Perfect heels

February 29, 2016 Venoma 7 Comments

Hi babes! Lately I've been loving red dresses, killer heels, some fur with that and trendy new eyewear! Only the clutch always stays the same. This combo is spiced by Valentina bracelet and Amiclubwear heels (hope you didn't miss the Valentina jewelry review and Emblem eyewear review). Enjoy the post!


Ćao dragi moji! U poslednje vreme obožavam crvene haljine, to-die-for štikle, malo krzna i dobre naočare za sunce. Samo clutch torbica ostaje ista. Ovu elegantnu odevnu kombinaciju krase Valentina narukvica i predivne Amiclubwear štikle sa mašnom. Ove konkretne tigraste naočare za sunce sam odabrala iz Emblem Eyewear radnje inspirisana celom Aldo linijom naočara koje sam videla u Knezu u novoj kolekciji. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear 
Jacket: Wholesalebuying Stockings: Wholesalebuying    
 Dress: Newdress 
Bracelet: Valentina 
Bag: Oasap
Shoes: Amiclubwear 

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A Cold Trading Winter for Wedding Dresses in China

February 25, 2016 Venoma 0 Comments

Less than a month away from the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, the wedding dress industry association (ABPIA) brought an accusation against a lot of China wedding dress trade companies and didn't let them enjoy the Chinese New Year. The concerned independent websites that are the subjects of the prosecution are counting more than three thousand and the amount of frozen PayPal accounts was  about eighty million by conservative estimates. Therefore the whole wedding dress industry of foreign trade entered into the winter. Compared to the prosecution which involved over one thousand companies in 2014, this incident is clearly more conspicuous. I might happen that in the next month, there might be a lot of relevant trade companies falling into this unprecedented predicament. On the other hand, the companies which survived this shock may have a good performance in 2016.

Who is ABPIA? American wedding dress industry association is organized spontaneously by some senior members of the local companies in the United States in wedding dress industry, cracking down online selling of fake wedding dresses through copyright protection. As we all know, the era of the Internet closed the distance among the global businesses. Chinese dress products with lower price soon attracted a large number of overseas customers. And cross-border trade in wedding dresses became a trend. More and more online shops have seriously impacted the native American entity shop. So ABPIA was established. Although  verbally announced to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, in fact, what they might be maintaining is their own interests.

The prosecuted subjects that are involved are more than three thousand website domain names, and the affected businesses are at least hundreds of it. Most of them from Suzhou (China's largest wedding dress market Huqiu is located here and each year a large number of domestic and foreign wholesalers come here for goods). The reason of being prosecuted is misappropriating a large number of pictures of wedding dress brand products and violating the rights and interests of the designers and the related companies. Although this kind of behaviour has existed for many years and is the public secret of whole wedding dress trade company, the hit arrange is very wide and the influence is far more than several cases before. It can be a wake-up call for the whole wedding dress foreign trade industry.

The  prosecuted subject can appeal within 21 days. As the defendant, if they don't respond within 21 days, the relevant website domain name will be retrieved and the cash in the Paypal account will be confiscated. But it's not as easy as we imagined to provide effective information and prove their innocence. After all, embezzling images and trademarks is a fact. So far only a handful of businessmen have taken back the frozen funds and website through legal means, such as JJshouse, Tidebuy and Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd . Most of these companies have their own products and designers, so their prosecution is just collateral damage.

Although some companies have reached a settlement with ABPIA and the websites have been turned back to normal, most companies may not have such good luck and strength. After all, they only broke the law in the United States. This incident will probably make China's trade companies alert and make them pay more attention to product copyright. The affected sites are independent domain names, but it is not safe to say that the platform merchants can sleep safely. It's difficult to say  if the platform will conduct such a corresponding attack scheme.


Catalogue shopping with Catalogues247

February 24, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

In the year 2016 I find the amount of people that love to shop by catalogues quite substantial. Catalogues often come to your doorstep, or even better, you can just check them out online, and they let you save your time and money but grabbing a good deal right then and there. I also love catalogue shopping and it's great that there are places like Catalogues247 that help you do your catalogue shopping way easier.

If you ask who Catalogues274 is, they describe themselves as a small group of individuals with a large amount of knowledge and experience in the catalogue market. If you are in need of a particular catalogue but are unsure which one to choose, these people are here to help you with that problem.. For you, they will review the top UK catalogues, and guides as well, on where to buy pretty much any products you might be in the need of. Laptops, furniture, fashion items? No problem, they got it all figured out! They also provide an overview of the different credit options that might be interesting to you and let you go directly to the catalogues that offer them. 

