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Top Suggestions for Bridal Shower Gifts

Is there a bridal shower on the way and you’re probably stumped as to what to get the bride-to-be? Bridal showers and bachelorette parties are all expressions used in describing a gathering of the bride's friends to celebrate her. A bridal shower is traditionally a celebration of the bride's upcoming marriage as well as an occasion to offer the couple presents. This activity often kicks off a busy season of planning and celebration for the intending couple.

Choosing the best gifts for an occasion is usually not an easy task. However, with a guide handy, you can easily get the best bridal shower gifts for your loved ones. Some of these will be used on her wedding day, while others will be used on her wedding night, and some are completely unrelated to the wedding. They're simply wonderful gifts that any bride would be delighted to receive at any time.

This article will come up with a few recommendations to help you choose nice presents. Please read on as we explain more.

Top Bridal Shower Gifts

Here are some recommendations that may come in handy:

A Scented Candle or a Spa Session

Money and jewelry were traditionally given as gifts to help the bride set up her marital home.

Modern wedding showers, on the other hand, are all about the bride, so a present like fragrant candles is appropriate not only for the bride but also for her home! You could even go one step further and book a luxurious spa treatment for her. As a bridal shower gift, a massage, facial, or some moments in the sauna can be just what she needs. For the benefits of spa sessions to one’s health, you can check here:

Custom Wedding Hanger

The most important outfit she'll ever wear deserves a special hanger, and this one does just that! Personalize it with her name and choose from a choice of wire and wood options. For a hanger that's ideal for her special dress, add a bow or flower.

Custom Makeup Bag

A makeup bag will come in handy for the bride-to-be on numerous occasions, from the bridal festivities through the honeymoon. You can go for an option that is made of vegan leather and can be personalized with a monogram or name. Remember to choose a nice color too.

Intimacy Challenge Book

Every bridal shower should include at least a few eye-catching gifts, and the bride will like this one. An intimacy challenge book is honeymoon gold, with over 50 customized sex adventures designed to build intimacy, passion, and connection.

Gift Card for Lingerie

Allow her to choose some amazing honeymoon outfits! This is a modest gift, but it comes off unique - it's a touch cheeky, but it'll be really appreciated.

Velvet Chain Headband 

Headbands have been popular for a while, but the combination of chain and velvet embellishments on this one makes it truly unique. Not every bridal shower gift has to be wedding or home-related; sometimes the ideal gift is something she can wear within the week.

Custom Family Recipe

If you're searching for a gift for a family member's bridal shower, this is a wonderful option! Scan a favorite family recipe (or a penned message or letter) and have it archived as a print with a stunning metallic typeface.

Satin Robes 

A luxurious satin robe is essential for the preparations that come with the bride-to-be's day. This is more special because it has the wedding date and bride's name embroidered on it. Make a one-of-a-kind robe by mixing and matching colors to suit the bride's style or the wedding palette. If you would like to learn how to do this, you can watch this video.

Beauty Sleep Collection

Let's face it: planning a wedding is a lot of fun, but it may also lead to some sleepless nights. With this sumptuous selection of silk accessories, you can give her the gift of exquisite relaxation. On her wedding day, she'll look and feel amazing.


Every bride has their preferences. Some brides may drool over personalized gifts, while others will prefer something useful for their house. We hope you found something on this list that the bride will enjoy receiving, whoever she is.


Ball Gowns 2020

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! You know that I just love bridal fashion and everything bridal. I follow all the latest trends when it comes to wedding dresses and I try to keep track of all the latest designs that are currently in the world of high fashion. So today we will be chatting about wedding dresses and where can you shop for the trendiest ball gown wedding dresses that there are.

When it comes to the shape of the wedding dress, everyone knows that a princess ball gown is a classic. There are more modern designs of ball gowns for weddings that are made to satisfy trendy modern brides that want to move, dance and enjoy their wedding party while still looking stunning, so these designs are usually without a train in the back. Yet, for a perfect princess vibe, there are still so many options with layers and long trains with lace details that I am sure will satisfy all the brides that are dreaming of their wedding day for their whole life.

