts.

In this article, we're going to discuss why antique engagement rings never lose its appeal.

1. Each Has a Story to Tell

Those stunning antique style engagement rings are usually a hundred years old-- a history that would always be interesting to the wearer. Likewise, she can always start a new history with the ring the moment she wears is-- it will be her lifetime treasure.

2. Crafted by Only the Best

Similar with old paintings, most antique engagement rings were made by only the best artisans during that period. Wherein, diamonds better known as European cut, rose cut, and mine cuts were only produced by highly-skilled diamond cutters-- something that's never produced anymore.

3. Unique and One of a Kind

Antique rings are very unique because it's impossible to reproduce them today-- your engagement ring would always be one-of-a-kind and original. It's only you who will be wearing it and not anyone else. Come to think of it, these rings were handmade a century ago, making it completely unique.

4. Great Investment Worthiness

Antique rings have great investment worthiness, because the stones in these rings have value and of themselves. They have their own legacy and romance.

5. There's Always the Unexpected Details

Another notable characteristic of antique engagement ring lies on how thoroughly adorned these jewellery pieces are. Every turn of the ring, you're sure to find a unique detail you haven't seen before.

6. They Are Embellished with Old Diamonds

Obviously, old diamonds aren't like modern diamonds in a good way. They are broader with less precise cuts. Since old diamonds are less perfect, it also adds up to the reason why you won't be able to find a ring that looks exactly the same.

7. Heirloom Potential

Antique engagement rings can be passed down from one generation to the next. They're like personal treasures passed down to you from history, and with that, this gives you the opportunity to pass down this treasure to your family.

8. You'll be Able to Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Buying antique engagement rings takes money away from big corporations, as you'll be supporting the local artists instead. Likewise, it also promotes ethical buying, because you don't have to worry about the possible impacts related to unfair trading.

9. They Are Not that Hard to Find

It's always pleasant to go on a hunt to find the perfect engagement ring. However, everything has also gotten easier-- thanks to the recent advancement in technology; you can find your desired piece online.

A Ring Perfect for You

Although a lot of engagement rings are pretty, not all of those rings will look 'perfect' for you. Thus, it can be a little challenging to find one that suits your personality and taste. The best thing about antique rings is that there's an incredible variety for you to choose from-- each has its own wonderful details and feature. Rest assured that you'll find the right ring for you.


Kawaii Box Unboxing + GIVEAWAY

October 26, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having a fashionable day! I have one of my favorite posts for you today and I'm so happy to share with you that today we will be unboxing brand new Kawaii box together! As you might already know, Kawaii box is one of the cutest subscription boxes out there!

It's full with 10-12 handpicked kawaii items that arrive straight to your doorstep every month! The box for September that I received recently was packed with 11 super cute items that all arrived in a white-pink box to my doorstep with no additional taxes. 

Kawaii boxes go from 18.90$ for monthly plans that you can cancel any time to 17.30$ a month for a whole year long subscription where you get one box free! Also free shipping is included and it's worldwide. This time around I made an unboxing video for my youtube channel as well, in case you are interested in that sort of thing. 

When it comes to this box, there were two candies inside - one pokemon themed candy that my little brother loved and one DIY candy that we all had a lot of fun with! The most useful two items for me are I love you purse that is suitable for coins or small make up items and Dream and Explore notebook - I love the design and the size of it, it fits perfectly in my bag and I use it to make my to do lists in it.

When it comes to super kawaii and girly items, there are plenty of those in this box: Happy day notebook set, Pastel cupcake pen, Invisible secret pen set and Harajuku hair loop set with little hearts. All of those I will be giving to my cousing that are attending school and I'm sure they will love them, they are so cute and girly!

Also let's not forget two sets of stickers: Diamond deco stickers and Sweet animals sparkle stickers that are all really high quality stickers that I personally plan on having a lot of fun with! 

My personal favorite was Rabi-Dango plush -  mean isn't this bunny just adorable? I am keeping it on my nightstand and it makes me super happy ^^

I hope you enjoyed the review babes and now we will move on to the most exciting part - giveaway! You can win yourself a Kawaii box for next month! All you have to do is make an entry in rafflecopter below!

Good luck my lovelies!

Lots of love


Kingaluc ACP and Sign Boards

October 26, 2016 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my beloved readers and welcome to my new post! It's time that beside our usual fashion and beauty topic we pay some attention to entrepreneurs among us, like I previously did when I talked about suppliers of dresses and other items. For every successful business in the making it is important to get all the necessary stuff and not spend too much money and have financial difficulties in the beginning, but also make sure that the items they are buying are high quality and last a while.

