Skechers Sport Kolekcija za Proleće (EVENT)

April 27, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

Početkom ove nedelje Venoma Fashion Freak tim je prisustvovao predstavljanju nove Skechers Sport Kolekcije za proleće u interesantnom prostoru Marshal Open Space-a u Cetinjskoj u Beogradu. U pitanju je inovacija od Skechersa čiji novi modeli obuće sadrže specijalnu memorijsku penu koja omogućava vrhunsku udobnost. SkechersAir obuća sa memorijskom penom je pogodna za svakodnevnicu isto kao i za sportske aktivnosti.

Na eventu smo uživali u času Hata i Aeriel joge na svili uz profesionalne instruktore, kao i u razgledanju i isprobavanju nove kolekcije Skechers obuće. Nadam se da ćemo narednim fotografijama uspeti da vam prenesemo atmosferu, kao i da ćete uživati u ovom postu!

Patike koje možete videti na mojim nogama su deo nove Skechers kolekcije sa memorijskom penom. Izuzetno su udobne, u šta možete da se uverite i sami u najbližoj radnji koja nudi Skechers obuću. Nadam se da ste uživali u današnjem postu dragi moji!

 Više informacija o novoj kolekciji:  

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5 Tips on how to look your best in your evening dress

April 25, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Dressing up for a formal event takes planning and decision-making. You have to search for the perfect dress, the shoes, and the accessories. You also have to decide on the color and style of the dress. Let’s face it, looking good takes a lot of work and will take time. To help you plan for that formal event, here are a few tips on how to look your best and not be stressed.
Dress according to your body type. Knowing your body type is important, especially when choosing an evening dress, so you will end up looking your best. If the dress fits, it doesn’t immediately mean that you should go and buy it. It should also flatter the right parts of your body and draw attention away from the unflattering areas. If you know your body type, it will be easier to choose which dress you should wear and what style you should go for. Bear in mind that there are styles that are more suitable for certain body types.
Less is best. When adding accessories, always follow the rule of simplicity. Don’t accessorize too much. In the same way, don’t forego it completely. These things should just accentuate you and your dress and not overpower. Accessories can include a clutch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, pins, brooches, and rings. Big statement jewelry does make a statement but try to avoid them if your dress already has accent jewelry or beading.
Have a dress rehearsal. Once you have finalized what you’re going to wear, have a dress rehearsal. Try on your dress, wear your shoes, and put on your accessories. If you can also do your hair and makeup then that will be much better. Even while wearing an evening dress, it is still important that you can move freely and walk properly. It will show if you’re not used to walking in very high heels or if you’re uncomfortable in your dress. Having a dress rehearsal will let you see the whole picture and whether it all works out. It also lets you know where you need to be careful and if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted.
What’s underneath. Although what you wear on the outside is what people will notice, what you wear underneath can make or break your dress. Undergarments are important for this occasion so wear undergarments that will work for you and for what you’re wearing. Check yourself from all angles and see if there’s a visible panty line that doesn’t need to be there or if wearing a piece of shapewear is really necessary. For those with a heavy top, consider if you need a bra that will provide good support before you finalize your dress.
Confidence. How you carry yourself and your dress will matter. Be confident in what you’re wearing and observe proper posture. Being comfortable in what you’re wearing will positively affect your confidence.
With these tips, you’re sure to look your best and enjoy the event. If you’re still looking for evening dresses, Terani Couture might have the inspiration that you need. Check them out today and see the many different styles you could choose from.

0 LOVELY COMMENTS: - Antivirus for Everyone

April 25, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! It is a beautiful Tuesday and I hope you are enjoying spring in your town as much as I am. It's been a while since I dedicated a post to anything technology related, so I decided to make that right with today's topic. After chatting about quite a few fashion and other helpful applications on my blog before, today we will be taking a look at something new that all of us can find useful, whether you are a PC, Mac or Android user.

Nowadays technology is everywhere and that trend is only going to continue in the future. Technology is there to make our lives easier, from smart watches and smart phones to modern systems of door locks and cars. It is everywhere and it has become a necessity in modern day life. But with technology certain risks are becoming greater. Internet and the fact that everything is connected makes you think about the security of all the information you are storing online or in your gadgets.