A large variety of different designs of ball gowns can be found in an online store called Yesbabyonline. They really offer something for everyone and no matter what kind of bride look you are going for (princess, mermaid, bohemian, vintage or something else) I am pretty sure you will find different options to choose from in this store.

What do you think about shopping online for wedding dresses my darlings? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,

A Guide To Choosing Gemstones For An Engagement Ring

Image Source: Unsplash

When it comes to designing your engagement ring, there are a lot of things to consider, and before you go shopping the first thing that you should do is educate yourself in choosing gemstones. There is a wealth of information available for free online, and by taking the time to understand what you are going to be buying, you can ensure that you get the best deal and get as much bling for your bucks as possible. Below is some advice you can follow in choosing the best gemstones for your engagement ring.

Set A Realistic Budget

Before you even look at the design of your rings or the gemstones that you will use in them, you will first have to set yourself a realistic budget so that you know how much money you have available to spend. Once you have decided on how much money to put towards your rings, you can then start to look at the style and design of the ring that you are going to choose.

Look For A Reputable Jeweller

If you are going to have a bespoke ring created, you will want to find a reputable and reliable jeweller who can create your rings for you. There are many jewellers offering this service so you will need to look at all the local companies and get recommendations if you can. When you have found a jeweller, you will also want them to give you a quote for the materials needed for your rings, and before accepting this you should also shop around and see what prices you can find for the metal and gemstones that you are going to use.

Selecting Your Gemstones

Image Source: Pixabay

Many people will go for the traditional rings that include diamonds, but if you are looking for something a little different, there are many different gemstones that you can choose besides. For something really striking, you could select Burmese rubies for your engagement and wedding ring, or Columbian Emeralds, or Russian Alexandrites.  There is so much choice available that you should not constrain yourself in having to choose diamonds for your rings, and you could also save some money in the process.

Selecting The Metal

You will need to ensure that you select a precious metal that is going to compliment the gemstones that you are going to use in your rings, and there is a lot of choice available, such as:

·       Yellow Gold
·       White Gold
·       Platinum
·       Palladium
·       Silver
·       Titanium

The prices of the different metals can vary quite drastically, and they all have their own properties that make them an appealing choice. It is advisable that you speak to the jeweller that is going to make your ring and ask them for their opinion on the best metals to use for your type of gemstones.

Keep Your Lifestyle In Mind When Designing Your Rings

It is essential that you take into account your lifestyle when having your rings designed, and if you are in a career where you use your hands a lot, you will want to style your rings so that they will not get caught on anything when you are working. A reputable jeweller will also ask you questions about your lifestyle before they attempt to design your ring, and answering them honestly and openly will help them to design the engagement and wedding rings of your dreams.

The above guide should help you pick the best gemstone for your ring.

Popular Wedding Dresses by AW Bridal

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new post! I know all things bridal are trending right now, soon as wedding season is in full swing at the moment. That is why today's post will be dedicated to finding beautiful and trendy wedding dresses for every bride's taste, while still staying on the budget or saving a few bucks.

I recently discovered a new online store called AW Bridal® where you can find everything for a wedding when it comes to trendy bridal fashion. They offer everything from different kind of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and decor for the wedding, as well as items for color and other themes weddings. There are also personalized gifts such as champagne flutes, cake knifes, bottle openers and flasks, but also makeup mirrores, robes and lingerie. Isn't that amazing?

When it comes to wedding dresses and AW Bridal Veils, I think it's very important for every wedding dress to be appropriately matched up with a veil that makes the bride look even better and memorable in every way. With some dresses such as princess wedding dresses, sometimes shorter veils simply look better, but with some other designs such as mermaid wedding dresses, long and luxurious veil is a must. 