If you are looking for information on catalogues, specific details of any particular catalogue (delivery, returns and product information) you can find it all there when you check out their home catalogues. If you are on a limited budget or in the need of a credit option available in UK catalogues, you can find it easily as well. Not to mention all the discounts and voucher codes you might bump into while you are browsing! In times like this, we all know that everything you manage to save while shopping comes in handy.

They also have a great team waiting to answer all your questions or query related to catalogues via e-mail at any time.

I hope you enjoyed my post! Please share your thoughts in comments!


We're all mad here

February 22, 2016 Venoma 10 Comments

Hello my beauties! I hope you will enjoy my latest outfit where I'm rocking my new fav shirt from Fashionmia - because yes, I am pretty sure we're all mad here. Enjoy!


Zdravo svima! Dobrodošli u moj najnoviji outfit post. Ovoga puta furam casual fazon za svaki dan, bez preteranog komplikovanja, ali i dalje super trendi. Obožavam ovu ''we're all mad here'' majicu iz FashionMia radnje. Uživajte!

I am wearing:

Gloves: Romwe
Shirt: Fashionmia
Jeans: Terranova
Bag: Lovelywholesale 
Sneakers: Amiclubwear 

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Valentina Jewelry Review

February 18, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are ready for a brand new jewelry review I prepared for you today! This time we are checking out a popular concept that I so dearly love. It's all about mixing and matching pearls of different colors, shapes and sizes on bracelet, bangles and even necklaces!

Valentina fashion jewelry store is a great place for you to find a lovely, trendy and modern bracelet for all your fashionable needs. They offer bracelets and bangles that are already styled with great matching stones, charms, beads and crystals, as well as style packs containing only different pearls. Style packs come in different sizes, depending on how many you need and what do you want to use them for!

I received a bracelet, bangle and a beautiful silver chain from Valentina in February and I couldn't wait to share how these gorgeous goodies look! My personal favourite is the bracelet that I keep wearing around since it arrived. My baby chinchilla pet also enjoys playing with this one soon as it's all sparkly and interesting!

It's so much fun to play around with different pearls on the chain and bangle as well. The coolest thing about Valentina is that they always give 10% of every purchase made to charity, which is pretty amazing. Every bracelet is connected to different cause, so each purchase carries with it a donation. They teamed up with 5 different charities so far. I wished more stores were like this one!

What do you think of their jewelry and concept lovelies? How do you like the items I reviewed? Let me know!

Lots of love,


Parka time

February 15, 2016 Venoma 13 Comments

Hello my fashionistas! Welcome to my new outfit post! I'm happy to present you with my first ever parka! I enjoy wearing it on these still relatively cold winter days. I put some tartan back on, an unicorn hat (so appropriate for a girl my age, I know), touch screen gloves because I need a phone in my hand all the time and wedge-sneakers I love to wear in my everyday outfits. Enjoy!


Zdravo drage moje fashioniste! Dobrodošle u moj novi outfit post! Vrlo sam srećna što ću sa vama danas podeliti svoju prvu parku! Uživam u nošenju iste tokom ovih relativno hladnih zimskih dana. Dodala sam malo tartan printa, šašavu kapu neprimerenu za moje godine, touch screen rukavice jer ionako ne umem da se odvojim od telefona i patike na platformu koje nosim svuda ovih dana. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing
Parka: Romwe 
Hat: Lovelywholesale 
Sneakers: Amiclubwear 
Necklace: Wholesalebuying
Leggings: Leggingston
Blouse: NowIstyle
Bag: Banggood
Gloves: Wholesalebuying

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Argan Dew Hair Products Review + Discount code

February 12, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my beauty addicts! I'm happy to see you back on my blog! In my latest search for something that would come in handy for my hair recovery after chemical treatment where I was looking for online recommendations of product that might help me with my hair problems such as loose ends and dryness, I found some interesting sites and items.

One of them was Argan Dew official site that offers a hair care line rich with argan oil. Argan oil is known worldwide as a great substance for hair treatments, because it provides moisture, essential vitamins and antioxidants. 

