Blue vibes

July 30, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hi dolls! Happy Monday! I wish you all a wonderful week! Today I am wearing something a bit more casual. I don't think you can go wrong with a jeans shorts in the summer matched with a loose blouse. What do you think?

I am wearing:

Shirt: SheIn 
Shorts: Oasap
Bag: Amiclubwear 
Sneakers: Oasap

What do you think of this outfit dolls? Let me know!
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Online Shopping: AfricanMall

July 25, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new fashion post! I know all of you fashionistas are always craving some fresh new online stores to satisfy your needs for having the trendiest items of the season before anyone else! That is why today we will be checking out a new store and chatting about some great fashion items and trends that everybody is going crazy about.

The online store that I recently discovered and that we will be talking about in today's post is called AfricanMall online store. It's an online shop where you can find all the trendiest items at one place, while staying on the budget on your shopping spree.

The cool thing that you notice right away about this store is how well organised it is. Depending on what you're searching for, you can go straight to that category. If you are indecisive, what's new and sale categories of this online store are the place for you.

The thing that caught my eye right away are their on going promotions of different kind that help you save a buck while shopping for fashionable items. At the moment dresses are up to 20% off, tops for women start at only 9$ and there is also a jumpsuits sale up to 20% off! I also noticed that they add up a lot of items on daily basis while keeping up with the latest fashion tendencies, so don't forget to check out their what's new section for some fresh picks.

I've been shopping for women clothing online for years and I love stores like AfricanMall that have everything at one place. They offer a large variety of clothing items. There you can find a lot of tops, skirts, swimsuits and accessories for summer. Also they offer outerwear such as coats and jackets. While shopping for a dress, you can choose to shop by style, shop by occasion or shop by color. That makes everything much easier in your search for a perfect dress.

I've been looking for some pretty long sleeve blouses and tops in general lately and I was happy to find a few in this shop that I really liked. I also fell in love with the yellow midi dress with ruffles. As you know, yellow is the color of the season.

Beside fashion items, in AfricanMall you can find some really good UNice human hair products that have really great reviews. They offer plenty of hair and hair related products such as human hair, remy hair and a wide selection of products in their wig collection. All hair products are high quality and quite adjustable to your needs when it comes to style, length and color.

What do you think about this online store concept my lovelies? Are you a fan of online shopping? What are your experiences so far when it comes to online shopping for clothes or virgin human hair? Also I want to know all about your favorite fashion trend at the moment. Feel free to share your thoughts and your experiences with me!

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July 23, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new outfit post! I wish you all a happy Monday and a successful week! Today I am rocking a floral dress with a sweetheart neckline. I wasn't a fan of sweetheart necklines when I was younger, but with age I am falling more and more in love with them and how they flatter me. I hope you'll enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Dress: Amiclubwear 
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Earrings: Zaful
Shoes: Bata

What do you think of this outfit dolls? Let me know!
Also blog birthday giveaway month is starting soon on my Instagram, so feel free to check it out and follow me to be updated about some awesome prizes I prepared for you!

Lots of love,


Japan Candy Box Unboxing + GIVEAWAY

July 22, 2018 Venoma 12 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am so happy I prepared one of my favorite posts for you today - Japan Candy Box Unboxing + International Giveaway! Isn't that awesome? As you can see, today we will be going through a gorgeous Ice Cream Carnival Japan Candy Box for month July.

As you might or might not now, Japan Candy Box is one of my favorite subscription boxes. It goes for as low as 17.90$ a month and it brings you 10 exclusive Japanese snacks every month straight to your doorstep with free shipping worldwide! 

Every month inside Japan Candy Box you can find both sweet and salty candies, seasonal and handpicked exclusive Japanese candies. So let's see what I found in latest Japan Candy Box!

As you can see, variety of candies is pretty big! There is something for everyone's taste in this box. I am always so excited to try out new flavors!

First things that caught my eye were savory snack Calbee Sapporo Potato Chips with BBQ flavor that was so much fun to try out and Baby Star Shinkansen Ramen Maru, also a fun savory snack with special edition packaging decorated with Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains. Both were tasty and interesting, great to carry in the bag and satisfy your snack cravings on the go.