Just as important at the wedding are the bridesmaids. What better place to pick out the perfect AW Bridal Bridesmaid dress but this store? There is a wide choice of dresses of every color and style for all your bridesmaids. I have also picked out some of my favorite wedding dresses for you guys to take a look. There are different kinds depending on what you prefer. 

What do you think about online shopping when it comes to wedding dresses and other wedding related accessories my lovelies? Let me know what are your favorite dresses from this online store! I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Lots of love,

Latest Trends in Wedding Dress Industry

The summer wedding season is approaching and brides are looking for the latest trends. Like the
fashion industry, the wedding industry is dictated by changing trends. If you plan to walk down the
aisle soon, here are some wedding trends that you should consider:

Colorful Fabrics and Velvet

Just as velvet was trendy in the past year, it will continue to be trendy in 2019. This luxuriously soft
fabric is now essential at any wedding. When it comes to wedding decorations, velvet is a great
addition. For instance, you can use velvet tablecloths to introduce some elegance and opulence to
your wedding. You can also use velvet accessories such as bowties, ribbons, and bridal clutches.

You should also go for vivid colors when choosing table linens. Of course, white tablecloths are
timeless but it cannot hurt to infuse some color into your wedding décor.

Old Wedding Dress Styles Making a Comeback

From daring geometric patterns and puffy sleeves to clean lines and feminine bows, the current
wedding trends are for everyone. For instance, if you are looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses,
you can opt for a simple but elegant piece. Inspired by the royal wedding, most brides are opting for
bridal gowns with simple yet chic designs.

The Bridal Fashion Show in NYC featured wedding gowns with glitter and glam. This means that
most brides will be opting for glittery wedding dresses.

Wedding Decorations

This year, the wedding colors are more vibrant than ever. Although delicate pastel shades such as
creams and light pink will never go out of style, people are opting for brighter colors. One of the
trendy colors for 2019 is coral red, which goes well with most colors.

Apart from coral red, you can also choose rusty orange and mustard yellow. Other hues such as
emerald green and deep burgundy will always find their way into wedding decorations and
stationery. When it comes to metallic accents, gold and classic silver are taking the lead, leaving
copper and rose gold behind.

Personalization and Minimalist Styles

In 2019, people are finally deciding to personalize their weddings with creative and unique ideas.
You can choose to personalize every aspect of your wedding from decorations to food.
Personalization is going to be a signature element during this wedding season.

Simple, elegant, and timeless are some of the characteristics that define the minimalistic wedding
trend. This trend, which has been fashionable in interior design over the past few years, has finally
made it into weddings. Minimalistic styles and personalization can be used in every aspect of the
wedding from the stationery to venue.

Signature Cocktails and Individual Food Stations

You could personalize your wedding dinner to make it unique. The recent hype about candy bars is
slowly ending. More and more couples are choosing foods that suit their personal tastes and

Having drink bars such as whiskey and gin bars allows you to set your individual accents. If you
want to promote communication at your wedding, you should opt for individual food stations such as
self-made pizza stations and taco trucks.

Wedding Stationery

You should incorporate some individual elements in your wedding stationery. For instance, you can
put a personal stamp on your wedding using monogram wax seals. Wedding invitations are also
getting less formal. For instance, you can tie your wedding invitations with good quality silk ribbons.


Are you planning to wed in 2019? You should follow these trends. As you can see, wedding trends
are now evolving to more personalized styles. If you do not want to plan your wedding alone, you
should consider hiring a wedding planner.

12 Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Image Source: Pixabay

Have you ever wondered about different wedding traditions? Whether you’re looking for something different to add to your special day, or are just interested, we’ve put together a list of unique traditions from around the globe.

Italy - Confetti

While you may know confetti as scraps of paper thrown at weddings, in Italy it stands for sugary treats like sugared almonds. The almonds are typically given to the guests as favours at the reception.