That's why today we will be talking about - a free antivirus for everyone that can be a solution to all your security issues. What is amazing about this antivirus is that it's compatible with pretty much everything you might be using - your android, your Mac and your PC! For example, their android antivirus app is so easy to download and use and it offers you instant protection. AVG is there to protect families and well as businesses. They offer something for everyone in their wide range of protection, performance and privacy solutions for all of their clients.

What antivirus are you using on your PC / Mac? Are you using an antivirus on your phone as well? Please share your thoughts on this topic!

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April 24, 2017 Venoma 3 Comments

Hello my lovelies! Are you a fan of velvet sportswear this season? I've been seeing it everywhere so I decided to get myself a combo in black velvet! It's something I would wear on lazy Sunday but it's quite suitable for training as well. So oversized and comfy! Enjoy the post! 

I am wearing:
Watch: Mockberg
Top and bottom:  Zaful 
Bag: Nike
Sneakers: Oasap

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Najbolje maske za lice za proleće (VIDEO)

April 21, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Uživajte u novom videu o mojim trenutno omiljenim maskama za lice!

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How to purchase quality gold teeth in 2017

April 19, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Gold teeth and grills are the latest craze in hip-hop culture. Whether it’s a sign of wealth or just a way to accessorize your body it has become a rising trend in today’s urban culture. It brings out your swag and makes you stand out amongst a sea of people. Not everyone can find the perfect grills for them. Some try but end up disappointing themselves because of not choosing the right grill to match their image. Believe it or not, purchasing quality gold teeth is not that easy. Some are very expensive while others are cheap and made with low-quality materials. But there are those that stand out, having been made of top quality materials while offering the gold teeth for cheap prices. You can’t just buy directly without doing your research, otherwise, you will regret your decision. You should be aware of companies that make grills and check out their customer feedback to get a glimpse of their product’s quality.

In purchasing quality gold teeth the first thing you need to do is to check your budget. Most companies that make grills will ask you the same. If it’s custom made they will let you select a list of the materials you want to use. So basically they will be asking how big your budget will be. Gold teeth are usually manufactured in karats of gold ranging from 10k gold up to 24k gold. If you have a small budget then 10k -18k will be the right choice for you. But if you are a big spender then you should go directly to 24k because of its unmatched color and shine. Each company has their own rates so choosing the right company is very important. The selection of the precious stones to give your smile a flashy finale is also a key factor.

Next is, know what type of gold teeth or grills you want. There are three kinds. The permanent type which cannot be removed and will need assistance from a dentist. This is the highest form of grill/golds commitment in the Grillz trend. A mouthful of precious metals and stones that are custom designed make them in the highest price range. Before putting these in your mouth you should consult a dentist for professional help. The second type is the instant type which is moldable grill covers that once fitted on your teeth they become instantly wearable and detachable. It is already made and all you have to do is make a fitting in your mouth. This type is a great choice if you want to smile brightly without replacing your teeth permanently. It is also inexpensive compared to the permanent type. The last one is the custom type where you just let the company make your own gold teeth with your personal design. It varies if you want the detachable ones or the permanent ones. The beauty of this type is that you can never have the same design with someone else. You just customize the design to get the look you want. It will also have the perfect fit for your teeth. After considering these aspects you are now ready to buy yourself quality gold teeth without regretting anything. Familiarizing yourself with the companies that make these products will give you a better advantage in making the right choice and avoid being deceived.


3 tips on how to find the best handbags online

April 18, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

Just like in anything, buying a handbag online requires consumers to be extra meticulous about dealing with sellers. This is a reminder especially for those who are trying to score designer bags with price tags that almost cost an arm and a leg. Authentic leather handbags, for instance, are quite expensive specifically when they are made of full-grain leather.

With a plethora of websites selling lovely and unique handbags at an affordable price, it may be hard to resist buying online. But how can you make sure that you get what you pay for? These tips below will give you ideas how to find the best handbags online. In order to get the value for your money and avoid any regrets in the future, keep the following things in mind when buying from online merchants.

