Sunglasses for Spring by Emblem Eyewear

February 27, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today we will be checking out some of the new sunglasses from Emblem Eyewear, an online store that has been my go to store when it comes to eyewear and sunglasses for a very long time. 

As always, I picked out some of my favorites that you can take a look at together with me. I am wearing them lately in my outfit posts, but I always like to make some close up photos of these lovelies. I hope you enjoy the post!

First pair is Pointed Horn Rimmed Indie Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses Metal Studs that I am absolutely obsessed with! They are in my favorite print from previous seasons but with a whole new cat eye shape that I've seen Chiara wear a lot and I simply had to have one of these!

Second pair is Retro Semi Rimless Modern Dapper Square Half Frame Sunglasses that are making a big comeback this spring. I really love the simplicity and the functionality of these sunnies. They really go well with every outfit!

Last but not least, we have Designer Inspired Fashion Round Metal Vintage Circle Sunglasses. I am a a big fan of this vintage flare that we can see on round sunglasses and I've been wearing different versions of these sunglasses for a while now. These are my new favorites that go so well with all the flower embroidery that has been so trendy at the moment!

What do you think about my new sunnies my lovelies? What are your favorites? Let me know!

Lots of love


Flowers on top

February 26, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hi dolls! Welcome to a new outfit post! Setting is kinda autumn-ish today, but spring is probably coming after his cold wave we're having right now. Yellow and green will be the trendiest colors next season, so I'm sticking to my yellow cropped sweaters for a while. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear
Jacket: Zaful
Sweater: Zaful 
Jeans: Amisu
Boots: Amiclubwear

What do you think my lovelies?

Lots of love


Baby Pink

February 19, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hi my lovelies! Welcome to my new outfit post! Today I am rocking a cropped pink jacket, something I believe I will be wearing a lot in upcoming spring! Days are getting longer and my mood is definitely getting better. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Jacket:  Zaful 
Dress: Romwe
Boots: Kitten
Bag: Oasap

What do you think dolls?

Lots of love


BeautyBigBang Brush Set Review

February 14, 2018 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today we are doing a beauty review of affordable cosmetics tools from an online store called BeautyBigBang. I ordered some of their items recently and they arrived straight to my doorstep. 

Find brushes here
Find makeup bag here

This unicorn spiral glitter diamond handle makeup brushes come in set of 8 brushes of different size. Color is rose gold and the whole sets weights 65 grams. They are suitable for professional and home use as well. They pick up products pretty well and are easy to use and blend with. 

Together with this brush set I ordered a makeup suitcase that is see-through with pink edges and so suitable for brushes and other makeup.

What do you think about this set dolls? Feel free to share your thoughts!

Lots of love,


5 Important things to consider when building a playground

February 12, 2018 Venoma 3 Comments

Children start to develop themselves as they play with their counterparts. This is a critical stage, as
playtime will aid in developing relationships and strength, both physically and emotionally.

Communities and schools should invest in a good playground. In this case, the playground should
have special amenities that will bring children into the ground; otherwise, they will avoid it.

In this article, we will expound some essential points that you should put in mind when developing a
preferable field.

1. Location matters

Before anything else, choose a good site for the playground. At this point, you would better hire a
professional to scout the environment to see whether it is safe for children or not. For instance, if the
playground will be near a lake or river, then it would be essential to put barriers to keep children from
falling in the water body.

Rural areas do not limit the size of the field; on the other hand, urban areas restrict the size of fields
because of limited space within a town. The grounds should be accessible to the kids. Thus, it
would be great if you build it in a central locale.

2. Equipment should be safe for children

Old and faulty slides cause injuries to kids. If you need to upgrade a playground, experts should
examine the structures, and repair them if necessary.

Nevertheless, age determines whether the equipments are safe or not. Some would only be reliable
for two-year-olds and unsafe for 5-year-olds.

3. Consider Everyone

A good playground should be accessible to everyone. People with disabilities should also feel
welcomed into the facility. Builders should do this by installing smooth pathways for wheelchairs.
Sand is a suitable ground cover, but it would restrict a wheelchair to roll with ease.

No equipment within the facility should produce excessive noise. Autistic kids are a bit sensitive and
uncomfortable to too much of it; hence, they will avoid the grounds.

Adults usually accompany children into the ground to supervise them while they play. Builders
should include a resting area with enough shade where parents can rest as they monitor and interact
with others.

4. Remove Hazards

Holes and bugs within the space can reduce the safety of the park. Before you allow any access to
it, be sure that you check every part of the facility to detect holes. Remember that kids can fall into
these holes and cause injury to their body.

Install barriers to keep kids from getting lost. Companies that build these playgrounds should check
the strength of the soil before erecting any structures on them. It will help to dictate whether it can
hold the weight of the various play items within the park.

5. Hire a Professional Playground Builder

This stage is crucial because professional builders will check the background of the site before they
embark on their work. Consider the budget and employ someone who would agree to do that within
your set budget. is an excellent firm that creates a state of the art facility for your community or school.
They have professionals who install colorful play structures within the facility and ensure that
everyone is safe and secure during playtime.


