Personal Stylist App: Cluise

January 30, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

How many times you stood in front of your wardrobe and wondered the ultimate question ''what should I wear today''? Finally the modern technology is able to help us get easier answer to that question. Recently I found an app called Cluise - that made my life and answering style questions much easier.

It was quite a discovery, considering that my hobby is fashion blogging, I have a huge need to keep my waredrobe as organised as possible. And having an app that uses unique clothes recognition system to help me arrange my stuff is pretty helpful. 

Cluise also analyses users personal style and can create smart looks based on their preferences and real time weather! And that's much more than I expected from a fashion app to be honest!

The Cluise app’s features include:
  • Automatically sorting garments by type.
  • Analisys of personal fashion style and creating of smart looks day-to-day, based on personal preferences and the real-time weather.
  • Cluise helps you pick out the items you don’t wear and sell them to keep your closet clutter-free.
  • Cluise allows you to share your ready looks with fellow fashionistas and browse their photos for inspiration.

Cluise is available on the App Store and Google Play. Cluise plans on expanding further on smart shopping suggestions as well as in-app purchasing and selling your garments to other app users.

I hope you guys found this article useful! I recently made a profile on this app and started adding my garments and outfits. You can find me under ''Venoma'' as ususal. On the photos in this post you can see a piece of my profile and my bag collection. For more, hope to see you there!

Lots of love,


Online shopping: Gearbest Hoodies

January 29, 2016 Venoma 6 Comments

Hello my fashionable dolls! I hope your Friday is going great! Today I have prepared a special edition of an online shopping post for you my dear readers and it's all about a trend that is taking over the Instagram of all famous celebrities lately. In case you don't know what I am talking about, you will find out soon! This season it's all about staying warm, comfortable and cosy with just the right design of hoodies! Yes, you heard it right!

One great online store that you can find all the hoodies, as well as other fashion items you might be in the need of for upcoming season is GearBest. At Gearbest they strive to become the premier online electronics seller by providing really good pick outs of the great gadgets, top class shopping experience, fast shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds all expectations.
Customer is the most important to them and they are dedicated to work closely with every individual. Their commitment to the customer lasts until the customer is completely satisfied with service and products.

But now back to the amazing range of designs of Women's clothing that you can find in this store and that I was delighted by. My personal favorite is the silly panda hoodie that every girl would enjoy wearing, and my second favorite is the space/galaxy hoodie, super trendy and picked out by many fashionistas during last few seasons.

And don't forget that GearBest iis there to provide you with free worldwide shipping on every order., no matter the amount you spend. Also in case you need help, there is a support center that replies to support tickets quickly, whileclass-leading Live Chat and 24 hour telephone services offer real-time support whenever you need it.

I really hope you enjoyed my post lovelies! Let me know what do you think about hoodies and other upcoming trends! Any favorites from Gearbest? Let me know!


Red dress

January 25, 2016 Venoma 18 Comments

Hi dolls! Welcome to part 2 of my collaboration with Creative Vision studio! I hope you will enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed making them in this studio. I really enjoy this avoiding of shooting in the cold, I am planning of doing it all winter long! ^^


Zdravo svima! Dobrodošli u drugi deo moje kolaboracije sa Creative Vision studiom. Nadam se da ćete uživati u ovim fotkama koliko sam ja uživala praveći ih. Da ne pričamo o tome koliko ne volim sa se fotkam napolju tokom zime. Ovaj studio me je višestruko usrećio u vremenu loših vremenskih prilika. Uživajte u današnjem outfitu!

I am wearing:

Dress: ZNU
Cardigan: Lixmee (here)
Bag: Amiclubwear 
Boots: Newyorker
Shoes straps: Eliza May (here)

Share your thoughts on my outfit!

Lots of love,


Cocomelody Wedding Dresses 2016

January 22, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

When it comes to online stores that offers pretty much everything wedding related, from wedding dresses over bridesmades dress to mother of brides gowns, Cocomelody is there to answer all your wedding related requirements, no matter how humble or extravagant they are.

We're here to talk about latest trends when it comes to trends related to wedding dresses in the upcoming year and when it comes to spring and summer weddings in the year 2016 I believe a lot of brides to be will be following up to this trend. Right now it's not even all about if the wedding dress will be short, mermaid or gown shape. It's not about strapless, sweatheart or v-neck anymore.

Now it is all about the back detail! Everything is about backless Wedding Dresses .The back part of a wedding dress is only becoming more and more important every year, so much that even photographers are taking different photos with brides looking back over their shoulder in a wedding dress that has a stunning detail in the back,

I would love to hear what do you think about the upcoming trend of backless Wedding Dresses 2016  and do you think back really is more important part of the dress than the front? I saw some very interesting wedding designs when it comes to back lately, I am sure you did too.

You can check out more of these and similar dresses with interesting back details right here: 
 and let me know if you have a personal favorite, because I picked out some both long and short on the images I posted for you in this post. I hope you enjoyed it and had fun reading it!