Philippines - Releasing Doves

During a traditional Filipino wedding reception, the newly married couple release two doves up into the air. This symbolises a harmonious, peaceful and long life together.

Image Source: Unsplash

Japan - Sake-Sharing

In a Japanese tradition called san-san-kudo, the bride a groom each take 3 sips from 3 flat sake cups. After that, the parents do the same to symbolise the bonding of the families.

Norway - Kransekake

In Norway, couples order kransekake, a tower of iced almond cake rings. The tower is commonly built over a wine bottle so that a fun treat appears as guests help themselves to pieces of the dessert.

It’s a nice touch, especially with the theme of a ring at the heart of it. See a variety of engagement rings Brisbane men get from Ringleaders to help you pick the perfect ring for your bride-to-be.

Germany - Log Cutting

In Germany, newly married couples put their bond to the test by sawing a log in half, together, in front of their guests. This unique tradition showcases the couple’s ability to work together facing obstacles that may come their way.

Korea - A Goose

With Korean tradition, the groom presents his new mother-in-law with wild ducks or geese. The animal represents the groom’s pure intentions as well as his loyalty to his bride.

Pakistan - Rings Of Flowers

A special Pakistani wedding tradition involves the groom wearing a ring of flowers around his neck.

Scotland - Blackening

On the day before their wedding, Scottish couples are taken out, plied with alcohol and then covered in feathers, as, flour and treacle by their nearest and dearest. The messy tradition was originally designs to ward off evil spirits and welcome good luck.

France - Croquembouche

It’s common to be served croquembouche at French wedding. It’s a delicious tower of cream-filled puffed pastry that you can dip into sweet sauces, and this is usually served instead of wedding cake. Croquembouche may be decorated with glazes, fruits and nuts, just like a cake, to make for a beautiful talking point.

Another interesting French tradition is called La Soupe. During the reception, leftovers are gathered into a bowl or the toilet and the bride and groom must eat the leftovers. Apparently, it’s good luck!

Image Source: Pixabay

Jamaica - Black Wedding Cake

Caribbean weddings often serve traditional dark cake made from rum and fruits. It’s the same type of cake that Jamaicans often serve at Christmas, and it’s very similar to traditional Christmas cake.

India - Stealing The Groom’s Shoes

As soon as the groom enters his wedding tent, he needs to bribe the sisters to return his shoes!

Kenya - Spitting On The Bride

As a newly married couple leave their village in Kenya, the bride’s father spits on his daughter’s chest and head as a way of sealing good fortune.

With so many fascinating wedding traditions, will you use any of these on your wedding day?

Wedding Planning Tips for Brides-to-Be

Image Source: Pixabay

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, which is why most couples would prefer to hire professionals to help out. But, challenging as it may be, brides who want to plan their own should not be deterred from doing so. With their head and heart in the right place, brides can make their dream wedding come true.

If you want to plan your own wedding, allow us to give you a hand with a few helpful tips:

1. Determine the budget.

After you have accepted your fiancé’s proposal and are now proudly wearing an engagement ring with fancy colour diamonds you can get from, it’s time to plan the wedding. Whether you will have a short-term or long-term engagement, planning for the eventual wedding is the next step. And the best place to start with is by determining the budget, which is the driving factor for majority of wedding-related decisions.

Are you footing the bill? If so, how much can you spend for the big day without cleaning out your life’s savings? Do family members intend on contributing financially? Who else will be sharing the costs? What are these generous amounts?

Once you’ve set the magic number for your wedding budget, you have to stick to it. If you find that you have a limited budget, do not be discouraged as you can still achieve your dream wedding by focusing on more important details and prioritizing chosen expenditures while compromising on the rest. If you get more funds along the way, consider these as contingency resources in case something does not go as planned.

