Design your own dress

April 24, 2015 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my lovelies! How is your day going today? I hope everything is well with you!
Today it’s time for a new post in my ‘’online shopping’’ section and you know what that means – that means we are presenting you with an awesome new online store for browsing and buying goodies! 

 Today I will present you a super classy online place for you to browse and buy all girls dress dreams! It is a special concept that I totally fell in love with and I believe all of you soon-to-be brides can take advantage of! 

Let's get straight to the point - we will show you how to design your own dress for your special occasion! It's online and affordable with ! Here's how it works: there is professional team waiting for you containing designers, pattern-makers, tailors, skilled sewing, beading, embroidery and decoration workers. They use only top quality fabrics to suit your needs. You have the option of totally free professional sketch of your dress as soon as your customization request is accepted. You can pick among many designs, colours and styles. You can also send them a photo of the dress you like! 

It's all about communication with the team that works with you. They will make sure that you are included every step of the way and that you get to see your final product before they ship it your way! PayPal payments are accepted and supersafe and you also get a beautiful gift package for your dress to arrive in! I strongly suggest for you to check out their gallery on the site, I am sure you will love the dresses they made!

Share your thoughts on the concept dolls!

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Lots of love,


Feels like spring

April 20, 2015 Venoma 16 Comments

Hello my lovelies, happy Monday to you. I must admit I am utterly happy I took these photos the other day because for the last two days I've been sick as a dog. And that's an understatement. Yesterday I had trouble getting out of bed at all. It was horrible. I got a week left before my vacation and everything that can go wrong seems to be going wrong. But I honestly hope that means that my vacation is going to be awesome! ^^

The fashion part: it was one of those warm sunny spring days that allowed me to take out my fav Bata sandals and match them with ripped jeans and my new Lucluc bag. My new favorite piece of silver jewelry from Soufeel is also here with me today. I can't wait for more sunny days like this.


Zdravo dragi moji! Nemate pojma koliko sam srećna dok vam ovo kuckam danas jer sam pre samo par dana bila bolesna kao pas. I to je mala reč za opis mog tadašnjeg stanja. Jedva da sam uspevala da izađem iz kreveta. Imam još nedelju dana pre godišnjeg odmora i sve što može da pođe naopako izgleda upravo polazi naopako. Ali iskreno mislim da će putovanje koje sledi biti fantastično!

Ovaj prolećni dan je stvoren za jednu casual kombinaciju. Kada biste oduzeli ovom outfitu moje omiljene Bata sandale, dobili biste nešto idealno za špartanje po gradu, a možda čak i manje svečan izlazak. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:

Sweater: Domino Shop  Shirt; Calliope
Bracelet: Soufeel (here
Bag: Lucluc   Pants: Terranova
Sandals: Bata

Do you wear ripped jeans this spring dolls? Share your thoughts with me on upcoming trends!

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Lots of love,



UU Hair Extensions

April 17, 2015 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my darlings! I hope you are having a very happy Friday - I for once am delighted that the weekend starts soon, I'm exhausted!

Today we are continuing with two things - our latest talks about hair, clip ins, wigs and co. and also at the same time with presenting you with new and cool online stores where you can browse and shop anything hair-related that you are interested in! 

The newest online corner I found lately is called UU Hair Extensions. As the name says they are one of the stores that sell hair extensions! They sell only 100% human hair, no synthetic fibbers in it. They offer 100% Indian remy hair extensions and 100% Brazillian virgin hair of highest quality but they also offer more than reasonable prices for it.

They offer many different hair related items on their site. Only some of the categories are clip colored hair extensions, hair weave, virgin hair, bonded hair, micro loop, tape hair, wigs and closure. My personal favourites are, as always, the wigs. They look so fabulous and come in all sort of different shapes, sizes and colors! Also I love their 7 piece clip in hair extensions.

The coolest thing about it is that they have instructions on the site about how to apply, take care of, choose, remove and style their items and they made it all super simple for all of us. 

Check it out and tell me what you think dolls!

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Lots of love,


HairBro Hair Replacement Systems

April 16, 2015 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are doing great this week!

Today I scheduled a very sensitive topic for us to discuss. As you might know, I'm soon turning 25 and I must admit that 'ageing' is already starting. But to me as a woman, it is probably a lot easier to handle my first wrinkles and greys than some men in my surrounding that have way more noticeable issue - losing some or all of their hair. From what I've seen, it's mostly hard for them to handle their hair loss. 