  1. Only buy handbags from reputable sellers. Established sellers do not compromise the quality of their items. But the thing is, how will you know if a seller is legit? It would help to carefully read previous buyers’ reviews. Take into account the store’s shipping details as well as their return policy. When buying high-end bags, check if the brand has their certificate of authenticity. Now, how would you tell if a website is fake? You can easily tell by looking at the price range, contact information, and the entire look of the website. If prices are too good to be true, the contact numbers are quite shady, and the site itself looks unprofessional, then start having some doubts.
  2. Keep up with fashion trends. Read magazines or visit fashion websites. This way, you will have a reference on what kind of handbag to buy online. This is something to consider if you are the type who follows the latest trends and would not mind buying handbags from time to time. Purses and clutches are all the rage this season because some ladies just like it small. They want something fancy that will fit only the essentials like their phone, some coins, and lipstick.
  3. List down your style preference. What you’re looking forward to in spring is definitely not the same hot item in fall. So just buy what you think will make you comfortable. If you are not the type who goes after what’s hot since fashion trends come and go quickly, simply write down what you are looking for in a handbag. Save time browsing a website by filtering the results based on your preferred color, price range, and type. Do you want something that goes absolutely with everything? Consider handbags with nude colors or other natural hues.

Before confirming your order, check the handbag’s specifications and dimensions carefully. It would be much better if the website shows the inside of the bag. Also consider the fact that the color of the item may vary because some monitors either have brighter or darker colors on their screens. Color might change drastically depending on the medium used. For instance, a handbag may show different hues when viewed from a phone and a PC.


Coral Love

April 17, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

Hi dolls! I hope you all had a great Easter. Spring is in its full swing and I am quite enjoying it. I love the off-shoulder trend as much as always. I paired this coral top with grey ripped jeans and classic pumps. I hope you will enjoy it!

I am wearing:

Sunglasses: Emblem Eyewear 
Top: Zaful 
Jeans: Newyorker
Watch: Mockberg
Shoes: Bata

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Wedding Gowns On Sale Online

April 14, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

Are you looking for your wedding gown as early as now? Do you want to make sure that you will get the best quality of dress to wear at your day of matrimony? Well, you can always buy your gown the usual way and that is to stroll around bridal shops and boutiques and spend a lot of grueling hours of searching. But if you want to make sure of a relaxing and a truly rewarding shopping experience, then why consider buying your gown over the internet today experience the true value for money? Not only will you get to choose a lot of different designs in one setting, but you can shop for wedding dresses at discounted prices at any given day! Take a look at some of these wedding gowns that you can purchase online today:

If you want to dare to go for something unique at your special day, then why not choose to wear halter top wedding dresses like the one being shown here.

Not only will you stand out as a one of a kind bride for 2017, but you can also get this dress at almost 50% off the regular price if you buy it over the net.

Or how about shopping for amazing but cheap green guide wedding dresses such as this?

You’d be surprise to know how much this dress would cost at the bridal shops, but this elegant looking dress will be yours at a fraction of a cost if you buy this online.

And how about these sexy bridal gowns? And if you happen to be pregnant on your wedding day, how about these maternity wedding dresses?

Isn’t it tempting to buy this dress for yourself and never worry about the price tag? Well now you can because this dress can be yours at a reasonable price if you purchase it online today!
So if you wanna get the most out of your money without having to compromise on the quality of the wedding dress, shop for your wedding gown online today and see the big difference.


Recenzija: Mr. Black Crna Maska za Lice

April 12, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Zdravo dragi moji i dobrodošli u još jednu beauty recenziju! Ovoga puta na redu je nova maska za lice koja se nedavno pojavila na tržištu. Nadam se da ćete uživati u postu!

Tema današnjeg posta je Mr. Black Luminizing Peel-Off Black Mask odnosno Mr. Black crna piling maska za lice. Ovaj planetarno popularan proizvod je kod mene stigao pre nekoliko nedelja tako da sam iskoristila to vreme da se upoznam s njim pre nego što vam prenesem svoje utiske.

Dolazi u kartonskom pakovanju u kome se nalazi zgodna crna tuba sa 60gr proizvoda u sebi. Ovo je maska koja služi za piling, čišćenje lica i čišćenje pora, popularna ''crna maska''. Nakon otvaranja pora umivanjem toplom vodom ili tapkanjem lica toplim mokrim peškirom, ova maska se nanosi na lice u tankom sloju uz izbegavanje predela oko očiju i usana. Maska se po uputstvu drži 30 minuta na licu odnosno dok se ne stegne do kraja. Iz mog iskustva, 20 minuta je sasvim dovoljno da se maska stegne kako treba. 

