Pearl Top

April 30, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my darlings! I hope you are having a lovely Monday! May is almost here but in Belgrade it's summer already. I am not really sure how I feel about it, soon as I got only 15 days to wear all 25 of my spring jackets! Maybe I should just go with the flow and move on to my summer clothes. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Shirt: SheIn 
Skirt: Metisu
Sandals: Gamiss
Bag: Banggood

Share your thoughts babes!

Lots of love


Camila x Skechers Nova Kolekcija Patika 2018

April 28, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Zdravo dragi moji i dobrodošli u novi post! Pre koji dan smo imali priliku da u prijatnom ambijentu Toro Latin Gastrobara u Beogradu pogledamo novu Skechers kolekciju patika napravljenu u saradnji sa kubanskom pevačicom Camilom Cabello. Patike iz nove Skechers Camila Cabello kolekcije prate sve vodeće trendove sezone kada je u pitanju obuća. U ovoj kolekciji može se naći mnoštvo modela sa vezivanjem u obliku mašne (satenske ili obične), a boje koje dominiraju kolekcijom su bela, crna i planetarno najpopularnija peach pink boja. U prijatnom društvu mnogih blogera, jutubera i instagramera, uživali smo i u prezentaciji kubanske salse, malo smo đuskali i uživali u fantastičnoj hrani Toro Latin Gastrobara, kao i tropskim koktelima. Atmosferu želim da vam približim fotkama ispod. Uživajte!

Patike iz nove Skechers Camila Cabello kolekcije koje sam ovom prilikom odabrala za sebe su crne plitke i lakovane sa roze odnosno crnom mašnom. Koje su vaše omiljene patike iz ove kolekcije drage moje?

Do sledećeg posta,
vaša Venoma


The Ultimate Treat for You and Your Bearded Man

April 26, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Men generally are not beauty-product enthusiasts. How do you get your man to replace the scruffy facial hair with one that has a better, fresher look? Some men believe taking care of facial hair is stressful and costly so they resort to regular shaving. The special man in your life can keep his beard and still look great. All that you need to do is get him a beard-grooming kit. After spending a few weeks grooming the beard, you will marvel at how classy your man will have become. Some of the beard products include;

1.     Beard oil
Beard oil is another vital product for your facial hair. It is a product that can be used by both men who decide to remain clean-shaven, or those who choose to keep and maintain a great looking beard. Its ingredients include carrier oils and essential oils. It ensures a man’s beard stays healthy at all times by softening, hydrating and moisturizing it. When a beard is growing, itching is experienced as a result of hair follicles pushing through the skin and increasing in length. This causes a shortage of the natural oil (sebum). HiLee beard oil chips in as a supplement and aids in reducing itchiness. Beard oil also helps keep beardruff away by hydrating the skin.

2.     Beard balm
A beard balm is usually made from these four ingredients; carrier oils, essential oils, beeswax and butter. It’s one of the products a bearded man should always have in his beard set. It nourishes both the beard and skin underneath through hydration. During the early stages of beard growth, itching is experienced as a result of hair follicles pushing through the skin. Applying beard balm reduces this itchiness and saves your man from discomfort. The balm protects the beard from harmful rays of the sun and also traps moisture between the facial hairs.

3.     Organic beard soap
This product is specifically designed to keep the beard and the skin below it in good shape. When a man showers/washes his hair frequently, it only strips the hair of crucial oils and leaves it dry and scaly. The organic beard soap is made in such a way that when the beard is washed, the natural oils remain intact. It also keeps both the facial hair and the skin moisturized making it smooth and healthier.

4.     Beard shampoo/wash
If you have ever tried touching your man’s beard, you probably noticed the difference between facial and scalp hair. Facial is coarse and requires a specialized shampoo to clean it up. The beard shampoo is vital for a man who cares about his beard. If your man likes to grow his beard, a shampoo offers various benefits. One is that it hydrates both the skin and facial hair. Conventional shampoos only make your beard dry and brittle. Hydration keeps the beard soft and helps prevents conditions such as beardruff. A beard shampoo keeps the skin healthy and protects it from conditions such as inflammations. It also prevents the itchiness that accompanies a growing beard. It is available in different scents, all designed to keep your man’s beard smelling good. Beard Shampoo is the perfect product to gift to your man, setting him on the right path of properly looking after his beloved beard. 

