Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SheInside Favorites + Publisher Program

Hello my lovelies! Happy Wednesday! Today we are checking out my favorites from SheInside in an interesting elegant combo:

Dress        Earrings        Heels

And also what I would love to present to you is SheInside Publisher Program!
If you are a fashion blogger or own your own website or blog, the SheInside publisher program is the right thing for you! There are two types of collaboration:
1. Per order - 10% commission per order
2. By sign-up - 0.3$ per sign up

You can gain profit in three following ways:

1. Earn money by sharing SheInside promotion (15$ with each promotion if you bring enough readers/orders)

2. You can also share SheInside collages or some similar posts, you get 10% commissions of purchase you bring.

3. In additions,The sheinside publisher program always launches some activities which you can get bonus $10 or  apparels from giveaway  monthly.

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Lots of love,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Snapmade Valentine's day giveaway

Hello lovelies! Here's some great news for you!, new store on the block that can print anything you like on pretty much anything you want it to be printed on, is hosting a special Valentine's day giveaway!

Here's what you got to do to win 20$ cash coupon, no limitation:

1. Go to their facebook page HERE

2. Share their giveaway post and comment on it ''I want!''

That's it! They will contact you via facebook message and all enered Snapmaders will get their gifts!

This giveaway will last until 31.01. so hurry up dolls!

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Lots of love,
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