What to wear in July - Video Lookbook

June 29, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

Welcome to my new post lovelies! Enjoy me new video lookbook featuring all my latest looks!



Summer Floral Dress

June 27, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Hi babes! Happy Monday! I hope you will have a great week! I prepared another outfit post for you and I hope you will like it. Dress was received as a gift so I don't really know what brand is it. The watch is one of my favorite new babies from Mockberg and the rest of the items you probably saw before if you are following me for a while. My hair looks like this straight out of the shower. Summer is doing crazy things to it and there's nothing I can do about it! xD  Enjoy the post!

I am wearing;
Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear
Watch:  Mockberg
Shoes: SheIn
Bag: Amiclubwear



Šta je u mojoj torbi | What's in my bag

June 22, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Zdravo dragi moji! Kao što naslov sam kaže, danas je na redu ''Šta je u mojoj torbi'' video - izdanje leto 2016. Nadam se da će vam se dopasti!

With love,


How to wear: Coral and Pastel Colors

June 20, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hi babes! Welcome to my new outfit post! Today I wore my pastel skirt with a new coral tee. I just love how these colors fit together! You can wear it all without a waist belt or make a shirt ''off shoulder'' or place the skirt on your hips instead of waist- there is a million twists to it! I hope you'll like how I wore it! Enjoy!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Newdress
Shirt / Dress: FashionMia (sold out)
Skirt: SelsiStyle    Bracelet: Trendsgal
Wedges: Vessos

Share your thoughts babes!



Recenzija W2Beauty Korejske Kozmetike - W2Beauty Review

June 15, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

Za sve moje drage ex-yu čitaoce tu je ispod video recenzija proizvoda korejske kozmetike sa sajta W2Beauty, a za one koji ipak više vole da čitaju, pisana recenzija na engleskom ispod. Uživajte!

Welcome to my new review post! Today we are checking out W2Beauty, a korean site where you can get all sort of korean cosmetics and make up! I picked out a few products and I hope you will enjoy my review and find it useful! P.S. for swatches or detials of the products, please refer to the video above.

First of all, there is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask that I simply adore. If no night cream is suitable for your skin, this is the perfect product for you. It's very light, smelling super nice, easy to apply, leaves no stains on your pillows and is very gentle to your skin. In the morning after applying it you will notice your skin is more fresh and bright. It comes in 70ml package that costs around 29$. 

Next product I tried is The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 1, the lightest shade they have. It's a very good concealer for dark circles under eyes or any other problems you might have with your face. It is very dense but easy to blend and gives perfect coverage. Because it's so good in covering, it tends to concetrate in the fine lines below your eyes, so make sure to put some translucent powder on top of it to stop that from happening. This product is sold out, but there are similar products on the site that you can take a look at. The price was somewhere around 7$.

For my third product I ordered a face mask but I ended up receiving three face masks! I used Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea and Enter Blueberry mask pack and I loved both of these. They come with 20ml of product inside and should be kept on the face for 20 minutes. I noticed after both of these that my skin was refreshed and brighter. The price of each is a bit less than 4$. The third mask is Benton - Snail Bee high Content Mask that I am yet to try.

I got plenty of testers that I enjoyed so much (thanks W2Beauty!). The only one I disliked was Broccoli Cream because it smelled so hard on vegetables I couldn't handle it. On the other hand, I really loves Clean It Zero from Banila Co. that is an oily make up remover. It's pretty good if you have dry skin. It easily removes all make up and your face is not oily after using it. The orinigal package contains 100ml and costs around 26$.

I hope you liked my post babes! Let me know if you are familiar with Korean cometics and make up, I'd love to get more opinions on it.



Romper Your Way To The Top: Style Tips on Wearing Two Piece Jumpsuit

June 14, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Mixing and matching have become the name of the fashion game but if you are already tired of scouring through your closet for items that you can pair with each other, a two-piece jumpsuit will make things easy for you. However, many women are still intimidated by the idea of wearing a jumpsuit. If you are one of these women, these tips will surely help you to put together a gorgeous jumpsuit outfit.

