Deja vu - change your style a million times

May 28, 2014 Venoma 10 Comments

Hello dolls, I hope you are having a great Wednesday! As I promised in my last outfit post on Monday, today I will be telling you a bit more about Deja vu brand of watches that I got a chance to collaborate this month.

Deja vu is a very interesting online shop that brings the creative woman the freedom to change her style a million times. It is a shop where you can make your own wrist watch out of combination of watch elements.

You can have so much fun with it. You get to choose different watches, straps and decorative discs that you can use for your own mix and matching once you get your set. There is a great categorisation by colour and material that helps you find exactly what you are looking for much easier.

On these pictures you can see some of the elements. And as you can see, I can make so many awesome combos with them, from playful to elegant watch, depending on my needs at the moment.

This is the combo I wore in my outfit, but if I only replaced the red disc with white or black, it's a whole new watch! That's why I love it so much :)

On Deja vu there is a thousand of possibilities to make your own watch. But if you are too lazy to make your own, and still love the idea, you can choose some of theirs already made sets

I hope you liked the posts lovelies. Please share your thoughts in comments! Do you wear wrist watches? Did you ever wear a watch like this one? I'd love to hear it!

Until my next post,


Look of the day: High waist + Crop top

May 26, 2014 Venoma 20 Comments

Hello dolls, happy Monday, I hope you will all have a great week! Things in Serbia have been very difficult over the last week or two, so I apologize once again for not posting my photos, I was very, very busy. Hopefully soon things will go as back to normal as they can.

I have so many lovely new items to show you! I don't even know where to begin! I incorporated a few trends for this season that I like in this outfit - sailor stripes, high waist and crop tops! I'm wearing a fabulous pair of shoes from I love sexy, Oasap high waist shorts, Jeweshop necklace that you already saw in my ''New in'' post and something I really grew to love lately - one variation of my Deja vu wrist watch. This is just a small presentation, I will be telling you more about Deja vu and how they work in one of my next posts. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:

Hat, top, bracelets: no name, you could almost call it all vintage
Necklace: Jeweshop 
Watch: Deja vu 
High waist shorts: Oasap 
Shoes: I love sexy
Tell me what you think dolls!

Until my next post,


Maturski sajam by Wannabe + video

May 23, 2014 Venoma 9 Comments

7. i 8. maja, pre nego što je sav haos počeo, obišli smo jedan divan event u šoping centru Delta city. U pitanju je bio ''Maturski sajam by Wannabe'' na kome smo videli mnogo lepih stvarčica. Pustiću slike da govore za sebe. A na kraju posta imate i jedno malo iznenađenje - video u kome Anastasija, Zorana, Lili i ja delimo nekoliko saveta o maturskim toaletama :) Uživajte!


On 7th and 8th May I attended a lovely event named ''Prom fair by Wannabe'' where I got to see so many adorable dresses and accessories. We also prepared a surprise for you at the end of this post - a video where you can see me with three more Serbian bloggers, giving few advices about what to wear for prom. Enjoy!

And the video:

I hope you liked it dolls! Leave your impressions in comments!

Until my next post,


Look of the day: Polka dots skirt

May 12, 2014 Venoma 16 Comments

So, I got back from Berlin few days ago and now I am back on my usual schedule of trying to pass a very difficult exam, having four trainings a week and sharing my outfits every now and then with you lovelies! And I must say that, when I add a part time job to it, probably by the end of this month, it's going to be a hell of a party for me, with definitely no sleeping... But who cares, as long as I don't start falling asleep on unusual places I believe it will all be all right! :D

Today am a brunette, mixing a stripped shirt with polka dot skirt (which is just the way it's supposed to be, soon as I bet some of you will think I didn't want to iron it or something ;) ). Also I am super excited about a doggy belt that I'm showing you today, it arrived from Born pretty store, where you can also get 10% off price if you use code MILICAC10. Enjoy the photos dolls!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholesalecelebshades   Hair: WonderlandWigs
Shirt: YesFor
Polka dot skirt: Rosewholesale 
Ring: Rosewholesale    Belt: Born pretty store 
Shoes: Bata

I hope you like it, feel free to share your thoughts in comments!
P.S. I changed the design a little bit, what do you think about it?

Until next post,


Feb-March-April outfit recap + Sammydress giveaway winners

May 05, 2014 Venoma 6 Comments

Hey lovelies! I just got back from Berlin and I'm full of new impressions! And before I post some new outfits, I wanted to do a recap of what I wore in the end of this winter and beginning of spring! Luckily it was a warm winter and a lovely spring... Enjoy the pics doll, there's a link to corresponding post under every photo!

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