The Red Dress

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another outfit post! We're on schedule as always! ^^ I am so happy to share with you this beautiful outfit starring this stunning red dress that I fell so hard for. I was so skeptical at first because these kind of dresses usually didn't fit me to well, but this one.. I am so amazed with how it looks and how it fits me. The high slit is everything. I hope you'll enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Earrings: Dresslily
Shoes: Bata
Fur coat: Irisie

Lots of love,

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Pixi Beauty Eye Reflection Shadow Palettes Review

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another beauty review! I am so happy to share with you something brand new today. I got a chance to try out a makeup product from Pixi Beauty for the first time! Pixi Beauty is a cosmetics and makeup brand from UK that has all those eye-catching products that you see on Instagram. I was so excited to receive their latest eyeshadow palettes and test them out for you!

The palettes we will be testing out today are called Pixi Eye Reflection Shadow Palettes and we got two on our hands: Natural Beauty and Reflex Light. Also there is a brand new set of brushes (find more here) that I loved so much and that were great for application and blending of these and any other eyeshadows.

First I'll tell you about Pixi Beauty Eye Reflection Shadow Palette called Natural Beauty (find it here). As you can see on the photos, it contains 12 absolutely adorable shades that go so well with each other. They are made to help you achieve soft daily looks or smokey evening looks. 4 shades are completely matte while 2 are with small glitter and other 6 just seem like pressed glitter to me - so sparkly! All shades swatch greatly - I inserted a photo with and without flash for you to see. They apply just as nicely on the eyes and blend with ease.

The second palette is called Pixi Beauty Eye Reflection Shadow Palette - Reflex Light (find it here). As the previous one, it contains 12 beautiful shades but this time they are all super sparkly and glittery. This is an ideal palette if you like your eye look to be noticed on the night out. There are plenty of pink and copper shades that mix so well together. All shades swatch greatly - I inserted a photo with and without flash for you to see. They apply just as nicely on the eyes and blend with ease. There are many creative looks you can achieve with this one.

I really hope you enjoyed my review babes! The additional info I have for you is that these eyeshadow palettes are available online at Pixi site and cost 24$ each and there is also a third palette Mixed Metals in this collection with more pinkish shades. 

P.S. here's a soft daily smokey look made with Natural Beauty palette.

Let me know what you think of these beauties and other Pixie products!

Lots of love,

Popular Blouses by Luvyle

Hello my darlings! Happy Wednesday! Isn't it a lovely spring day today? Also, today I have prepared for you one ''casual wear shopping'' post in my ''online shopping section'' that I really hope you are going to like! We will be discussing trends for upcoming season when it comes to blouses and dresses, as well as heels and other footwear, because that is what every fashionista's must have! Here we go!

The online store I recently discovered where you can find a wide range of fashion garments is called Luvyle and there you can find all the trendy it items for the upcoming season. They sell everything from tops, skirts, jeans, dresses, swimwear, cheap blouses, as well as different kind of footwear and accessories to match any outfit you can imagine. 

We have been discussing so many short dresses and casual t-shirts and blouses lately, but we didn't discuss just as important part of an elegant outfit - the shoes! So today I think it would be good for us to remember how good sexy women in heels look like and not forget to get ourselves a killer pair of heels or wedges. Stiletto shoes are such a perfect classic for me that there is nothing that I find a woman needs to have in her closet more than a pair of sexy high heel stiletto shoes with a matching killer short dress or a classy white blouse.

