Look of the day: Fox

October 30, 2013 Venoma 25 Comments

Happy Wednesday dolls! I have so much to show you in today's outfit post! I received a big package straight from Italy last week - it contained few lovely items from Emilio Cavallini shop! It was so hard to decide what to show you first, so I decided to show you two of their items at once - gorgeous pin up stockings and baroque style shirt! Enjoy the photos!

I am wearing:

Trench: SheInside
Blouse: Emilio Cavallini 
Skirt: Ahaishopping
Stockings: Emilio Cavallini
Heels: Tally Weijl

What do you say lovelies? I gotta run and pack, I'm taking a short trip for Halloween, but I got something special prepared for you tomorrow, so don't forget to stop by!

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Head&Shoulders Moisturising Scalp Care Collection

October 27, 2013 Venoma 4 Comments


Purple is for Halloween (3 cosutme suggestions)

October 25, 2013 Venoma 19 Comments

I promised a Halloween inspired post didn't I? ^^ In cooperation with lovely WonderlandWigs store I have prepared for you not one, not two, but three costume suggestions for this Halloween! :)

First and my favorite - ''cat woman'' costume! ^_^ I wore this last Halloween in Transylvania! It's pretty easy to make this costume with items you already have - grab a corset, leather skirt or some other leather bottoms, long gloves, get yourself a pair of cat ears and voila! Add whatever accessories you find suitable! ;)

Second one is the ''devil'' - I bet you have a pair of horns already, almost every girl does! :) I bought this trident a few years ago, you can find it in Halloween collections in jewelry stores or in specialised stores, sometimes you get it free with the costume. Ask for the costume, this is the original costume ''deviless'' dress, but you can also just wear your own combo of red and black. Add some red lipstick and you're ready to go!

Third one is the ''French maid'' costume - I wore it only once to our annual New Year's KST masquerade, but I love it very much and my friends keep borrowing it from me! It's has several pieces and I suggest you buy these in a set that contains a dress, headband, choker necklace and a small dust cleaner. Add high heels and black or white stockings to get the real deal! :)

Adorable purple wig you see me wearing in all three outfits om WonderlandWigs store.is fr

So how do you like my Halloween costume suggestions dolls? Which one is your favorite? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Love you,


Look of the day: Sparkly

October 23, 2013 Venoma 20 Comments

Hey lovelies! It's an adorable day here in Belgrade, almost like it's spring and not autumn! I finally feel a bit better and I'm able to do everything as usual. I'm getting excited about my Halloween trip to Krakow! ^^ And I'll be preparing a special Halloween inspired post for you before I go. :)

Today weather has allowed me to wear an unusual outfit like this - I myself but also a lot of people around me fell in love with Mr.Gugu hologram sweatshirt - I'm glad I managed to get the sparkle on the photos too! I was wearing it with black skirt and boots and a lot of cute jewelry from Bellast and Hip Hop Bling. Enjoy the post!


I am wearing:
Sweatshirt: Mr.Gugu (here)
BellastLucky clover 2 piece jewelry set
Hip Hop Bling - Ladies ring
Boots: NewYorker

How do you like it lovelies? Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

Love you,


Look of the day: Panda + Giveaway winner

October 18, 2013 Venoma 25 Comments

Hey dolls, happy Friday! It's not so happy for me, I caught a bad cold and I am happy I got to make these pics the other day, only a few hours before I got the first symptoms. I am usually very pale by nature, but when I'm sick I look like a ghost... Anyway, I'm equipped with tissues, vitamin C and tons of tea, so I'm sure it will pass in a few days.

Today I'm sharing with you another autumn look, featuring two new items I recently got: a lovely panda sweatshirt straight from Mr.Gugu online shop and a pretty white watch from Born Pretty store. I took out a pair of booties with fur, I didn't wear those for a very long time. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:

Sweatshirt: Mr.Gugu 
Watch: Born Pretty store  - feel free to use code ''MILICAC10'' to get 10% off any price in their store!
Trousers: Terranova
Boots: LovelyWholeSale
Bracelets: many brands

What do you think dolls? Share your thoughts in comments please!

Love you,


Wannabe Collection

October 16, 2013 Venoma 11 Comments


Look of the day: Daisy

October 14, 2013 Venoma 19 Comments

My favorite autumn days are those with some sunlight in them. I love the idea of postponed winter. Yes, when autumn advances, we do get to wear ear muffs, gloves, classy coats and high heel boots, but I still like sunny days more than the grey ones. 

I must admit that one of my favorite trends for fall is ''daisy'' motive - looks like every fashionista has one daisy piece in his/hers closet this season. My pick was Omg Fashion daisy sweater. I combined it with sparkly Mickey necklace from Mall of Style, flare jeans and one of my favorite boots. Enjoy the photos lovelies!

I am wearing:

Hat: Oviesse
Daisy sweater: Omg fashion 
Necklace: Mall of Style  - don't forget you can get 30% off the price of any product with code ''venoma''
Flare jeans: no name
Boots: DinoDirect
Ring: GoFavor

What do you think of this autumn outfit dolls? How do you feel about daisy trend?

If you like my blog, feel free to follow it on:

Love you,


Promocija novog albuma ''San'' Lene Kovačević

October 11, 2013 Venoma 13 Comments

Poznata džez pevačica, Lena Kovačević, zaštitno lice austrijskog luksuznog brenda
FreyWille, ovog ponedeljka je u toploj i intimnoj atmosferi Private Room & Lounge-a Focaccia, u hotelu Hyatt održala promociju svog drugog albuma pod nazivom ''San''. U nastavku vam prenosimo utiske i fotke sa ovog lepog eventa. :)

Pažljivo odabrane ličnosti iz sveta umetnosti, kulture i medija imale su tu privilegiju
da uživo čuju nekoliko pesama sa Leninog novog albuma i uživaju u prizoru novog
spota ''Osećam'' koji je pevačica snimila u sardnji sa kompanijom FreyWille. Nastup
ove prelepe dame pratio je jedinstveni FreyWille nakit koji je pomogao u
dočaravanju svih raskoši jednog pravog umetničkog sna, lepote, harmonije i

Kao što možete videti na slikama, Lena je bila prelepa, a još je lepše pevala. Na eventu se našlo mnogo poznatih ličnosti - Lazar Ristovski, Bajaga, Marija Kilibarda, Saša Milošević Mare i mnogi drugi,
Lazar Ristovski, Bajaga, Marija Kilibarda, Saša Milošević Mare i mnogi drugi pružili su podršku...

Originalno objavljeno na stranici www.lepotaizdravlje.rs/lifestyle/ljudi-dogadaji/lena-kovacevic-promovisala-album-san © Lepota i zdravlje
Lazar Ristovski, Bajaga, Marija Kilibarda, Saša Milošević Mare i mnogi drugi pružili su podršku...

Originalno objavljeno na stranici www.lepotaizdravlje.rs/lifestyle/ljudi-dogadaji/lena-kovacevic-promovisala-album-san © Lepota i zdravlje
a krediti za slike idu mom voljenom fotografu koji se izgubio momenta kad smo ušli u  Hyatt i pojavio na kraju eventa sa punim aparatom, dok sam ja uživala u preformansu za to vreme.

Za kraj, pogledajte najnoviji spot za pesmu ''Osećam'':

Kako vam se dopada spot i post dragi moji? Da li slušate ovu vrstu muzike? Slobodno ostavite utiske u komentarima!

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