5.     Beard comb and Beard Brush
These two products have nearly the same functions. A beard comb, especially a wooden one, is important for your beard. There are various reasons as to why experts advise men to use a handcrafted wooden comb. One is its wide teeth which make combing easier and ensures that beard oil and balm is spread evenly to all areas. It is also durable and stays for a long time if well taken care of. On the other hand, a beard brush is usually made of animal hair (boar or horse). The brush is helps remove debris/dirt and contaminants which accumulate between the facial hairs during the day. A beard brush is also instrumental in straightening out and lining the beard.
All these beard products are designed to perform one function: give the bearded man in your life a great look. Unlike women, men aren’t so much into beauty products. The reality is that so many things in life nowadays depend on the impression an individual gives. One of the features people look at when they meet a man is the beard. It is therefore important that your man maintains a healthy beard.


5 Designer jackets that are all the rage in 2018

April 26, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

You've probably heard the phrase "clothes make the man." While it is true that our attitude and
personality is important, we cannot also deny the fact that the clothes we wear can affect how the
people around us perceive us. If we want to make a good first impression, we actually have to look
impressive. Wearing great clothes not only make people see us in a different light, but we ourselves
become more confident when we know that we look good in what we are wearing.

If you're looking to impress, whether a date or a work colleague, consider investing in any of the
following designer jackets that are sure to be a big hit this 2018.

1. Joseph Ribkoff jackets - if you want to make an impression without having to shell out
thousands of pounds, go ahead and check out Joseph Ribkoff Jackets. Among the designer jackets
on the list, this brand costs the least. But don't think that because it's the cheapest, you're getting a
poor design. For a fraction of the price of other designer brands, you get luxurious pieces that are
very versatile. Whatever occasion you will attend, you can get a unique design that is sure to set the
trend and make an impact on other guests.

2. Balenciaga denim jacket - the denim jacket is a wardrobe essential for those who like to dress
casually. It's the perfect outerwear when the weather is starting to get a little cooler but still not cool
enough for winter wear. What makes Balenciaga's design unique is the layered seams which makes
it different from other brands. You can pair with skinny jeans and a basic white shirt, or even a little
back dress. The denim jacket is one piece of clothing you want to invest in.

3. Loewe Biker Jacket - you will feel very luxurious when you wear this jacket. You might have
thought that a biker jacket is not something you would wear, but this particular one designed by
Spanish brand Loewe elevates the bomber jacket in couture levels.

4. Isabel Marant Plaid Jacket - you're about to make a big presentation at work and you want to be
able to impress your boss and colleagues? Feel confident and beautiful wearing this jacket that
comes in a double-breasted design. You can go for sophisticated and wear it over pastel dresses or
you can opt for a more classic, professional look wearing black pants and silk blouse.

5. Miu Miu satin bomber jacket - are you a fan of the retro look? The Miu Miu bomber jacket is
perfect then. What makes this elevated to designer levels is that it's not your typical bomber jacket
that's padded and made of nylon. This varsity style jacket is made of satin and it even has a cute
flamingo patch on the left chest part. It's perfect to wear for that Saturday afternoon picnic date or
for a bowling outing with your friends.


Custom Seat Cover Collection by Beddinginn

April 24, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am so happy to share a brand new topic with you today and I am sure you will love it as much as I do! Among all the fashion and beauty talk, it is time to talk about our car interior and how we can make it look more glamorous and luxurious with the right car products and accessories. If we take care of our wardrobe and our outfit, let's make our cars just as fabulous!

The online store I will be telling you about today is called Beddinginn - and it offers a variety of products for home, car and outdoors as well. There you can find home decor, wall art, car accessories and very interesting gift ideas. When it comes to car accessories that can completely change the look of your car, car seat covers might be what you are looking for. They can make the whole car look like a brand new car.

What is awesome about their seat cover collection is that there are so many different options that all fashion tastes are completely covered. With these you can style up your car interior and also personalize it following your wishes. If you are looking for covers of particular color or luxurious design, this is the right online store for you. You can get all sort of custome seat cover designs at very affordable prices. There are also anti-fist cushion covers for spring summer and autumn, while for the winter you can shop for heating cushion. Isn't that great? You can see more here:

What do you think about shopping for seat covers online? Do you often shop for car gear or car accessories online? Let me know what are your experiences and opinions on this topic my lovelies!

