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Hello my darlings and welcome to my brand new blog post! I hope you are having a good one and that this post is going to make it even better for you! Today we will be exploring some new fashion tendencies when it comes to most popular fashion accessories. And no, it's not jewelry that we are talking about today - it's something you have already seen a while ago on my blog in some outfits posts and you loved it! Can you guess what it is? 

Today we will be talking about eye-wear and cat eye glasses! When it comes to prescription glasses, as you might know, I've been wearing them for a very long time and I love to play with different frames and prints on the frames just to keep it all fashionable and as trendy as possible. 

We are currently running on a trend of cat eye frames that are popular all around the globe. Cat eye glasses used to be something that looked pretty vintage and retro with that everlasting glamour that Audrey Hepburn had when she used to wear a pair of cat eyeglasses together with a small black dress in some of her most famous movies.

Cat eyeglass never lost its charm since. I had so much fun browsing some of the popular and modern cat inspired eyeglasses frames at Zeelool online store where you can choose among many colors and prints on these kind of frames.

Are you a fan of this kind of eyeglasses my lovelies? What is your favorite shape when it comes to glasses in general? Do you pay attention to eyeglasses trends? Feel free to let me know your opinions on this topic!

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Popular Jewelry for Spring by

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new fashion post! As you fashionistas are very well aware of, winter is almost over and spring is almost here! I always found the spring to be the right moment to do a research about new fashion trends, especially when it comes to jewelry and accessories trends that will be relevant in seasons to come. I've been doing my own research both online and offline where I found so many interesting information about upcoming jewelry trends.

Today I wanted to tell you about an online store I recently discovered where you can get pretty much anything that is jewelry and accessories related. This online store is called and I had so much fun browsing it and checking out newest jewelry tendencies on it. They offer the trendiest wholesale jewelry out there.

I checked out the news when it comes to different shape of earrings that are currently trending when it comes to fashion runways but also casual fashion week streetstyle and I discovered that earring loops are making a comeback this season and I must admit I love it! Check out more earrings here:

What I also keep loving from season to season is the evolution of necklaces and pedants for necklaces. Sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more, but with a statement necklace in my opinion you can never go wrong. You can go from five layers necklace to a simple chain necklace with one pedant and still be trendy right now. Feel free to check out more necklaces here:

What do you think about these jewelry trends my lovelies? Do you shop for your jewelry online? Let me know what do you think about this store and their products! Feel free to share your thoughts!

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Eyeglasses Frames for your face shape

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today I prepared a special topic for you that I believe we need to discuss! As you might know about me, I am a proud prescription glasses owner. My glasses have been with me most of my life and when I was small it used to bother me, but as I grew older I realized that there is no better fashion statement than a good pair of glasses! That is when I started to play around with different trends and ideas that made me and my glasses look way more cool!

The best way to make your glasses chic and trendy and take the whole thing to a next level is most certainly choosing the right one for you when it comes to eyeglasses frames. You can always check out what type of a frame does your favorite celebrity wear, but I would strongly suggest that you stay guided by your face shape when it comes to choosing the right frame for yourself. 

For example, if you have an oval face shape, you might be best off with small or medium round or square frames. For a round face shape the best suggestion is angular and square frames. In case you have heart shaped face the best for you would be oval or round frame. But when it comes to glasses frames for women with a diamond face shape, it would be good to pick a frame with a strong brow line. And of course, round faces go well with oval and rounded frames. Check out more at Zeelool store!

What do you think about these glasses my lovelies? Do you wear glasses? Are you into fashionable eyeglasses frames? Let me know what you are thinking about this topic!

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New In: Skechers D'Lite Ultra Sneakers

Zdravo dragi moji i dobrodošli u novi post! Danas sa vama delim neke nove stvarčice u kojima odnedavno izuzetno uživam. Primetili ste možda da nam je sa prolećem stigao i ''ugly sneakers'' ili ''dad sneakers'' trend koji je zavladao pistama i ulicama od revije Luj Vitona pa nadalje. Jedan baš takav par patika vas čeka u današnjem postu. 

Naime, u pitanju su Skechers D'Lite Ultra, fenomenalne džombaste bele patike (koje možete naći i u drugim bojama) sa fantastičnim glitter detaljima sa strane. Ove patike poseduju Air-Cooled Memory Foam sistem koji pruža neverovatnu udobnost, prilagođavanje stopalu ali i neometan protok vazduha kroz patiku. Dizajnirane u Los Anđelesu, ove patike su spas za svakog fašionistu koji želi biti u trendu, a ne žrtvovati udobnost. Uživajte u fotkama!

Patike: Skechers
Mrežaste čarapice sa mašnicama: Gamiss (here)

Kako vam se dopadaju?

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Popular Training Tumbling Mats by Airtrackzone

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today I decided to add some diversity to my usual blog posts and go straight for a topic we haven't discussed in a while. As you all know, spring is almost here and winter is almost over, which makes me feel very joyful. But at the same time, it reminds me that I need to start taking better care of my body after the holidays. So, beside the usual corrections in my diet, physical activity is just as important.

The online store where I found some super fun items that can be used for sports and exercise is called AirTrackZone. It's an online store where you can find a lot of inflatable products. I went through so many of them for different uses and sports, but I particularly liked Cool blue gray airtrack air track gymnastics mat with size 6x1.85x0.1m . I love that it all can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Recently I've been researching online for fun ways to exercise and stay fit. I found many great options including tumble track mats that seem like so much fun to me. They can be used for basic training as well as many different exercise demands you might be in the need of. They are made to help you maintain a healthy body shape and stay fit at any time of the year soon as they can be used indoors as well as outdoors because of their long lifespan. The best part is that you can use a tumble track mat to float on the water soon as it is completely waterproof, so beside exercise, you can use it to rest and chill with friends during summer days on the beach or pool. The best part about these mats is that they are also affordable and easy to use. Within seconds you can put it up by inflating, and that is how long it takes to deflate it too. There is also two-year warranty on these products. Feel free to check out their mini airtrack as well. They come in multiple colors and you can also customize it to fit your needs.

What do you think about these inflatable products my lovelies? Do you love using inflatable mats for exercise or pleasure? Do you shop for them online? Feel free to let me know!

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