•    Cinch your waist.
A jumpsuit creates the illusion of a longer and taller body. If you wish to create the illusion of a more shapely and sexier body, then you will need a belt to go with your jumpsuit. One of the dangers of wearing this type of clothing is that it tends to overpower your body. To avoid that from happening, you can add a skinny belt or a wide statement belt to your outfit.

•    Cover up!
We all know that a great jumpsuit can stand on its own but adding a new dimension to your outfit is always recommended. If you plan on wearing your jumpsuit to the office, you just have to simply put on a stylish blazer. Not only will it make the entire look more professional, it also adds personality to the entire outfit as well. When choosing a blazer, it is best that you opt for one that suits the look and style of your jumpsuit.

•    Wear the right shoes.
How you will look like in your jumpsuit will largely be dependent on what pair of shoes you will decide to wear. In general, a pair of high heels is the perfect type of footwear for styling a jumpsuit. If you will wear flip flops, there is a high chance that the bottom half of your outfit will look quite sloppy. It will also make you look a lot shorter and you will certainly do not want that.

•    Dress it up.
The best thing about rompers is that it is very easy to dress up and dress down. In fact, this is one of the types of clothing that you can wear from day to night and even to a fancy party! How do you do that? Simple! Just accessorize and style your hair! After all, there is nothing that a pair of good heels, an updo, and glittery statement accessories can do!

•    Layer it up!
A two piece jumpsuit is not just for the summer season. To get your jumpsuit winter ready, we suggest that you take advantage of layers. If you wish to look stylish during the winter season, just simply wear a long sleeve top underneath your jumpsuit and you are good to go!

•    Choose wide leg.
If you are a petite lady and you want to make your body look more elongated, the wide leg two piece jumpsuit would be perfect for you! With its wide leg design, your legs will look a lot longer and you will surely look taller. A pair of high heels will surely complete the whole look. 

It’s amazing how a simple and fuss-free ensemble can be so versatile. A jumpsuit is definitely what you need during those days that you want to keep things simple and comfortable. Do not forget the styling tips that we have mentioned above and you can surely romper your way to the top! And find the perfect one on www.stylewe.com .



Feshfen Remy Human Hair Extensions Review

June 08, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my darlings and welcome to my new review! After a successful review of Feshfen burgundy synthetic hair extensions that you can read here, we are moving on to a more interesting topic that involves a review of Feshfen remy human hair extensions! All of you Ex Yu followers, I would love for you to take a look at my video below where I have made a full review and demo of this product. For my international readers, just keep reading, there is a review in English below!

As you know, Feshfen leads a team of hair experts and is all about freedom of expression through beauty when it comes to hair products. Their goal is to offer you best quality products and reasonable prices with that. They ship worldwide making customers happy with their products all around the world.

The product I will be reviewing today for you is called 

16” 11pcs #24 Medium Blonde Straight Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions with a little note that I actually ordered 18” long extensions. I figured that this length is ideal for what I want out of my extensions. 

The quality of these extensions is undeniable. Not a single hair droppaed out so far. It contains 11 pieces, 7 smaller pieces and 4 larger pieces. They are dense and shiny. I had no problems with tangling so far and I'm super happy about it! They are easy to put on, hold very well and don't slide off. They are also easy to remove, you just need to be careful not to pull your own hair with them.

When the packaging is concerned, the hair arrived quickly and without any problems or damage. It was in a bubble wrapped package, then packed in another package inside and tied to a huge piece of cardboard. I also had no customs issues with this package.

I tried to fit the color of these extensions to the color of the ends of my hair, and I almost made it. I love how they add up to my ombre effect, even tho I believe it would be an even more perfect fit to full blondes. 

Here's a piece of advice for them as well. If you want your extensions to last longer, make sure you are gentle to them, wash them regularly, moisture them every 10 days for 20-30 minutes, trim the ends of the hair a little bit every 8-10 weeks and use heat protection products if you are going to be treating them with heat.

What do you think dolls? Have you ever used natural hair extensions? Let me know!