And also check out their current sale:

Lots of love,


Stripes and Flare jeans + PHOTOSHOOT GIVEAWAY

January 18, 2016 Venoma 15 Comments

Hi dolls! Remember what I said about studio shooting? Well, this is part 1 of my collaboration with Creative Vision studio. I hope you will enjoy the photos. And also you get a chance to win a photoshoot for yourself! See more at the end of the post!


Zdravo! Sećate li se kako sam pre nekoliko postova najavila da ću fotkati nekoliko outifta za vas u profesionalnom studiju? Ovaj post je prvi deo moje kolaboracije sa Creative Vision studiom! Nadam se da će vam se dopasti fotografije, a imamo za vas i jedno iznenađenje na kraju posta!

I am wearing:
Hat: Newchic
Necklace: Wholesalebuying
Shirt: Dressin (here)
Jeans: Fashionmia (here)
Sneakers: Oasap

I hope you like my outfit and photos lovelies! If you would like to do a photo-shoot just like me feel free to enter my photoshoot giveaway HERE (for Facebook entries). Giveaway will last for 7 days and the winner will be picked by Entering conditions: please be able to come to Beograd or Kragujevac for a shooting by the end of January! Good luck dolls!


Ukoliko želite da osvojite profesionalno fotografisanje, samo pratite instrukcije na Facebook stranici! Mogu učestvovati svi koji mogu doći u Beograd ili Kragujevac na fotografisanje do kraja Januara. Srećno!

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Lots of love,


Online shopping:

January 18, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hello my dear fashionistas! I hope you had an amazing January weekend! It's been cold in my town so I took some extra time to browse the internet in search for casual but classy timeless pieces every girl is in need for many special occasions during the year. 

Sometimes a girl is just in the need for a simple dress, isn't she? It's a dress a girl needs to buy for a certain event with the possibility of wearing it again which means the dress needs to be multifunctional. Also it's important for it to be affordable, otherwise we would be buying a new dress for every occasion and go completely bankrupt! Let's not mention we need to be careful to choose a trendy dress at that point, but not so overly trendy that we can't wear it again in a year or two, soon as trends tend to change from season to season.

A new online store called Simple Dress that you can find on  is just the right place for you to find a classical piece that turns into a killer piece when matched with the right pair of fashionable shoes. It's so easy to style a simple dress with a statement necklace and a pair of high heels. On the photos you can see some of  my favorites from this site and there are also links to them for an easy access. I picked out photos from real life so you can see how dresses really look like. You already know how much I love ''nude'' dresses, lace and embellishment on a dress! Not to mention my favourite, black lace of course!

My beloved readers please feel free to share your thoughts on this store and these dresses with me in the comments as you usually do. Also which one of these three do you prefer? Let me know!

Lots of love,

3 LOVELY COMMENTS: - New Online Store

January 18, 2016 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my fashionable cupcakes! Is your day going well? I hope it will go even better after what I prepared for you today in my newest post! We will be checking out one of your favorite categories, online shopping of course, once again in the search for a perfect evening dress - or any other dress for that matter. I found a new store that can help you find an affordable dress for every taste and every occasion and I hope it will help those of you who celebrate their prom this year as well. God knows all the girls who have prom this year are already searching for dresses even tho it's January!

The store I mentioned to you in the previous section is called Tidetell and you can find it here where you can see their wide range of dresses and matching accessories. There are many sections: wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, prom dresses, special occasion dresses and many others! Tidetell prides in great customer service, affordable prices and high quality of their products. They create and customize their dresses to always fit the latest trends which makes them have new designs in their offer on almost daily basis! Isn't that awesome?

I picked out a few very eye-catching dress designs from their store to show you in my today's post. All three are different colors depending on the taste and occasion: red, blue and black. I believe red dress like one on the photo is very daring and represents a strong woman. Blue and white combination is super elegant and represents a ''Greek goddess'' kind of dress perfect for special occasions. And black dress with sparkly decoration is my favorite kind of black dress as you already know!

Let me know your opinion on these dresses and this store my lovelies and leave that in comments. I hope you liked the post!

Lots of love,


StyleWe - New online shopping fashion platform

January 13, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hello my lovely fashionistas! I hope you are having a great day that will become even better after the post that I prepared for you today! Get ready to check out a new online store with a special concept that fashionistas just like you all around the world are already in love with. Which means it's time for a brand new online shopping post, but this time, with a twist!

The online shopping fashion platform we will be checking out together today is called StyleWe and it is featuring independent fashion designers. It is the right place to find original, high quality and exclusive fashion products that are very hard to find nowadays in the world of mass production. By working with many designers, this store covers for pretty much every style you might be in a need of at the moment. StyleWe encourages designers as well as fashion customers to communicate and create the world fashion scene together. They help designer to build their own brands as well as the customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

There are many unique and super trendy designs I checked out on StyleWe and liked very much. I picked out a few favorites you can see on the photos. You can find them on Facebook and inspiring Pinterest if you would like to stay in touch with this concept and new designers ideas.