I picked out some products for you to check out in this post as I always do with my fashion posts. I hope you will like my personal picks! What do you think about shopping online for the trendiest items of the season my lovelies? Have you heard of this store before? What are your experiences with online shopping so far? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,

Recenzija: Avon Encanto Irresistible linija proizvoda za negu

Zdravo dragi moji i dobrodošli u novu beauty recenziju - prvi utisak o novim proizvodima na tržištu! Danas ćemo zajedno razgledati novu Avon Encanto Irresistible liniju proizvoda za negu tela. Malina, sveža frezija i slatki suncokret daju inovativnu mirisnu notu i dugotrajnost ovim proizvodima. U ovoj liniji proizvoda možete naći Avon Encanto Irresistible losion za telo od 250ml, Avon Encanto Irresistible sprej za telo od 100 ml, Avon Encanto Irresistible kremu za ruke od 30ml, Avon Encanto Irresistible ulje za kupanje od 100 ml i Avon Encanto Irresistible toaletnu vodu od 50ml. Odlična stvar je što, kao i uvek, možete protrljati stranicu aktuelnog Avon kataloga kako biste osetili miris ovih proizvoda pre kupovine.

Nedavno sam za vas testirala nekoliko proizvoda iz Avon Encanto Irresistible seta. Pre svega mi je pažnju privukla Avon Encanto Irresistible toaletna voda koja dolazi u simpatičnom pakovanju od 50ml. U kartonskoj kutiji se nalazi kompaktna drečavo roze bočica, idealna za nošenje u torbi. Sam miris je jak, slatkast, ali ne i težak. Dugo se zadržava na koži i po mom mišljenju dobar je i za svakodnevne i za večernje prilike. Cena Avon Encanto Irresistible toaletne vode iznosi 1199 RSD.

Sledeći proizvod koji sam testirala je Avon Encanto Irresistible losion za telo. Nalazi se u simpatičnom drečavo roze plastičnom pakovanju sa pumpciom koje sadrži izdašnih 250 ml proizvoda. Posebne poene dajem za stoper na vrhu koji sprečava otvaranje proizvoda u transpostu. Losion je bele boje i lako se razmazuje na koži. Parfemski miris se oseća samo incijalno i ne ostaje na koži. Miris koji možete osetiti na koži više miriše na ''čisto'' ili neku običnu kremu za ruke, u svakom slučaju, prijatan je. Losion se upija u roku od tridesetak sekundi, ostavlja kožu svilenkastom i ne ostavlja masni trag za sobom. Cena Avon Encanto Irresistible losiona za telo iznosi 799 RSD.

Poslednji proizvod koji sam testirala za vas je Avon Encanto Irresistible krema za ruke. Samo pakovanje je divno dizajnirano, u roze kartonskoj kutijici se nalazi siva tubica sa 30ml proizvoda. Dizajn, a i kvalitet ovog proizvoda, me podsećaju na mnogo skuplje L'occitane kreme za ruke. Kremica je prijatnog cvetnog mirisa, lako se razmazuje i upija. Na samom pakovanju piše da pruža 48h nege, ali ja je mažem jednom dnevno zbog čestog pranja ruku i radi odličan posao. Cena Avon Encanto Irresistible kreme za ruke je povoljnih 319 RSD.

Osim Avon Encanto Irresistible linije proizvoda za negu, tu je i Avon Encanto Fascinating linija proizvoda koja sadrži iste proizvode, ali sa drugačijim, malo manje slatkim i malo više svežim mirisom. Cena Avon Encanto Irresistible ili Fascinating seta od svih pet proizvoda (toaletna voda, losion za telo, ulje za kupanje, krema za ruke i sprej za telo) u aktuelnom katalogu iznosi 3399 RSD, a proizvode možete kupiti i pojedinačno.

Da li ste probale Avon Encanto proizvode drage moje? Javite mi ako jeste!

Do sledećeg posta,
vaša Venoma

Black Jumpsuit

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to my new outfit post! As you can see, we are back on schedule with outfit posts every Monday (at least for now). A lot of things is happening in my life and I am giving my best to stay positive, on schedule and achieving my goals. In the meantime I am exploring jumpsuits as options for special occasion outfits. I hope you are having a good one and I hope you'll enjoy this post!

I am wearing:
Jumpsuit: Dropship Clothes (here)
Bag: Banggood
Heels: Bata
Earrings: Dresslily
Hair coloring: Ugljessa
Makeup on my eyes: Pixi Beauty 

What do you think about jumpsuits in this statement black color my lovelies? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

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