Next item is Kabaya Kakigori Shaved Ice Gummies (yes, you've read it right!). It was something completely new for me, soon as I never tried shaved ice before. You get this candy when you cover a cup of shaved ice with a sweet, flavored syrup. On the right you can see Fujiya Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate, a true treat for every fan of mint chocolates. It's a special limited edition summer collaboration. Packaging is very practical and pieces of chocolate are separately wrapped inside. I enjoyed sharing this candy with my loved ones.

And here are some of the pocket candies ideal for both you and your kids! Glico Caplico Mini Ice Cream Snack is super cute candy that doesn't melt like ice cream but has ice cream flavor, allowing you to enjoy it on a hot summer day. Coris Cola & Soda Soft Candy is a rope shaped candy with two layers that taste like cola and soda! A great treat for all Cola fans. 

Coris Hiyarinko Ice Gum contains icy gumballs with a harder outer shell filled with softer and cooling xylitol. They were super fun to try out and they also refresh your breath! And maybe one of the coolest experiences of this box was Yaokin Little Gang Popping Candy. This candy brought me back to my childhood, soon as they don't make these anymore around here. It's a fruit flavored crackling candy powder on an ice cream! I had so much fun with this one!

And for last I saved two of my favorites from this edition of Japan Candy box. First is Koala's March Biscuits Soft Ice Cream. These biscuits are popular all over Asia, and it's pretty clear why. They are soft but crunchy and filled with super tasty cream! This is a limited edition with ice cream flavor, that can also be eaten frozen for a unique experience!

Last but not least, I really loved Meiji Panda Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks. These biscuit sticks come with a chocolate cream and candy sprinkle dips and I just couldn't get enough! Every stick is decorated with pandas and Japanese words. This was my favorite candy of the box.

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing my lovelies! If you are also a fan of Japanese candy or you are in the mood to try out something new, make sure to check out Japan Candy Box and see all the great boxes and programs they offer. In the meantime, we have prepared a giveaway for you where one lucky winner will receive a Japan Candy Box for free! Feel free to enter below! 
There is 15 ways to enter this giveaway. More entries mean higher chance to win! Giveaway is international and will last until 10th August when winner will be picked at random. Good luck my lovelies!

Lots of love,


Recenzija: Avon Epic Lip + Transformer

July 20, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Zdravo dragi moji i dobrodošli u još jednu beauty recenziju! Danas ćemo zajedno razgledati novitete iz Avona koje sam u proteklih mesec dana imala prilike da testiram. Novi proizvodi o kojima ćemo pričati su Avon Epic Lip ruž za usne i Avon Epic Lip Transformer za usne koji je tu da bilo koji ruž za usne transformiše u metalik. Za vas sam pripremila i swatch-eve ovih proizvoda i nadam se da ćete uživati u postu!

Avon Epic Lip ruž za usne dolazi u elegantnoj crnoj kutijici u kojoj se nalazi proizvod interesantnog dizajna gde je otvarač od ruža prekriven mark logom. Sam ruž sadrži 3.6 grama što je optimalna gramaža za ruževe ovog tipa, a rok upotrebe je tri godine od datuma proizvodnje. Avon Epic Lip dolazi u nekoliko petnaestak nijansi među kojima dominiraju roze, crveni i nude tonovi. 

Avon Mark Epic Lip Sweet Tafty Lip Swatch

Sam ruž je solidne tvrdoće i izuzetno lagan za nanošenje. Nijansa koju sam imala prilike da isprobam i koju vidite na fotkama je Sweet Tafty. U pitanju je lagani ruž koji ne osećate na usnama. Takođe se ne skida tako lako kao što sam očekivala, tako da obezbeđuje finu postojanost. Ukoliko ga nosite ceo dan, možda će biti neophodne korekcije posle jela.

Cena Avon Epic Lip ruža iznosi povoljnih 399 RSD i možete ga naći u aktuelnim Avon katalozima.

Avon Epic Lip Transformer je najnoviji Avon proizvod koji se pridružuje metalik maniji. Njegova glavna namena je da transformiše svaki ruž u metalik, a može se nositi i samostalno. Dolazi u sličnom pakovanju kao i Avon Epic Lip ruž, samo u kombinaciji bele i crne boje na pakovanju. Možete ga naći u tri verzije: 1 Holografski sjaj, 2 pink blistavo i 3 svetlucavno zlatno u zavisnosti od toga koji efekat želite da postignete. Sam proizvod sardži 3.6 grama.