I would also love to hear what do you think about this concept dolls? Do you love wearing designed items? What are your favorites from StyleWe? Let me know!

Lots of love,


Online shopping: Wedding Dresses 2016

January 12, 2016 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my favorite fashionable dolls! How is your Tuesday going? I hope you are having better weather than I am! But soon as it's cold and I'm spending this day indoors where I get to write something nice for you in a warm calming atmosphere while rain is falling on my window, I decided to write to you a few words about upcoming trends when it comes to special event wear. And what could be more special than wedding wear? Pretty much nothing if you ask an average girl, whether they are searching for a simple modest wedding dress or something way more complicated, glamorous and expensive.

So I prepared a special edition of ''online shopping - special event wear'' post for you and we will be checking out some brand new and super trendy wedding dresses that have a great chance to be the object of desire in the upcoming year. We will be talking about inexpensive wedding dresses jvsdress that can also help you get everything you want from a wedding dress and also spare a few dollars on your wedding budget money.

One of the first dilemmas all the brides-to-be have is should they go for a short dress or a long dress. If you are searching for inexpensive wedding dresses us there is a high chance that you will have  a hard time choosing as well. There are many short and long designs that are very attractive in their own way. I believe it all depends on the idea of your wedding that you always had. If you dreamed of a big wedding gown with lot of embellishment, then don't be scared to go exactly for what you always wanted. If, on the other hand, you are more of a practical modern bride, there are many short wedding dress designs that will make you look as glamorous but will spare you some money on material and also make you feel more comfortable in your wedding.

When it comes to wedding dress trends that are coming up in 2016, I believe you can notice them yourself when you check out . Everything goes either towards simplicity and lace elegance or towards ''more is more'' style. I would love to hear what do you think on upcoming wedding dresses trends my lovelies! Please share your thoughts in comments!

Lots of love,


Pink and Fluffy

January 11, 2016 Venoma 22 Comments

Hello fashionistas! Happy Monday! I hope you are having a lovely Januray. It's time for a new outfit post, second one this monht. I really don't like shooting when it's this cold outside, so next time I will probably make photos for you in a studio. I'm really looking forward to that! 

After my first super fluffy outfit post, today I am wearing the fluffiest sweater ever from Relaxfeel, matching pink bag from Wholesalebuying and awesome shoes straps from Eliza May that make my favorite Newyorker boots look even trendier! Enjoy my new outfit!


Zdravo drage moje fashioniste! Srećan ponedeljak vam želim, kao i lep januar. Vreme je za novi outfit, drugi ovog meseca. Znate kako ne volim da se fotkam kada je napolju hladno, tako da sam sredila studijsko fotografisanje za neki od narednih postova. Jedva čekam da to podelim s vama!

Nakon mog prvog super fluffy posta, danas nosim još flafičastiji Relaxfeel džemper, torbicu koja se uklapa i super ukrase za obuću na svojim dugim čizmama. Pisaću vam još o ovim Eliza May ukrasima za žensku obuću, stvarno su vredni pomena jer mogu veoma da osveže čak i star sto puta viđen par klasičnih cipela na štiklu. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:

Sweater: Relaxfeel
Skirt: Echopaul
Bag: Wholesalebuying
Necklace: Lovelywholesale
Shoes straps: Eliza May
Boots: Newyorker

What do you think dolls? Share your thoughts!

Lots of love,


Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas: Jeulia jewlery

January 08, 2016 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my darlings! Happy Friday to you all! I hope you had great holidays! My (second) Christmas was yesterday and I am finally here to start sharing with you posts and ideas about upcoming period after New Year and Christmas have past. I am looking forward to one of my favourite days in a year that is coming up on 14th February and I bet you know what that is! Yes, it's Valentines day! 

I do believe there are many couples who are already thinking about buying gifts for each other, especially if you are online shopping addicts just like I am, so you might need a bit of a head start for your gift for your significant other to arrive in time. That's why today we will be checking out a store named Jeulia you might have already heard of, that offers products that are perfect gifts both for him and her. It's time for a brand new ''online shopping'' post and this time it's ''Valentine's Day edition''!

Jeulia is a great place for getting an original and valuable gift for your significant other whether it's Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary or a special birthday. Their designs are made to make you feel special while you wear them.

When it comes to Valentine's day gift ideas, in this store there are so many products you can choose from depending on your style and the style of your partner. There is a wide range of couple rings, promise rings, cocktail rings, claddagh rings and plenty of other designs you can choose from.  Also let't not forget their necklace designs that are always a good idea as a gift for her. I picked some of my favorites you can see on the photos.

Feel free to check out their Valentine's day sale and don't forget that Jeulia offers 60 days return and free gift package for any special occasion including that special day!

 Let me know what do you think of their interesting and unusual designs and would you like a Valentine's gift like that or similar. Share your thoughts and favorites my darlings!

Lots of love,