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The Bodysuit

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I have a special treat for you today - after thinking about it for a while and watching all those super fun and inspiring insta posts, I finally decided to embrace ''underwear as outerwear'' trend! I fell in love with this perfect bodysuit and styled it with all black ''business'' look making it a party look in a way. Let me know what do you think of this trend!

I am wearing:
Bodysuit: Femmeluxefinery 
Pants: SheIn
Outerwear: Zara
Heels: Bata

How do you like my outfit babes? Let me know!

Lots of love,

Corset Belt

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to another outfit post, causal thing on Monday here on Venoma Fashion Freak. Today I am showing you my new favorite belt matched with some floral moments on this oversized blouse. I hope you will enjoy it!

I am wearing:

Blouse: Zaful 
Belt: Amiclubwear 
Skirt: Chicnova
Heels: Bata

Lots of love

Happy New 2016!

Wearing:  Necklace: Romwe  Corset: Dressin   Skirt: Black Five   Shoes: Code  

In 2016 I wish you:

first of all health, love and happiness for you and your loved ones

and after that
all the clothes, shoes, jewelry,
travelling, vacations, undiscovered places,
beautiful people, conversations, events,
flowers, good books, small unexpected gifts
and anything else your hearts desire.

Hope to see you here in 2016. as well!

Happy New Year!

Lot's of love

Fur jacket

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday! I had quite a week last week. Someone from my family got into a car accident and this was the first time that I had to see cars including mine completely torn apart and thank God all people who were in those cars survived. I am taking my time lately to be grateful just for me and my loved ones being alive and well. You never really appreciate what you have until you get into a situation where you might lose it. Also I'm officially without a car, again, but it's not like I drive a lot soon as I live in the centre of Belgrade. There is no such thing as a good time or a good way for a car accident to happen, but I do believe this was as good as it gets when it comes to that.

For the fashion part - I'm totally overdoing leather today. But you know I got some ''goth'' roots in there. A touch of burgundy and a good pair of jeans help tho. Beautiful earring from Onecklace
and a jacket from Wholesalebuying are the stars of this outfit. Enjoy the post!


Zdravo dragi moji! Nadam se da uživate u današnjem danu. Imam sam vrlo zanimljivu nedelju iza sebe. Neko iz moje porodice je bio u saobraćajnoj nesreći i na svu sreću, pored totalne štete što se tiče vozila, svi su živi i zdravi. Odvajam vreme da budem zahvalna za to. Nikad ne ceniš ono što imaš dok ne dođeš u situaciju da to izgubiš. Zvanično sam opet bez prevoznog sredstva, mada to i nije toliki problem s obzirom da živim u centru grada.

Što se tiče onoga što sam danas spremila za vas, evociram uspomene na svoj ''goth'' stil iz mladosti. Nećemo o tome što ni goth oblačenje nije više ono što je nekad bilo. Crni korset sa nitnama je super za večernje prilike svih vrsta, a u jaknu sa krznom sam zaljubljena. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:
Hat: Tidebuy   Jacket: Wholesalebuying
Corset: no name   Jeans: NewYorker
Earrings: Onecklace   Bracelet: Soufeel
Shoes: Lovelyshoes

What do you think dolls? Share your thoughts!

Lots of love,


Have you ever made a skirt out of a dress? I did that lately with what used to be an MsDressy gown (see what it was here) and I was super excited to combine it with my new favorite corset! Hope you like the photos!

I am wearing:
Corset: Tidebuy     Skirt: MsDressy
Gloves: Accessorize     Ring: a gift

Have you ever made a skirt out of a dress? Do you love tulle as much as I do?
Share your thoughts lovelies!
Lots of love,

Look of the day: Black corset

You know why I love Berlin? Because in Berlin, this kind of outfit would pretty much get you not a single curious look. In Belgrade on the other hand, feel free to watch people rolling their eyeballs out when they see anything out of the ordinary. Which of course, never stopped me from wearing something I like ^^ And this Sensation of night black corset is something I really really like! I wanted something like this for a very long time. Today I styled it a bit more casual, as a sequel to my other outfits with corsets where I try to show how can you implement a corset in your everyday outfit. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholecelebshades
Corset: Sensation of night 
Bracelet: Ana Jeffrey   Ring: Hip hop bling
Blouse: no name   Jeans: Terranova    Bag: Rock with U  
Shoes: Tally Weijl

What do you think dolls? Share your thoughts in comments!

Until my next post,

Look of the day: Blue corset

When you take photos in an outfit you really like, the hardest part comes after the shooting: all photos are amazing and it's a nightmare to pick the ones you love the most! I struggled too while making this post, because I don't like posting too many (or too few) photos. These that you are about to see below are my personal favorites. :) The star of this outfit is a lovely blue corset from I love sexy in a very casual edition - I'm trying to show that you can incorporate unusual pieces into ordinary outfits. That just adds a special spice to it. You shouldn't be afraid of experimenting. Life's too shorts to be a conformist. Trust me ;)

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholecelebshades 
Coat: Eastclothes 
Corset: I love sexy
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Clutch: Pretty guide 
Shoes: Lovelyshoes 

What do you think of my outfit dolls? What's your opinion on corsets in general? Would you wear something similar?

