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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new fashion post! I got so many questions recently about hottest trends in the fashion industry right now, so that is why today we will be chatting about some relevant tendencies on the runways and in street-style around the world. Are you looking for inspiring summer jumpsuits? Maybe some sandals and swimwear as well? Then keep on reading this post! We will also keep it affordable so you can get the latest designs while saving a buck!

Summer is around the corner so that is why I choose this topic for today. I will be presenting you with a new online store that I recently discovered called Maxinina. It is an online shop where you can shop for all your summer essentials. They offer everything and anything when it comes to tops, bottoms, accessories, dresses for summer, shoes and beachwear as well! Make sure to check out their New In section for all the latest products and their Hot sale section if you are looking for a good bargain.

What I like the most about jumpsuits is how simple and elegant they are. They come in long and short versions, depending on if you're going to the beach or running casual daily errands, or if you need them for a special occasion such as parties and weddings. They come in a variety of designs and colors schemes so you can always find something for yourself no matter what kind of style are you into at the moment.

Make sure to check out other sections on their website in case you are looking for something like women's casual pants. They have so many interesting models that you can choose from. Pants make your life easier and your movement more flexible during your everyday activities. Let me know what are your favorite products from this store my lovelies! Share your thoughts!

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Spring Skater Dresses by

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! It's been rainy around here these days but I am writing this post in hope that soon we will be having warm and sunny spring weather back. And what is more ideal for that moment than checking out all the latest fashion trends around the globe? I invite you to take another journey with me into the world of online shopping where we will check out together all the latest fashion tendencies!

When it comes to spring dresses, lace skater dress type of dresses are pretty much my favorite. There are so many different designs you can choose from when it comes to spring dresses. My current favorites are the dresses with polka dots, dresses with transparent details, and let us not forget all the wonderful spring floral prints you can take advantage of! The colors currently trending are yellow, orange, deep blue and most of all, white!

The online store where I found all these interesting items for upcoming season is called Cicilookshop and it's definitely an online corner you might want to check out if you are looking for fresh pieces inspired by designer fashion. They currently offer 10% off your first order as well as free shipping worldwide for any order over 59$. Isn't that great?

Another item that everyone has been obsessing about this season are of course sexy jumpsuits for women! Jumpsuits have taken control of the main stage of fashion trends and everybody seems to be wearing one lately. Me personally love wearing a good and fancy jumpsuit out for a special occasion. I love them in one color as well as with prints all over them, I think they are super elegant and sexy!

I picked out a few products from this store that caught my eye and you can check them out on the photos in this post!

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Golden Rose Karavan na preko 50 lokacija u Srbiji

Dobrodošli dragi moji u novi beauty post! Ovoga puta imam za vas pravu poslasticu - jedan od mojih omiljenih drogerijskih brendova Golden Rose ponovo organizuje svoj Golden Rose Karavan! Ako niste ranije čuli za ovo dešavanje, evo o čemu se radi: u Golden Rose karavanu koji će biti dostupan na preko 50 lokacija širom Srbije možete pogledati, testirati i pazariti sve vaše omiljene Golden Rose proizvode. Takođe možete se upoznati sa svim novitetima uz pomoć ljubaznih promoterki, kao i dobiti savete za šminkanje i besplatno promotivno šminkanje Golden Rose proizvodima na licu mesta od strane Golden Rose tima profesionalnih šminkera. 

Lično sam posetila Golden Rose Karavan na Kalemegdanu pre nekoliko dana i sjajno sam se provela sa njihovim timom! Sa sobom sam odnela svoje omiljene proizvode (da li sam pomenula da su cene u Golden Rose Karavanu povoljnije nego u drogerijama?) kao i savršen dnevni makeup za koji je zaslužna njihova makeup umetnica.

A tu je i bonus - za dva kupljena Golden Rose proizvoda dobijate na poklon mini ruž za usne, za tri kupljena proizvoda dobijate na poklon senku za oči, a za četiri i više kupljenih proizvoda čekaju vas poklončići u vidu maske za podočnjake, senke za oči i mini ruža za usne!

Mapu kretanja Golden Rose karavana kao i dodatne informacije možete naći na sajtu kako biste i same ugrabile priliku da šopingujete svoje favorite i bolje se upoznate sa Golden Rose proizvodima.

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vaša Venoma

Leopard Skirt

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I know I am a day late, but luckily I did pre-shoot some outfit ideas before all this rain and storms started. This is a perfect spring ootd that you can use with heel or flats at any time of the day and for any casual occasion. I hope you'll enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear
Skirt: SheIn (here) use code 2Milica5 ( 5eur off of order 55eur on European SheIn site)
Heels: Bata

What do you think dolls? Let me know!

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Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses 2019

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to my blog. I know that as every fashionista out there, you are most certainly always paying attention to your outfit when it comes to special occasions such as proms, weddings, cocktail parties and similar events. That is why I just love sharing fashion related news and new stores I discover with you on my blog. I prepared for you today a brand new store offering beautiful sexy bridesmaid dresses and similar dress products. I hope you will enjoy the post!

The store we are talking about today is called Suzhouse dress and maybe you have already heard of it somewhere online. It offers a large variety of dresses for every occasion and among those you can find many bridesmaid dresses that you might like. I love the current trends when it comes to dresses that are coming straight from the runways of the world fashion centers. 

I just love all the crazy ideas nowadays that brides get when it comes to dressing their favorite friends and cousins as bridesmaids. I feel like it's very important to keep in mind different body shapes that your bridesmaids might have so you can adjust the dress design and maybe even dress color to that. You can even match their hairstyles!

What are your favorites when it comes to dresses for such special occasions such as being a bridesmaid my lovelies? Feel free to let me know how you feel about mine on the photo above and please share yours with me so we can discuss them! What are your favorite colors when it comes to bridesmaid dresses? Let me know!

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