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SoLolita Wigs and Earrings

Hello my babes and welcome to my new store review! Recently I've ordered some stuff from a lolita shop called SoLolita. I ordered some wigs and bracelets so we can check them out together.

First of all, we have this gorgeous blonde wig. Did you know I always wanted to be blonde? Now I can, without ever damaging my hair! How awesome is that? Find this wig here.

Blue hair trend is going pretty strong right now and I am ready to jump on that train with this luxurious blue wig. I am in love with all these layers and thickness of this wig! Find it here.

Among other items, on SoLolita you can find a wide range of lolita jewelry and some of those pretty earrings you can see on the photos above. Find more here.

When you put it all together, all items I received from SoLolita are quite great when it comes to trends and quality. I would most definitely shop there again!

Lots of love,

Purple Power

Whenever I get a strong urge to change my hair I tend to save my nerves, natural hair and money by getting myself a crazy color wig I fall in love instantly. This month that wig is purple ombre wig from Gearbest that I am in love with. 

Soon as winter has surprised us with snow and below zero temperature last week even tho spring has begun, outfit post will have to wait until next week. But don't worry, it's coming right up. In the mean time, enjoy more of these cosplay wigs.

I am wearing:

Wig: Gearbest
Jacket: Zaful
Shirt: Calliope

Let me know what you think about cosplay wigs dolls!

Lots of love

Halloween Suggestion: Sexy Cop Costume

My love for Halloween is larger than life. But you know that already, don't you my darlings? Enjoy the pics and my new awesome Halloween costume! :D

Wigs: Wonderland Wigs
Costume (one piece suit, belt, hat) : I love sexy 
Boots: I love sexy 
Plastic gun and handcuffs - personal belongings

What do you think dolls? What are your plans for Halloween? Share your thoughts in comments!

Until my next post,

Look of the day: Polka dots skirt

So, I got back from Berlin few days ago and now I am back on my usual schedule of trying to pass a very difficult exam, having four trainings a week and sharing my outfits every now and then with you lovelies! And I must say that, when I add a part time job to it, probably by the end of this month, it's going to be a hell of a party for me, with definitely no sleeping... But who cares, as long as I don't start falling asleep on unusual places I believe it will all be all right! :D

Today am a brunette, mixing a stripped shirt with polka dot skirt (which is just the way it's supposed to be, soon as I bet some of you will think I didn't want to iron it or something ;) ). Also I am super excited about a doggy belt that I'm showing you today, it arrived from Born pretty store, where you can also get 10% off price if you use code MILICAC10. Enjoy the photos dolls!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholesalecelebshades   Hair: WonderlandWigs
Shirt: YesFor
Polka dot skirt: Rosewholesale 
Ring: Rosewholesale    Belt: Born pretty store 
Shoes: Bata

I hope you like it, feel free to share your thoughts in comments!
P.S. I changed the design a little bit, what do you think about it?

Until next post,

Look of the day: Golden peplum

My lovelies, I don't have much time today. Or any of these days. I am studying, having a dance audition, some sort of a project interview, honestly I'm trying not to get myself killed in the traffic during the day and not fall asleep on my business law book during the night. And I can't decide which one of those two is harder on me.

But I did find some time to show you this lovely dress that I paired with my new shoes. This outfit is made for a birthday party I'll be attending this weekend! Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:

Wig: Wonderland wigs 
Dress: Vesst 
Bracelet: PineBranchDesign   Watch: Daniel Wellington )    Love ring: Oasap  
Bag: Nowistyle
Shoes: Lovelyshoes 

Let me know what do you think about peplum, black and gold combo and my outfit!

Until my next post,

Heat Resistant Wonderlandwigs Wig Review

Hello lovelies, happy Monday to you! I know it's usually outfits on Mondays, but today I got something else just as interesting to show you! Last week I received a lovely wrapped package straight from Wonderlandwigs  with something I didn't have the chance to try out so far. Inside was a dark brown heat resistant wig named Breeze! And here's what you can read about it on Wonderlandwigs :

''Designed exclusively by our resident wig designer, Breeze is a stunning full wig made of our very own revolutionary heat resistant hair. Our high temperature heat resistant hair can withstand the highest of temperatures (230C+), we have tested it on most tongs and hair dryers and the hair styles perfectly time after time. So ladies, get your GHD's out and get styling, our Breeze wig is the perfect answer to your hair dreams!

In a gorgeous layered, flicked style, Breeze comes in a full range of beautiful natural colors to suit everyone's taste. 

Not only can you style this beautiful wig, but it is also ultra light weight and made to an exceptional standard. The quality, look and feel of this wig is outstanding. ''

And all I can say is that the description they gave is 100% accurate. You'll have a chance to see that on the pics below. :) What I personally found most interesting about this wig is that it's the same color as my natural hair and I couldn't believe how natural it loos like on me. It's one of those wigs where there is no way people can tell it's a wig unless you told them it is. I've made some pics for you using auto and also warm colors mode, so you can see how it looks ''on the sun'' and indoors :)


Warm colors:

Wig: Wonderlandwigs 
Blouse: Romwe

I love it the way it is, but it's amazing that you can actually style it as a real hair because of its ''heat resistant'' quality.  And now I can just put it on anytime I feel like I miss my natural hair color! ^^

What do you think about it dolls? Does it suit me better than red? Did you have any experiences with Wonderlandwigs  so far or any heat resistant wigs?

Until my next post,

Look of the day: Red and fur

Hey dolls! It's time for Part 2 of my experiments for this week! I had sooo much fun styling unusual pieces and trying out new hairstyles! Being labeled as an ''alternative fashion blogger'' can be really cool when you love what you're doing! I also just came back from one of my exams, I am exhausted from the lack of sleep, but still so happy to share these photos with you!

Today's outfit contains some of my favorite winter items! I've been searching for a fur vest for a very long time until I found one of just the right lentht on Lookbook Store. It so warm and fluffy! The wig you see on me is second SoLolita wig I own (if you missed the purple one, check it out here) and I already found another occasion when I'll be wearing it by the end of the year! And last but not least, I have a new pair of Lace Up Knee Boots that I completely fell in love with! I was always a sucker for statement models like this pair that I found among other sexy shoes on! Enjoy the photos dolls!

I am wearing:

Vest: Lookbook Store 
Boots: Ilovesexy 
Blouse: Babassu   Trousers: Fernlice   Bag: Chicnova

What do you think about my hairstyle and outfit dolls? I would love to hear it! 

Until my next post,