That's why today we're covering a new topic that I came across lately and wanted to share with you. It's all about a thing called Hair Replacement System and it's way cooler than any 'traditional' way of trying to deal with situations such as hair loss. At HairBro you can get custom made hair replacement systems for men and woman that are made with the finest lace and human hair. One of the best things about it is that you can follow their instructions and order a custom made hair replacement system which is going to look perfectly natural on any light with absolutely no fitting issues!

You can order directly or via e-mail and save yourself quite a lot of money and time too. They also offer unconditional money back guarantee for every single toupee, hair piece and hair system they sell.

Please share your thoughts on the topic lovelies!

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Lots of love,



April 15, 2015 Venoma 14 Comments

Hello my lovelies! It's a beautiful Wednesday and there are so many reasons for me to be happy! First of all, I am going to PARIS in a few weeks! I'm so excited! Also I've been going to some great dance workshops all weekend (you can check my Instagram for more) and I had such a great time! Also my orthodox Easter was quite awesome, I'm sorry I didn't make a bunny outfit this year, but there was no time among all the overeating... Anyway, enjoy my new post, I got some fabulous spring stuff in it!

I am wearing:

Outwear: Banggood    Dress: ZNU
Bracelet: Oasap   Sunnies: Wholecelebshades
Wedges: Dresslink

What do you think dolls? Share your thoughts!

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Lots of love,


New In Jewelry: Soufeel

April 08, 2015 Venoma 3 Comments

Hello dolls! I hope you are having a great week so far. Today I will present to you new brand of jewelry I came across lately. It's called Soufeel.

Let's begin with my experience with Soufeel. I received a beautiful package from Soufeel last week and it stole my heart right away. My order that contained one bracelet and five charms took less than a month to arrive to my doorstep. Product package, as you can see in the pics, is quite adorable - firm white box with a bow on it. In it, bracelet and charms were packed separately and there was also a little piece of fabric for cleaning the jewelry.

Soufeel jewelry is made out of 925 sterling silver and colored gems. They offer many bracelet designs and over 500 charms designs as well. It was so hard for me to pick my favorite five! You can pick your own bracelet size to make sure it fits. They offer free shipping on orders over 50$ and 365 days return.

My Soufeel picks:
Bracelet: here

What do you think about bracelets with charms lovelies? Did you know about Soufeel before? Do you like my choice of charms? Please share your thoughts!

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Lots of love,


What Does the Fox Say

April 06, 2015 Venoma 15 Comments

You have no idea how crazy weather is around here. I don't expect you to believe me that we had snow and sun last week, not only in the same day, but also at the same time! That made me pull out so many items out of my closet and I started matching some new outfits incorporating some spring trends, but still keeping myself warm. BTW, nobody is happier that flare jeans are super trendy this spring than me! ^^

In the meantime I'm watching ''So you think you can dance'' like I'm addicted to it. Also I'm working, dancing, not studying, trying to make it out alive day after day. And I had my first Eastern yesterday and the second one is coming soon too. I came to a conclusion that I actually love my life to be a bit complicated. Hopefully, in a good way. Enjoy the post!


Što se tiče oblačenja prema vremenskim prilikama, to polako postaje neizvodljivo. Prošle nedelje smo imali i sunce i sneg u istom danu! Počela sam da se oblačim slojevito, ali zaista. Proleće dolazi, ali ja još uvek furam trenč kaput. Srećna sam i što se zvoncare vraćaju na scenu u narednim sezonama. Uživajte u postu!

I'm wearing:

Necklace: Oasap   
Trench: Sheinside    Blouse: YesFor
Jeans: NewYorker  Boots: Oasap

Share your thoughts dolls! 

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Lots of love,


Printic App and Photo Box

April 03, 2015 Venoma 4 Comments

Last week a cute little package waited for me when I came back from work. It was a small orange box full of gorgeous vintage style prints with 50 photos I chose by myself through Printic App!

Printic App is a great app for printing all of your favorite photos. The best thing about it is that it's super-easy to use: you can pick the photos straight from your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox... When it comes to this photo box, you can also add description under every photo to add even more cuteness to it.

The quality of photos I got is pretty great. Shipping was also fast (and it's worldwide free!). Besides the photo box that I choose to review for you on my blog today, there are other great ideas on how to print your memories through Printic: you can print photobooks, posters, magnets, even calendars with your favorite pics!

Now that I showed you all these pics in the review, I can't wait to put them everywhere around the house! ^^ What do you think about these kind of apps dolls? Did you ever use Printic? What are your experiences with printing your memories? Share them in comments!

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Lots of love,