Until my next post,


BestHairBuy Brazilian Hair

April 24, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new post! It is a lovely and sunny Tuesday today and I am happy about the topic we will chit-chat in today's post. Among all the fashion and beauty talk that concerns cosmetics, makeup and clothing, I am always happy to change it up a bit and add a topic that you all love and that differs from regular blog topics.

As you might have guessed by the title of this post, today we will be chatting about BestHairBuy brazilian hair. BestHairBuy is an online store that offers everything that you might need when it comes to popular and trendy hair products or hair related products of any sort. Their title means best price, best quality and best service, which is what they aim to achieve in their business with worldwide clients. 

When it comes to buying hair products, Brazilian hair is one of my favorite type of hair because it's the best quality hair, while in this online store you can get BestHairBuy hair extensions of top quality and at an affordable price as well. It offers a healthier cuticle and more natural look than any other hair. One other awesome thing about Brazilian hair is that you can treat it just like you would treat your natural hair - you can dye it in any color you want, you can curl it or straighten it to fit better into your natural hair as well.

One of their most popular products is also BestHairBuy hair bundles that come in many different deals. You can get your bundles straight, curly, deep curly, body wavy and in so many different styles and options. You can choose the hair length that fits your hair the best, starting from ten inches all the way to twenty inches and more. While you are shopping, you can see the price for different deals, as well as how many grams does your product weight. Isn't that so amazing my darling?

What do you think about these kind of hair and hair related products my lovelies? Do you shop for hair online often? What are your experiences in this field? Feel free to share your thoughts with me and my readers!

Also you can check out BestHairBuy social networks here:

for more information, customers reviews and photos and much more.

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Burgundy for Spring

April 23, 2018 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all having a great day and I wish all a happy week! Today I'm wearing a lace up skirt and a new burgundy blouse that I am so in love with. Summer is coming and honestly, I can't wait! Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Shirt: SheIn
Heels: Amiclubwear
Bag: Oasap
Skirt: Amiclubwear

Let me know what do you think about burgundy blouses my lovelies!

Lots of love


Recenzija: Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfem

April 20, 2018 Venoma 1 Comments

Dobrodošli u moj novi post dragi moji! Danas ćemo ćaskati o novitetu u liniji Avon parfema za proleće - u pitanju je Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfem iz novog prolećnog kataloga. Uveliko poznati originalni Avon Little Black Dress se već dugo nalazi na listi omiljenih parfema mnogih dama, a ove sezone imamo priliku da isprobamo novu interesantnu verziju tog parfema.

Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfem karakteriše mirisna nota korzikanskog limuna, cveta narandže i indonežanskog pačulija, a napravljen je tako da se slaže uz vašu neobaveznu šik haljinu. U samom katalogu se nalazi mirisna stranica na kojoj možete testirati ovaj miris. Dolazi u elegantnoj crno-zlatnoj kartonskoj kutijici u kojoj se nalazi bočica od 50ml. U ponudi su takođe i mini miris od 10ml i losion za telo od 150ml iz iste linije.

Sama mirisna nota je citrusna i jaka. U pitanju je parfem koji je po mom mišljenju idealan za svaki poseban događaj, odlazak na večeru ili noćni izlazak, a dame koje vole jače mirise ga mogu nositi i preko dana. U prvih nekoliko sati nakon nanošenja parfem se intenzivno oseća, ali nije ''težak'' i ne guši. Dugotrajnost mu je otprilike 6-7 sati prilikom obavljanja svakodnevnih aktivnosti. Ukoliko ste probali i dopala vam se originalna verzija Avon Little Black Dress parfema, sva je šansa da će vam se dopasti i nova Weekend verzija ovog mirisa.

Cena Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfema iznosi 999 RSD u aprilskom katalogu u sklopu promotivne akcije ''Bilo koji parfem u pola cene'', dok je regularna cena ovog parfema 2070 RSD.

P.S. ovom prilikom možete osvojiti haljinu Ane Ljubinković uz pomoć nagradne aktivacije ''Mala crna haljina na tvoj način'' na sajtu . Nadam se da ćete se zabaviti!

Da li ste probale ovaj parfem drage moje? Šta mislite o Avonovim parfemima i koji vam je omiljeni?

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