Lots of love



Black and White Dress

June 06, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hi babes! I hope you are having a lovely Monday! New outfit post is here and today I am wearing a gorgeous knee-length black and white dress. Believe it or not, I have no idea where did this dress come from, it just appeared on my doorstep and none of my sponsors claimed it so far. Fashion blogger problems, right? In case I figure out where it came from, I will add the link later. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Amiclubwear 
Bag: Bangood
Sandals: Amiclubwear 

Share your thoughts babes!

Lots of love



Recenzija: Golden Rose Ice Chic lakovi za nokte

June 03, 2016 Venoma 4 Comments

Kao što sam prethodno obećala u videu u kome sam vam predstavila Golden Rose Longstay novitete, recenzija Golden Rose Ice Chic lakova za nokte je spremna! U poslednjih nekoliko nedelja sam se igrala sa čak četiri nijanse Golden Rose Ice Chic lakova i u nastavku možete pročitati moje utiske o njima.

Nova kolekcija Golden Rose lakova za nokte Ice Chic nam donosi širok dijapazon modernih nijansi u elegantnim staklenim bočicama efikasnim za skladištenje zbog svog četvrtastog oblika. Svaka bočica sadrži 10.5 ml laka i na pozadini svakog laka se može pročitati i sastav nakon što odlepite gornju nalepnicu. Lakovi su srednje gustine i ne deluje mi kao da će se u skorije vreme zgusnuti. Četkica je srednje veličine, nešto manja nego što je bila u kolekciji ''Rich Color'', ali ništa manje efikasna.

Ovi lakovi su pretežno dobro pigmentovani, ali za kompletan efekat i visok sjaj su uglavnom neophodna dva sloja. Brzo se suše na noktima i ne krzaju se minimalno pet dana, što je odlično kada se uzme u obzir da cena po komadu iznosi oko 150 RSD.

Iako sam u početku mislila drugačije, ispostavilo se da je nijansa Golden Rose Ice Chic 44 moja omiljena nijansa od onih koje ćemo razgledati danas. Lak izgleda sjajno posle samo jednog sloja, a nakon drugog dobija mat završnicu i visok sjaj. Četkica ne ostavlja trag i ujednačenost je fantastična.

Sve što sam malopre rekla se odnosi i na nijansu Golden Rose Ice Chic 21. Bež i bele odevne kombinacije dovode upadljivost ovog laka do vrhunca elegancije. Formulacija je odlična i četkica ne ostavlja tragove.

Manje mat od prethodnih nijansi ali isto odlična već u prvom sloju jeste Golden Rose Ice Chic 06. U pitanju je nežna roze nijansa idealna za predstojeće tople dane. Za ovu nijansu preporučujem obavezna dva sloja, a ukoliko želite da ga zamatirate, možda i tri. 

Golden Rose Ice Chic 25 je takođe nežna roze nijansa, nešto svetlija od prethodne, sa dodatkom sedefa. Manje je pigmentovana pa stoga u jednom sloju može poslužiti i kao sedefasti top coat preko nekog drugog laka po vašem izboru. Četkica ostavlja trag ali to ne utiče na finalni efekat. U dva sloja dobija na pigmentovanosti i daje divan sedefast sjaj.  

Svi lakovi se uredno i lako skidaju sa noktiju običnim uljanim odstranjivačem laka za nokte (ovom prilikom sam koristila Aurin Nail Polish Color Off Rremover) bez ikakvih problema. Interesantan Lookbook boja Ice Chic lakova sam našla u ovom videu, ali nisam sigurna koje od ovih su nama dostupne, jer npr. u njemu ni nema nijansi o kojima sam pisala u ovom postu.

Da li ste probali Golden Rose Ice Chic lakove i da li vam se dopadaju? Volela bih da čujem vaše utiske! U međuvremenu možete pogledati druge dve recenzije Golden Rose Longstay proizvoda kao i Essential maskara klikom na videe ispod. Uživajte!

Više detalja o Golden Rose možete naći na: http://www.danijela-commerce.com/golden-rose/

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