Recenzija: Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfem

Dobrodošli u moj novi post dragi moji! Danas ćemo ćaskati o novitetu u liniji Avon parfema za proleće - u pitanju je Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfem iz novog prolećnog kataloga. Uveliko poznati originalni Avon Little Black Dress se već dugo nalazi na listi omiljenih parfema mnogih dama, a ove sezone imamo priliku da isprobamo novu interesantnu verziju tog parfema.

Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfem karakteriše mirisna nota korzikanskog limuna, cveta narandže i indonežanskog pačulija, a napravljen je tako da se slaže uz vašu neobaveznu šik haljinu. U samom katalogu se nalazi mirisna stranica na kojoj možete testirati ovaj miris. Dolazi u elegantnoj crno-zlatnoj kartonskoj kutijici u kojoj se nalazi bočica od 50ml. U ponudi su takođe i mini miris od 10ml i losion za telo od 150ml iz iste linije.

Sama mirisna nota je citrusna i jaka. U pitanju je parfem koji je po mom mišljenju idealan za svaki poseban događaj, odlazak na večeru ili noćni izlazak, a dame koje vole jače mirise ga mogu nositi i preko dana. U prvih nekoliko sati nakon nanošenja parfem se intenzivno oseća, ali nije ''težak'' i ne guši. Dugotrajnost mu je otprilike 6-7 sati prilikom obavljanja svakodnevnih aktivnosti. Ukoliko ste probali i dopala vam se originalna verzija Avon Little Black Dress parfema, sva je šansa da će vam se dopasti i nova Weekend verzija ovog mirisa.

Cena Avon Little Black Dress Weekend parfema iznosi 999 RSD u aprilskom katalogu u sklopu promotivne akcije ''Bilo koji parfem u pola cene'', dok je regularna cena ovog parfema 2070 RSD.

P.S. ovom prilikom možete osvojiti haljinu Ane Ljubinković uz pomoć nagradne aktivacije ''Mala crna haljina na tvoj način'' na sajtu . Nadam se da ćete se zabaviti!

Da li ste probale ovaj parfem drage moje? Šta mislite o Avonovim parfemima i koji vam je omiljeni?

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Popular Lingerie by Rosegal

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I wish you all a happy Wednesday and I hope you are enjoying this spring day as well as I am. Today I picked a special topic to chat about with you and I hope you will like it soon as I really enjoyed writing this post for you and picking out some cute items to share with you in it.

In every women's wardrobe there is a special section dedicated to lingerie that we all pay special attention to. When it comes to shopping for lingerie online, following trends is as important to me as comfort and affordable prices. I found plenty of items that fit that description in online store Rosegal where you can also get a wide range of clothing as well as accessories and jewelry among other products.

What I found to be most popular among women this season is the trend of flattering lingerie dresses that you can wear around the house during these warm days. These kind of dresses really make you feel special and more confident, click more to see some of those on Rosegal. When it comes to shopping for lingerie or lingerie dresses, you use your measuring tape to measure your curves just as when you buy anything else online to make sure you get the size you need when you order online.

In case you are looking for something more elegant and sexy, there is plenty of interesting choices when it comes to what you are looking for here. I enjoyed picking out some of these items for you to share with you in this post such as these lovely floral and white lingerie dresses, as well as this petite gorgeous white set that is so popular on Instagram right now!

My favorite colors when it comes to my choice of lingerie is black and red. I love them separately but I also love red and black combinations in lingerie sets. If you are similar to me with your lingerie taste, you can shop now for some interesting red and black pieces.

What do you think about the items I shared with you today my lovelies? What is your favorite type of lingerie that you wear on daily basis? Where do you most often shop for your favorite pieces, in online stores or in shopping malls? Feel free to let me know how you feel about this topic as well as share a few tips with me!

Until my next post, lots of love,

Spring Dresses by Rosegal

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am preparing for you a special spring topic today that I believe is suitable for April and weather outside as well. It's time for some more fashion talk. I am happy to share with you an online store where you can find something trendy and affordable for everybody's fashion taste and budget.

