January/February outfit recap

February 25, 2015 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having better weather than me, it's so grey and rainy here in Belgrade today. It's also time for another recap - a shorter one than usual, I've been busy lately which obviously took it's tool on the number of outfits I showed you in the passed two months. 

I was thinking of naming this outfit ''winter outfit recap'' but non of these outfits seem particularity winter-like to me, so let it just be a recap of what I wore during January and February. Links to the posts are below the pics as usual. Enjoy!

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Keep Calm and Dance

February 16, 2015 Venoma 16 Comments

We are beginning this Monday here on Venoma Fashion Freak with a pic of me taking a selfie in the sun (yes, we actually had some sun this weekend) and showing you how awesome my new phone case is! I decided to skip all the usual Monday moaning because we actually have a holiday here in Serbia today and I don't have to go to work! Or do anything overly productive today (woohoo!)

Also, I have a lot of new sponsors to introduce to you today. The custom tank top and the s4 mini phone case were designed by me with the help of Snapmade! It's one of those amazing stores that can print almost anything on almost anything for you. It's a great place to get custom iphone 6 case or any kind of personalized gifts. They will be shipped and on your doorstep in no time.

The awesomest wedge sneakers ever arrives only few days ago straight from AmiClubwear and I am in love with them. Among other things, AmiClubwear also have their own collection of affordable party shoes you can check out here.

And last but not least, this lovely outwear I am wearing today you can get at WSdear, new store on the web that offers you a lot of other interesting garments and accessories.

Hope you enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Kameleonz   Phone case: custom made by Snapmade
Outwear: WSdear    Shirt: custom made by Snapmade
Jeans: NewYorker   Bag: Banggood 
Sneakers: AmiClubwear 

What do you think dolls? Do you enjoy wearing custom shirts and cases? Share your thoughts!

Lots of love,



February 09, 2015 Venoma 6 Comments

Have you ever made a skirt out of a dress? I did that lately with what used to be an MsDressy gown (see what it was here) and I was super excited to combine it with my new favorite corset! Hope you like the photos!

I am wearing:
Corset: Tidebuy     Skirt: MsDressy
Gloves: Accessorize     Ring: a gift

Have you ever made a skirt out of a dress? Do you love tulle as much as I do?
Share your thoughts lovelies!
Lots of love,



February 05, 2015 Venoma 14 Comments

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between being immature and keeping the child in you alive. I personally keep the child in me alive and happy with funky accessories. I even enjoy visiting kids departments in certain stores where I know I will find stuff a lot more interesting and fluffy than the stuff on regular adult departments. So without further elaboration, I'll let you enjoy my latest outfit with an awesome mickey hat. Hope you like it!

I am wearing:

Scarf: Oasap    Hat: Oasap 
Coat: Elite Fashion    Belt: NewYorker  
Leggings: Leggsington   Boots: NewYorker

What do you think dolls? Do you wear similar hats? Let me know!

Lots of love,



February 02, 2015 Venoma 13 Comments

I am totally busted when it comes to my favorite trend this seasons - tassel! I am already hoarding stuff with tassel and plan on getting more! I am mixing black with some more cheerful colors even tho weather doesn't share my optimism... My faculty exams deadlines are also not sharing my optimism... But I feel happy January is over. It was a tough and cold month. And I believe the cat that  joyfully crashed my shooting was sharing my feelings. Enjoy the pics!

I am wearing:

Hat: Tidebuy     Earrings: Oasap 
Outwear: Banggood      Sweater: Pull&Bear
Trousers: Fernlice    Rings: Chicheru
Boots: Kitten

What do you think dolls? Do you wear tassel and burgundy this season? Share your thoughts in comments!

Lots of love,