I've recenly received some of their samples of the Miraculous Argan oil and the Replenishing hair Mask. What I can say about these products is that they have a gentle smell, natural formula and that they gave my hair additional freshness and shine. Just be careful not to use too much, especially if your hair is naturally oily. Soon as not a lot of product is necessary, full size pack would probably last a very long time.

On Argan Dew you can find any product that you think you might be lacking in your hair routine. They got you covered with everything from shampoos over hair masks to hair oils, all rich with natural ingredients. For your liking, Argan Dew teamed up with Venoma Fashion Freak to offer you a 20% discount coupon code: ''argandew'' that can get you 20% off all products sitewide!

What do you use to take care of your hair lovelies? Did you ever use products with argan oil? Let me know!

Lots of love,


Kawaii Box Unboxing + Giveaway!

February 10, 2016 Venoma 7 Comments

Hello my darlings! Today I have prepared something special for you! It's time for my second ''unboxing'' post! I am getting super interested for these subscription boxes lately and I must admit I am having a time of my life with them. I teamed up with Kawaii Box and I have an exciting and most of all, super cute box to share with you today!

Kawaii Box is a subscription box that contains the cutest items from Japan and Korea. Every month 10-12 hand-picked items end up in Kawaii Box and are delivered worldwide to your doorstep. The price that starts from 17.30$ per box (boxes are sent monthly) is also pretty affordable compared to some other boxes I saw on the Internet. The actual value of items in the box, if you would buy them separately, would be somewhere around 40$.

After only two weeks from shipping, January edition of my Kawaii box arrived to my doorstep. And it was overflowing with adorable little items! At the top of the box there was a list of everything that was inside. It contained 11 items among which one DIY candy kit!

My personal favorites were cute little cat bag, nail decoration flake set with 8 different types of glitter in it and tiny bow stickers I sticked to anything I laid my hands on lately. The plushes are also adorable and I like them very much, but I do give advantage to items I can use in everyday life. There was another small bag I am also going to use to stash make up, it's pink and super appropriate for something like that.

This Kawaii box also contained a secret pen set, a dreams come true pen and a cute cupcake eraser that I gifted to my cousin who is going to school right now and she loved them. I do believe that youngsters will love this box even more than us, grown ups. So you can't miss if you order a Kawaii box if you have a little girl of any age if you ask me. But I must admit that big girls including me and my friends were also taken away by these cute items ^^

And the awesomest part of this post is in front of you! One of YOU will get to WIN their own Kawaii Box! All you need to do is enter this raffle-copter below! You can enter via any of these 12 applications, the more of them you do, the higher your chances are!

Good luck dolls! Feel free to comment on all the kawaii goodies you saw!

Lots of love,


Talk about love

February 08, 2016 Venoma 5 Comments

Hello my darlings! Today I'm showing you an outfit I shot while it was slightly raining, so forgive me on my messy hair. When I finished the shooting and took a look at the photos I realised that the hair actually fits in! I am back to a true rocking alternative look with this one. I had so much fun with this lace up trend lately, I was waiting for something like this for a long time. As I stated in one of my previous outfit posts, it's body-shaming to say that girls with or without big boobs should be wearing this or that. Girls should be wearing what they want. Enjoy the post! 


Zdravo dragi moji! Danas vam pokazujem outfit koji je imao nesreću da bude fotkan tokom slabe kiše, tako da oprostite na blago lošijem kvalitetu slika, a i moje frizure! Međutim, kada sam završila fotkanje, primetila sam da se kosa uklopila u opšti opušteni look, tako da i nije ispalo loše kao što sam mislila da može da bude. Danas sam bila inspirisana svojim rock alternative korenima što se tiče oblačenja. Uživam igrajući se lace up trendom, dugo sam čekala takav trend, omiljeniji nisam imala još od nitni. Kao što sam u nekom od prethodnih postova rekla, ne postoji pravilo šta treba da nose devojke sa većim, a šta devojke sa manjim grudima kad je u pitanju dekolte. Devojke treba da nose šta im se nosi, a ne da se priklanjaju nečijem mišljenju o tome šta treba, a šta ne treba da nose u zavisnosti od toga kolike su im grudi. Volite sebe onakve kakve ste i šopingujte šta vam se dopada. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:
Sunglasses: Emblem Eyewear   Jacket: Tidestore
Bodysuit: Lookbookstore    Skirt: Zaful 
Boots: Newyorker

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