Until my next post,

Look of the day: Red Corset

The other day I had a blast... I was going out to a club straight from a dancing workshop. So, instead of this cute little Carpisa clutch, I was taking a huge training bag with me. It was so much fun tho, both workshop and the party. I took these indoors, because it's freezing outside and you guys already know I hate (and by hate I really mean hate) the cold. 

Also I'd love to add a few words about corsets because the star of today's outfit is this lovely red corset straight from I love sexy. I don't think corsets are one of those things you should wear only when you see them on a runway. I think they are the ultimate sexy piece and that every girl should own a few. When girls post pictures in corsets, it's usually in artistic editorial form. I wished I saw more of them in fashion blogs. I hope you'll like my outfit! Enjoy!

I am wearing:

Blouses: no name
Corset: I love sexy 
Skirt: Ahaishopping
Tights: I love sexy 
Clutch: Carpisa   Heels: Tally Weijl

What do you say dolls? Do you wear corsets yourselves? Share your thoughts in comments please!

Until my next post,

Purple is for Halloween (3 cosutme suggestions)

I promised a Halloween inspired post didn't I? ^^ In cooperation with lovely WonderlandWigs store I have prepared for you not one, not two, but three costume suggestions for this Halloween! :)

First and my favorite - ''cat woman'' costume! ^_^ I wore this last Halloween in Transylvania! It's pretty easy to make this costume with items you already have - grab a corset, leather skirt or some other leather bottoms, long gloves, get yourself a pair of cat ears and voila! Add whatever accessories you find suitable! ;)

Second one is the ''devil'' - I bet you have a pair of horns already, almost every girl does! :) I bought this trident a few years ago, you can find it in Halloween collections in jewelry stores or in specialised stores, sometimes you get it free with the costume. Ask for the costume, this is the original costume ''deviless'' dress, but you can also just wear your own combo of red and black. Add some red lipstick and you're ready to go!

Third one is the ''French maid'' costume - I wore it only once to our annual New Year's KST masquerade, but I love it very much and my friends keep borrowing it from me! It's has several pieces and I suggest you buy these in a set that contains a dress, headband, choker necklace and a small dust cleaner. Add high heels and black or white stockings to get the real deal! :)

Adorable purple wig you see me wearing in all three outfits om WonderlandWigs fr

So how do you like my Halloween costume suggestions dolls? Which one is your favorite? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Love you,

Halloween masquarade in Transylvania

Look of the day: I'm everything you can't control...

Tonight I'm inspired by... corsets.


Divan, anticki komad odece. Nosi neku posebnu magiju i misticnost. Ne stoji svakom, nazalost. Idealno bi bilo da dama koja ga obuce ima uska ramena i struk a bujno poprsje... Al' retko se to vidja bez plasticne hirurgije :) Stoga je i ostalim, manje savrsenim damama ovaj komad dozvoljen. Evo nekoliko komada koji su mi se posebno dopali na polyvore-u - ponesto za svaciji ukus.

Meni licno korset nesto i ne stoji. Ili bih mu trebala zasiti bratele, sto stalno odlazem. Razmisljala sam se da odem i kupim sebi neki lep komad, za kucnu ;) ili van-kucnu upotrebu. Retko gde ih mozete naci u BG-u. Tek poneki komad zaluta u brendirane radnje ovde. Sigurno znam da ih ima samo u radnji 3M na Bulevaru i u zgradi Ktitor-a u 29. Novemrbu (Despota Stefana) a tamo se rade i po narudzbini al' su zato nesto skuplji. Ima ih, poneki komad, i u Sex shoppovima po gradu. Medjutim, tamo je kvalitet pretezno ocajan, pa izbegavam takve kupovine. Imaju sad i mogucnost narudzbine datog modela, kao stigne za 6 nedelja, medjutim, cena sa neta i cena u nasim radnjama ne da nisu iste, nego je ovde cak 3x skuplje - pa sam i od te ideje odustala.

Dve stvari mi se dopadaju kod korseta - sniranje i oblik koji on namece telu. Trakice me odusevljavaju - od detinjstva sam obozavala i one gimnasticarke sto su vezbale sa trakama. A oblik je vrlo prefinjen, zenstven, oblikuje zensko telo onakvim kakvim bih ga ja smatrala savrsenim. Postoji i jos jedna posebna car korseta - divno stoji i damama sa viskom kilograma. Nekako sve utegne i vizuelno smanji. Bambi za korsete :D


Wonderful, ancient piece of clothing. Carries a special magic and mystic. It wasn't really ment to be worn by any girl, unfortunately. Ideally, the lady should have narrow shoulders and waist and big bust ... But those ladies are very rare, without plastic surgery :) So the other, less perfect ladies can freely wear this piece. Here are some pieces that I especially liked the polyvore - something for everyone's taste.

Two things I like about corsets - strips and shape imposed on the body. Strips are beautiful to me - even in my childhood, I adored those gymnasts that practiced with them. A bodyshape is very refined, feminine, female body shape that I consider perfect. There is also another special charm of corsets - they look wonderful even on the ladies that are a bit overweight. Somehow it all gets very tight and visually reduced. Points for corsets: D


Few more of my personal picks (google corset, you'll find a lot more :) )

From behind or front, starting up or down..

Like a dress...

...or lingerie?

... or made out of leather, unavoidable piece in gothic style?

and a perfect pick for a bit bigger girls ;)