New In: Dresslily

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my newest post! Today you will get to see everything I ordered from an online store called Dresslily! You already got to see some of these in my outfits, but I wanted to sum it up for you together with some other items I ordered from Dresslily. Enjoy! :)

Hooded Dress: Dresslily (here)

Flower towels: Dresslily (here) (here)

Set of rose towels: Dresslily (here)

The hooded dress that you saw on the first pics is super high quality and quite an IT piece of the season. It is done so nicely and fits so well, I am in love with it! Second we have super cute kitchen flower towels that I fell in love with. They are pretty sensitive so treat them with care so they can last you longer. And last, a set of towels in rose color. They are great for both trips because they are very light and at home for regular usage. Set includes one towel for the face, one medium for hands and one full body towel and that price is quite a bargain. You should also treat them gently and wash on lower temperatures.

Let me know what do you think about Dresslily and my picks dolls!

Lots of love
Venoma Kleider

Guten Morgen meine Lieblinge! Ich hoffe dass Sie einen schönen sonnigen Tag haben, wie ich. Seien Sie nicht überrascht sein, dass ich in Deutschland diesen Post schreibe. Deutsch ist eine meiner Lieblingsfremdsprache. Ich hoffe dass Sie genießen.

 Ich habe heute einen neuen Posten für Sie vorbereitet und wie Sie sehen können, werden wir über unser Lieblingsthema sprechen: Kleid Mode! Wir sprechen heute über Abendkleider, Brautkleider, Cocktailkleider, Festliche Kleider und Abiballkleider.

Auf dieser Seite MiaBerlin, ich habe einige erstaunliche Hochzeitskleider gefunden, die ich mich sofort verliebt habe. Ich habe so viele schöne Designs ausgecheckt, von langen weißen Kleidern mit Spitze zu kurzen verspielten Partykleidern. Die neuesten Designs nach allen Trends finden Sie hier. Alles, was eine moderne Braut braucht, findet sich hier. Ich habe auch etwas Schönes ausgecheckt – Kommunionkleider. Sie sind einfach so entzückend! Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß beim Betrachten.

Wie Sie auf den Fotos in meinem Post sehen können, ich habe einige meiner Favoriten ausgewählt. Es war schwer, weil es so viele tolle Kleider Designs auf dieser Seite gibt. Aber ich mochte mehr als die anderen.

Was denken Sie über diese Seite? Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Favoriten mit. Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Favoriten mit!

mit Liebe,

StyleWe Party Dresses

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to my blog! Today I prepared for you a light post in the name of gorgeous spring that is upon us! It's sunny here, we're all in a good mood and happy to start browsing all the fashionable up-and-coming spring trends and according fashion goodies that we might need to stay on our style point in the upcoming season. I really hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing this post for you.

Today I will be sharing with you my favorites from one of my dearest stores, StyleWe. As you know, StyleWe doesn't sell just any clothes, but designer pieces made with care to fit all your fashion needs and make your style differ from other people's style. I've been checking out their spring section, new in, rompers for sale, but most of all, sexy party dresses, soon as I might be in the need of some very soon. 

Among many trends that settled in when it comes to party dresses such as two piece dresses, nude long gowns with a lot of sparkle and so on, I must admit that royal blue party dress is something I personally believe you can't go wrong with. It is a fashion statement by itself and it doesn't need much accessories to go with it.

Also I noticed during this year's Oscar red carpet that white and nude colors when it comes to gowns have taken over the world. That's why I believe sexy white party dresses will be a huge hit in the upcoming season. Only the daredevil girls can pull them off but luckily they are so easy to wear - you can match them with any shoes or bag color!

Let me know what do you think about my thoughts on upcoming trends and my favorites from StyleWe store my lovelies.

Lots of love,

New In: Zaful

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today you will get to see everything I ordered from Zaful online store recently! You already got to see these in my outfits, but I wanted to sum it up for you :)

Sweater: Zaful (here)

Sweatshirt: Zaful (here)

Skirt: Zaful (here)

All of these items arrived from Zaful in one package, nicely wrapped individually inside it. This is one of those stores that give you quite nice price to quality ratio. My favorite item was the red sweater from the first photo - I've been wearing it ever since!

You can find Zaful coupon codes HERE, while you can follow them on Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest and Google+.

What do you think about Zaful store and these items dolls? Let me know!

Lots of love

Tassel Boots

Hello dolls! Welcome to my new post! We are actually transitioning from winter to spring these days and it's very fun soon as I am not freezing lately as I did over the last few months. In the name of that, today I'm sharing with you one cozy winter to spring outfit. There are some new items in it that I hope you will like. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Sunglasses: Amiclubwear (here)
Hat: Newchic (here)
Top: FashionMia
Jeans: Newyorker
Bag: Amiclubwear (here)
Boots: Amiclubwear (here)

Share your thoughts!

Lots of love