So that's why today I will write to you about brand called Kingaluc that is in the business of producing different products among which we have sign board and aluminum composite panels. Their main focus is on premium quality products, innovations and services. Being a aluminum composite panel supplier, Kingaluc makes sure that they use quality material for their products because they are meant to last. 

One of the interesting facts is that this brand works with both direct buyers as well with designers and architects, which means of course that their products are highly available for customization. When it comes to their aluminum composite panels, their main advantage is the wide range of colors and patterns you can choose from. The point of this is that you are able to choose the design that will fit the design of your house or your business venue the best without having to make any compromises. 

If you are wondering why composite material is used, it's because of its resistant to rust, lightweight while maintaining the high power and also let's not forget low assembly cost. They work with worldwide countries and give you the possibility of getting free samples and color cards as well!

What do you think about this store my beloved readers? Share your thoughts!

Until my next post,


Sunny Autumn

October 24, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Hi babes! Welcome to my new pre-fall/fall outfit! I hope you will like it! It's still sunny outside so I get to enjoy wearing sleeveless shirts and ripped jeans. Enjoy the post! 

I am wearing:

Earrings: ChicMe 
Top: Sammydress 
Jeans: ChicMe 
Watch: Mockberg
Bag: Zara
Heels: Bata



StyleWe Suits and Separates

October 20, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my beautiful fashionistas and happy Thursday! I hope you are having a lovely autumn week and are as ready as I am for some autumn fashion! We will be checking out some autumn winter trends, some IT pieces for the next season, as well as discussing variety of women's wear that is in front of us lately and ours to choose. I will also show you a great online store that I've been browsing some items from to put in my closet and get ready for the cold weather that is coming. I hope you will enjoy this post!

Today we will be checking out a stylish online corner called StyleWe and I will as well give you a few fashion tips on how to style their items together or with other items you already own. What particulate drawn my eye lately was their great choice of sweet suits or should I say, suits and separates. I have also picked out some of my favorites for you that you can see in the photos in this post. 

I don't know which suit do I like more - the first one, the eternally elegant black suit for women with such trendy cut outs that are on point with all the runways. Or the second one, the perfect violet velvet suit that I fell for head over heels! Such a trendy item I must say! I just love the choice of colors and materials for this one! You can check out their Facebook page for more.

Let me know what do you think about these pieces and these upcoming trends my lovelies. Of course, if you have your own favorites, please share them!

Lots of love,



October 19, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Zdravo dragi moji, danas sam za vas spremila jedan poseban i meni srcu jako drag video. Podeliću sa vama gde sam do sada kupovala svoje kostime za Halloween, ali i druge maskenbale osim maskenbala za Noć Veštica. Kupovala sam ih u online radnjama, na Aliexpressu, ali sam i improvizovala sa stvarčicama koje se mogu kupiti u lokalnim radnjama. Među mojim kostimima se nalaze kostim crvenkape, kostim policajke, kostim nindža ubice, kostim kraljice srca, kostim mačke iz Alise u zemlji čuda i tako dalje. Takođe u video ispod možete saznati i gde nabavljam svoje perike, kao i još nekoliko korisnih saveta o kostimima i kostimiranju za maskenbale i druge prilike. Uživajte!

Do sledećeg posta,
vaša Venoma


Butterfly Effect

October 17, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

 Hi babes! Happy Monday and welcome to my new outfit post! I prepared an autumn outfit for you today that would fit perfect under a coat. This gorgeous dress arrived from Gearbest shop and I simply love it! Enjoy!

I am wearing:

Dress: Gearbes
Bracelet: Kate Lee   Hat: Newchic
Belt: NewYorker   Boots: NewYorker

Lots of love


Purple Ombre Hair Extensions by Feshfen Review VIDEO

October 13, 2016 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my darlings and welcome to my new post! A brand new item from Feshfen arrived recently and I couldn't wait to share it with you in my latest video that you can check out below!

Also, here are some close ups of these lovely human hair extensions, just in case you didn't get to see it that good:

Fesfhen Store: Feshfen

I hope you enjoyed the post and the video! Please share your thoughts!

Lots of love,


Autumn Trend: Really Big Boots

October 10, 2016 Venoma 5 Comments

Hello my fashionistas! Do you know what my favorite trend is for upcoming autumn? It's these really, really big boots! In velvet if possible, just like these babies I'm wearing today! It was love at first sight, and I must tell you, they are surprisingly comfortable as well! Enjoy my new outfit post!

I am wearing:
Hat: Newchic
Chocker: Sammydress 
Dress: Romwe
Watch: Mockberg
Boots: PinkBasis