Ensure that you arrange the play equipment in a manner that provokes adventure amongst the
children. Similar structures should be grouped so that children will not have a hard time looking for
their preferred swing or slide.

Guards should always be on the lookout so that parents feel safer when children play together.


Fuzzy Feeling

February 12, 2018 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I wish you all a successful week! I am all about that warm fuzzy feeling that you get at the end of the winter, just before spring. While you can still wear warm sweaters and yet weather is getting better. Everything gets better, actually. I hope you enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Beanie: Zaful 
Sweater: Zaful 
Pants: Terranova
Heels: Amiclubwear 

What do you think dolls?

Lots of love


5 Tips for finding the best jewelry on a budget

February 11, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Acquiring a new piece of jewelry is exciting! It always has a divine feeling to it. It can be stressful
sometimes, especially if don’t know what exactly to look out for. Before you go out shopping, be
sure to read these 5 tips that will make your shopping experience stress free. We would want you to
come home happy and relaxed, with a valued keepsake you’ll never want to lose.

  1. The Quality Stamp
This will indicate how fine the metal is that is used. It also highlights its quality. For a piece made in
Europe, the quality stamp also referred to as a hallmark, shows the fineness in the type of metal and
the country where it was manufactured. Jewelry made in the US has a trademark accompanying the
quality stamp. It is usually not conspicuous and will be found in the shank of a ring for example.

  1. The Warranty and return Policy Information.
Be sure to buy from a store with a money-back return policy. It usually takes from two weeks to a
month for you to get a full refund. Confirm that the warranty is valid, especially if you are buying a
highly priced piece. If this is not possible, buy from a retailer or store that will allow you to be
refunded should you change your mind. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. The Scratch Test
Did you know that some inexpensive jewelry can look exactly like silver or gold, only to have paint
applied over some inexpensive metal? Be sure to gently scratch over the piece you want to buy, just
to be sure it won’t peel or scratch. While at it, ensure that the metal is not scratched and the gems
are securely mounted in their frame. If possible, ask to scrutinize the piece through the jeweler’s

  1. Compare Prices
Chances are that the jewelry you intend to buy is available in some other store or website cannot be
nil. Do not stick to one store if you intend to save a few coins. If you are in Ohio, this list of best
jewelry stores in Dayton by makes your life easier. Compare prices on the various
stores til you find one that sells at an amount you are comfortable to part with.

  1. Ask for the Lab Report
This is important, especially if you are buying a piece with significant gemstones. Ask for a report
from an independent lab such as the Gemological Institute of America, which grades the stone
based on its value. Exercise caution when shopping in stores offering more than 50 percent
discounts. You might find that this discounted price is actually an average retail price in another
store. It is much safer to be referred by friends and family to a trusted retailer.

Still want to look good without parting with an arm and a leg? Consider purchasing from estate sales.
If you just want to try out a piece for a short while, you could consider a rental subscription service.

Do not purchase a precious jewel only for you to lock it away in your closet til that “special” occasion.
Try it out once in a while, look good and feel good! That’s why you bought it anyway.


5 tips to dressing your son up as a superhero

February 08, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Kids, especially boys, adore superheroes and can watch superhero movies all day if granted the
chance. Your child would be ecstatic if you took home a real life hero character for their birthday
party. That would be amazing, right? Before you even contemplate on how much it could cost you to
hire an actor, let's remind you that you'll not be hiring anyone.

Let the kid take up the role of the superhero. Pondering how to pull it off? Here are top five tips for
dressing your son up as a superhero.

1. Buy the superhero costume from a reputable store

It goes without saying that to act like a superhero you need to adorn like one. Figure out your child's
favourite character and buy the appropriate costume from the I Am Superhero store. Superhero
costumes are quite affordable and come in varying shades and colours.

2. Paint your son's face with images of his favourite superhero

It's not feasible for your kid to don face paint every so often, but once in a while take him for a face
painting session to complete his look.

Boys are exceptionally competitive, and your son will be keen on having the upper hand on his
friends. Ensure the face painting job makes it hard for the other kids to tell whether it's your son or a
miniature version of the superhero form a distance.

The aspect of mystery will no doubt make your kid's weekend exciting and memorable.

3. Purchase a costume that fits his body type

Your kid knows the body types of superheroes. For example, your son knows Superman is lean and
well-built. Supposing that you wish to buy the Superman costume and your son is on the plus side,
buy him an outfit made of compression material to aid in giving him the real superman look.

The close resemblance will captivate your son as they'd have conjured an image quite similar to
what he sees on TV.

4.  Seek professional help

To find high-quality superhero costume, seek the advice of an expert. Why you may ask. The
internet is littered with numerous costume experts, but none of whom can match the aptness and
experience of I Am Superhero. Get in touch with them to obtain the best advice possible on
costumes rather than purchase generic costumes that would require replacing every so often.

Cheap is expensive, goes the saying.

5. Seek a kid's help  

Perhaps you've no experience on superhero costumes, but you wish to make an impression on your
son; the solution is simple; ask one of your kid friends to help you out. No matter what you think you
know, kids tend to have better ideas than us in matters superhero.

Seek your kid friend's advice, and you'll most likely get everything right.