Tekstura proizvoda je gelasta i brzo se na vazduhu steže. Senzacija tokom stezanja maske na licu je čudna, ali ne i neprijatna. Bilo bi najbolje da ne menjate facijalnu ekspresiju dok je koristite kako bi se maska najbolje slegla na licu. U slučaju razgovora ili menjanja facijalne ekspresije, možete osetiti zatezanje kože lica kada se maska već stegne. 

Skidanje maske se izvodi izjedna, najbolje od brade ka čelu. Prilikom skidanja maske nećete osećati bol i sam čin skidanja nema veze sa klipovima na koje ste možda naišli na internetu gde žene jako bolno skidaju neke druge crne maske sa lica. Mene skidanje ove crne maske nije bolelo i najviše podseća na uklanjanje selotejpa sa kože. Uzmite u obzir da ova maska i služi da vam očisti pore i ukloni suvišne masnoće i nečistoće. U uklanjanju nečistoća i čišćenju pora ova maska je poprilično uspešna. Posebno bih je preporučila osobama sa proširenim porama koje se često prljaju ili osobama sa masnom kožom.

Cena ove maske iznosi 1299 RSD na sajtu Mr. Black a uskoro ćete moći da je nađete i u DM radnjama širom Srbije. Jedno pakovanje vam ukoliko je koristite redovno (npr. dvaput nedeljno) iz mog iskustva može potrajati oko mesec dana.

Nikada vam ne bih preporučila da naručujete jeftinije kineske verzije ovog kozmetičkog proizvoda iz prostog razloga što su to neprovereni proizvodi koji se nanose na lice i stoga mogu izazvati niz problema. 

Više o brendu Mr. Black:

Podelite svoja iskustva sa ovom ili sličnim maskama u komentarima dragi moji!

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10 Homemade Beauty Remedies for Your Skin

April 10, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

You'd be surprised to find out that many of the ingredients found in store-bought skin remedies are found in common household pantry items, such as grapes. Homemade remedies are not only inexpensive, but they don't contain unknown chemical additives found in many products. We have rounded up some super affordable and beauty-friendly remedies, all made from things you may already have in your kitchen!  

1. Grape anti-aging Cleanser

If you want to get rid of your wrinkles and keep your skin healthy, grapes are the best. They also are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Simply blend half a cup of whole grapes, one teaspoon of olive oil, a 1/4 cup of yogurt and a tablespoon of baking soda in a blender. Apply this mixture on your face for around 20 minutes then wash off with water.

2. Avocado and Honey Moisturizer

Avocado is essentially a super food which is full of enriching with fats, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. At the same time, honey helps your skin absorb and retain moisture. Mix one whole avocado with a tablespoon of honey by mashing it up and simmering it on a low flame. Once the mixture cools, apply to the skin for around 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off.

3. Citric Acid and Baking Soda Toner

First, apply citric acid, or lemon juice, to your skin and allow to sit for five minutes. The acid will deteriorate all dead skin and other debris that has built up. Follow it up by gently exfoliate with the baking soda then thoroughly rinse it. This will remove the remaining debris, leaving your skin very soft and young.

4. Honey and Cucumber Cleanse and Moisturize.

Not only does honey help your skin absorb and retain moisture, but it removes impurities as well. Combined with cucumber's anti-inflammatory properties, it makes a great skin remedy. Mix one cup of cucumber juice with a tablespoon of honey and place the mixture on your skin for around 10 minutes. Upon washing with warm water, your skin will feel soft and moisturized.

5. Honey and Sugar Scrub

Mix two parts honey with one part sugar, then gently scrub your skin with the mixture for around 15 minutes. The sugar will exfoliate your skin while the honey helps retain moisture. These simple ingredients can be found just about anywhere, so keep this handy recipe in mind. After rinsing with warm water, your skin will be looking great and feeling brand new.

6. Coffee Ground Scrub

Because coffee grounds are very rough, they exfoliate the skin very well. On top of that, they draw out moisture. Although you may think this is counterproductive, drawing out moisture can help remove excess cellulite, improving the shine of your skin. Rub the grounds on your skin for around five minutes then rinse with warm water.