Avon Epic Lip Sweet Tafty + Avon Epic Lip Transformer Holografski Sjaj

Nijansa koju sam imala prilike da isprobam je 1 Holografski sjaj. Kada se koristi samostalno, Avon Epic Lip Transformer se ponaša kao nešto između labela i svetlucavog hidrantnog sjaj za usne. Ova nijansa stvarno deluje holografski i ima ljubičast odsjaj sa puno sjaja i malo sitnih šljokica. Kada sam ga nanela preko Avon Epic Lip Sweet Tafty nisam primetila značajnu razliku s obzirom da ruž već obiluje visokim sjajem, ali kada se nanese preko mat ruža, pretvara ga u metalik. Ne rastvara mat karmin ispod sebe, samo dodaje sjajni sloj preko. Ovaj topper će vam ostati na čaši, tako da za potpun celodnevni efekat možete ga ponovo aplikovati po potrebi. 

Avon Epic Lip Transformer Holografski Sjaj Lip Swatch

Potpuno mat karmin levo / Potpuno mat karmin + Avon Epic Lip Transformer Holografski Sjaj desno

Cena Avon Epic Lip Trasformera iznosi 399 RSD i možete ga naći u aktuelnim Avon katalozima.

Isprobavanje ovih proizvoda mi je bilo jako zabavno i nadam se da sam uspela da vam prenesem svoje utiske. Ukoliko ste ih probali, pišite mi!

Do sledećeg posta,
vaša Venoma

*proizvodi prikazani u postu su dobijeni od proizvođača/uvoznika/pr-a, što ne utiče na objektivnost ove recenzije. Svi utisci i mišljenja su objektivna i lično moja.


Sexy dresses by

July 18, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am so happy to share with you some of my latest fashion discoveries. I know that all of you are looking for new online stores where you can shop the latest fashion trends at affordable prices, and I found a new online store to share with you today that I believe you guys will enjoy. In case you are a fashionista just like me, then keep on reading!

I recently discovered a new online store called Girlmerry and that is an online shop where you can find everything you might need for upcoming season. They offer a large variety of fashion clothing, everything from tops and jumpsuits, over swimwear and lingerie to wholesale dresses. Today I decided to chat a little bit more with you about their huge offer of summer dresses of all designs, colors and lengths. If you are looking for a dress for any occasion, this might be the right store for you.

I picked out a few of my personal favorites when it comes to cheap sexy dresses from this online store and you can see those on the photos in this post. I really like the yellow color for summer and I believe it's a dominant trendy color of the season. When you incorporate it with small patterns, it looks even better on a dress. 

Second favorite is blushed pink midi dress with an exceptional waistline that makes it look flattering on every body type. I am in love with this model of dresses this season, and I just love the blushed pink and the gentleness that comes with it.

What do you think about this store my lovelies? Any favorites that you picked out? What kind of dresses are you wearing this summer? Feel free to let me know as always!

Lots of love,


Long Lace Dress

July 16, 2018 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my lovelies! I wish you all a happy Monday! Today I prepared for you what I love the most: an outfit post with a long lace gown! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I am wearing:

Dress: Novashe 
Shoes: Bata
Earrings: Zaful 
Watch: Mockberg

What do you think of this outfit dolls? Let me know!

Lots of love


Natural Wave Hair by

July 11, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another beauty post! I am very excited to share with you today a brand new online store that I recently discovered where you can get all the coolest hair related beauty items that you might need to be the trendiest girl in your town this summer. I know you all love a good recommendation for an online store where you can get high quality products at affordable price, so keep on reading!

Today I will be sharing you a new online corner I recently found out about called WigginsHair. It's an online store with a huge variety of hair and hair related products. There you can find everything from Brazillian and virgin hair, natural wave hair, hair bundles of all sorts, as well as the latest trends of colored ombre and blonde hair, all the way to different kinds of wigs for each and every occasion. 

The best part about shopping for human hair bundles with frontal in this store is their large variety of products, all made out of high quality natural hair. You can choose how many bundles do you want, what length your bundle will be, as well as any type of style from wavy to curly or straight. 

Also don't miss out on their promotion section and their current summer promotion that goes up to 30% off on selected products! Their hot summer sale is pretty amazing!

I shared with you on the photos in this post some of my favorite products from this store and how they look when real life girls wear them so you can get the best impression possible. 

What are your favorite products from this store my lovelies? Do you shop for human hair bundles with closure and other hair products online? Feel free to share your experiences!

Until my next post,