Image Source: Pixabay

2. Know what you want.

With the budget already in place, you and your significant other can now get started with the details. Some ladies already have clear ideas of what their big day will look like even at a young age but for those who have yet to decide what their wedding will be, then it’s time to get inspired. Immerse yourself in bridal magazines and websites to find a bridal theme that you would love to have when you exchange “I do’s.” You can also borrow ideas from weddings you’ve previously attended that you find endearing and fits your chosen theme.

3. Get organized.

The key to planning successful events is organization. So, when you plan your own dream wedding, make sure you stay on top of everything to avoid getting overwhelmed and missing out on certain details.

For starters, create a vision board to keep you inspired and to keep the details consistent with what you aim to achieve. You can have a wedding-related mood board on Pinterest or you can go old school and create a “cut and paste” vision board.

You can also make use of free wedding planning apps to help you through your planning. Choose an app that you are comfortable working with to monitor the progress of your plans. If you are more comfortable with spreadsheets and handwritten journals, then you can also use these to manage all the information you have.

Image Source: Unsplash

4. Plan with your groom.

The reason that wedding planning becomes overwhelming and frustrating is because some brides tend to work on the task alone. You’re not the only one getting married, so make sure your partner is involved in the process of making your dream wedding come true. Not only will the task of deciding become easier and faster, but planning together will also be beneficial to your relationship. It’s a fun way to get to know each other better as well as show each other how committed you both are to a shared future.

How To Match Your Jewellery With Your Wedding Dress

                                                          Image Source: Unsplash

If you have recently got engaged and are both now thinking about the big day with some anticipation, there is much to organise, with the wedding reception arrangements, the catering and of course, your wedding dress. When choosing your bridal gown, you should take into account the accessories you intend to use, and with that in mind, here are some tips to ensure that your jewellery looks like it belongs on that very special day.

ü  Check the Neckline - The neckline very much determines the length of a necklace and this is a main focus of the observer. Look for a necklace that sits nicely just above the neckline – remember the golden rule that the necklace should never touch or overlap the dress neckline.  If you are looking for a wedding ring, Certified Diamond Network has wedding rings Sydney couples love, with a large collection of vintage and antique wedding rings that will allow you to choose something just right.

ü  Going Strapless - Let's face it, most girls prefer the freedom of a strapless wedding dress, especially in the hot summers that Australia is known for, and in that case, you have more leeway with your choice of necklace. Something bold and elegant works well, as you have a lot of exposed skin with a strapless outfit. It is critical to have the necklace just above the neckline, otherwise you will look a little unbalanced and by consulting a jeweller, you can quickly know the ideal length of necklace for your strapless dress.

                                                          Image Source: Unsplash

ü  The V-Neck Design - Slightly more formal, the V-neck wedding dress calls out for a pendant necklace that hangs symmetrically, with a single stone, which could be coloured. Nothing too bold for this dress style, with an antique wedding ring and matching earrings. A classic solitaire ring would be suitable, or perhaps a halo setting. If you would like to see what is trending this year with wedding dresses, there are informative blogs that highlight the popular designs.

ü  The Straight Neckline - This is perhaps the most common dress style for a bride, which is perfectly complemented by a diamond necklace, with matching ear studs. Pearls are also a possibility, with a matching pearl necklace and earrings, which goes well with the white or crème wedding dress.

                                                        Image Source: Unsplash

ü  Halter Neck - Wearing a necklace might not be possible due to the extra fabric, yet your facial balance will be ensured by a pair of chandelier earrings. As there are no diamonds at the neckline, this is the ideal time to introduce a glitzy diamond bracelet, which can be sourced from an online diamond dealer.

Always ask your best friend for her honest opinion, which will give the confidence to make the right choices and there’s always the Internet if you need some jewellery inspiration. Whatever the style of dress, this will in many ways determine the scope of your jewellery and look to choose items that complement the dress. If something doesn’t feel right, resist the urge to make a decision and sleep on it, which will give you time to consider other options.