The online store we will be chatting about today is called Rosegal and it is an online corner where you can browse and shop all the latest trend at affordable prices. Among all of their wide range of products where you can find clothing for women and men, accessories and jewelry as well as products for your home decor, your hair or beauty products of all sorts. 

I wanted to share with you today some of my favorites when it comes to spring and summer dresses for season upon us. I am particularly in love with backless dresses this season, I really enjoy wearing them lately and you can view more of them on Rosegal. I love this floral dress with a high cut slit that is so trendy right now.

My next favorite dress is mermaid dress with a trendy twist on it. I just love the layers and ruffles that are so popular at the moment. Feel free to see more in their dress section.

In case you are not in the mood to experiment or you just want to feel as comfortable as possible with your body, you can always go for a plain little black dress or a twist on a causal black dress. Black is the most flattering color of the dress on any body type, while different designs can enhance your favorite parts and hide the ones you don't like as much. I personally liked the most the pin up design of little black dress that I am sharing with you today, I think the details are interesting and subtle, there is a vintage and retro flare to it and the A line design that is super flattering. Feel free to check out more beautiful black pleated dresses right here on their website.

What do you think about the dresses I showed you today my lovelies? What is your favorite type of dress for everyday occasions and what do you prefer to wear on special occasions? Did you pick any favorites yourself from Rosegal when it comes to dresses? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Lots of love until my next post,

Wholesale Kids Clothing by KisKissing

Paneled Striped Tutu Princess Dress Tulle for Baby Toddler Girls Wholesale

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Today we will be talking about your favorite topic and that is, of course, online shopping. But this time, there is a twist to it: we will be talking about trendy items for your little ones! When it comes to kids fashion, it is a whole different subject that regular fashion.

If you ever wanted to open a boutique yourself, you might be in the need of a supplier such as Kiskissing which is an online store for wholesale kids clothing and wholesale baby clothes that I recently discovered. The fun fact when it comes to selling kids clothes is that the opinion of the parent is usually just as important as the opinion of the kid who is going to wear the clothes, so you want to make sure that you have all the trendiest and universally cute clothing choices for this category.

2-piece Romper Hat Set Pullover Bow-knot Formal Style Summer Jumpsuit for Baby Boys Wholesale

My personal favorite when I shop for kids clothing is, of course, baby clothing. There are so many fun choices for babies that their parents will love including sleepsuits, baby blankets, bibs, headbands and many more. When I can't decide among all these cute baby items, I go straight for a baby set of clothing that covers everything a newborn needs.

 Hooded Cloud Rain Print Thin Coat Top Zip-up for Baby Toddler Girls Boys Wholesale

What do you think about boutiques for kids clothing? Where do you buy clothes for your kids or kids dear to you? Do you shop more online or offline? Feel free to let me know!

Until my next post,

Cheap Glasses Frames by Zeelool

Hello my fashionistas and welcome to my new post! Today we will be checking out together some fancy new online stores and all the popular items for spring and summer. When it comes to those two particular seasons, you know what my favorite items are - glasses, hats and palms on the beach of course! That is why today we will be checking out where you can get the trendiest items for your eyes to keep you looking fashionable and fabulous on your spring break or summer vacation!

While I was searching for a great pair of glasses frames for spring and summer, I found everything I needed in one online store called Zeelool. There you can find anything related to glasses and frames. I also really love how they have different frame shapes for every face shape such as cat eye frames, browline glasses, round glasses and much more. I enjoy having browline glasses in my collection this season because they come in the trendiest prints and colors and are pretty much universally flattering. 

As always, while I am searching for trendiest items for you, I also make sure that the prices of what I recommend are affordable and stay on budget. That is why the coolest information I have to share with you today is that currently at Zeelool you can get 5$ off over 69$ with code ''New5'' and 10$ off 100$ with code ''New10'' that you are free to use site-wide. Also you can take advantage of their latest promotion where you get 20% off while shopping for 2 pairs or more! Isn't that amazing?

How do you feel about spring trends and summer that is coming up my lovelies? Will you be shopping for cheap glasses frames and sunglasses as well? Feel free to let me know!

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