7. Milk and Honey

Fill your bathtub with warm water then place two cups of milk and half a cup of honey in the bath. Sit in this mixture for around 30 minutes and enjoy a relaxing break in your routine. Your skin will feel completely moisturized when you are done. A shower afterwards will remove any sticky residue, without negating the benefits.  

8. Almond Oil All-Over Moisturizer

Almond oil is well known for having copious amounts of vitamin E, so it makes perfect sense to use it in skin products. Obtain some pure almond oil and rub it onto your skin. Remember that a little bit goes a long way. Just allow it to completely absorb. Don't rinse with any water whatsoever. This remedy works far better compared to any lotion on the market today.

9. Oatmeal and Honey Face Mask

The oatmeal has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that will tighten your skin cells, giving your skin a toned, fresh appearance. Simmer equal amounts of honey and oatmeal for ten minutes, strain the mixture, allow to cool and apply to your skin for a full 20 minutes Make sure to completely rinse of the mixture with water.

10. Oatmeal, Sea Salt and Baking Soda Scrub

First, boil equal amounts of oats and water by volume, then strain the mixture and allow to cool. Rub your skin with equal amounts of sea salt, baking soda and water for around 20 minutes, then rinse. The exfoliating process helps prepare your skin to receive all the benefits of the oatmeal.


Combine these remedies with exercise and fun hobbies, such as crafting and sewing , hiking and other activities to balance your life, both physically and mentally. Keep in mind that there are many other homemade remedies out there. Don't be discouraged if one remedy doesn't work well, as many find much higher success in some home remedies than others, so you just have to see which one works best for you. Most importantly, you can rest knowing that these remedies use all natural ingredients, unlike some skin care products on the market today.


Empties - Potrošeni proizvodi Mart 2017 (VIDEO)

April 09, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Uživajte u novom videu!

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4 cool led shoe styles in 2017

April 08, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

They were very popular years ago among young kids, but now LED shoes have also become popular with adults. They are worn on every occasion you can think of, from birthday parties, to Christmas, and concerts. The trend has even become a hit with popular people such as Victoria Beckham, Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding, Fane Cotton, and Gok Wan. Jason Derulo wore them in one of his concerts and even Barcelona player Alex Song has been seen in his LED trainers.

Check out some of the coolest LED light up shoes that you can wear in 2017.

1. Light Up Trainers - trainers can be used every day, whether you are doing a physical activity such as sports, or just plain hanging out with your friends. These shoes come in a variety of colors from basic black to the more modern colors.

2. Wings LED Shoes Kids - kids have been enjoying glow up shoes since the 90s. They are really great to give as presents if you have children or nephews and nieces. While the wings on the shoe may not be the typical cutesy design that was seen in the first generation LED shoes, the simple wings design makes it more classic. These are shoes that will never outgrow the kid who wears them.

3, LED High Tops- high-tops have become a statement for those who would like to be seen as cool. What better way to elevate this simple shoe by adding LED lights, right? Wear them to parties or during a dance performance. It would be even better if you get your friends to buy them too. There are many colors to choose from so you can still have individual styles despite the same design.

4. LED Light Up Boots - Yes, LED lights are not just for shoes! These boots come in the classic black and brown, so it's perfect to wear during office hours. Then when you have plans to go clubbing with friends, you just need to turn on the LED lights and get ready to party!

All these shoes come with 7 color variation of lights and even some lighting modes like the strobe for a more party-like atmosphere or slow motion for a more laid back feel. One charge of the lights using a USB charger can last anywhere from 6-9 hours, plenty of time for when you want to paint the town red with your friends.

You can also be sure that with the advancement of technology, LED shoes are completely safe now compared to earlier models which had mercury in the batteries. Many if not all the newer models are also waterproof. Getting them a little wet will not cause any harm, just make sure you don’t submerge them, of course!

Bright LED shoes have all these designs and even more. They even have an ongoing sale right now, so be sure to check them out if you want to purchase your very own led light up shoes.


Hello April

April 03, 2017 Venoma 2 Comments

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday! I wish you all a fabulous week! Feel free to get your flare jeans back out from the closet this season, match them with some off-shoulder shirts and tassel details. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Hat: Oasap
Top: Zaful 
Watch: Mockberg
Jeans: Newyorker
Bag: Amiclubwear
Sneakers: Amiclubwear

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