Zaful New In: Autumn and Winter Collection

Hello my darlings and welcome to my new post! Today we will be checking out one awesome online store that I recently discovered. I know how much you guys love browsing new goodies online and I am here to share brand new autumn winter collection with you!

The online shop we will be talking about today is called ZAFUL and it offers trendy and good quality clothes at affordable prices. There is a lot of interesting products you can see there. They offer everything from top, jeans, skirts, outerwear, swimwear, jewelry and accessories, activewear and products for men as well. One of the coolest things about this store is that it is easy to navigate. Just type what you are looking for into the search bar and it's pretty certain that you will find just what you were looking for.

If you are a trendsetter or trend enthusiast like I am, then I believe their New in section will be ideal for you to find fresh ideas, get inspired and get the hottest new clothes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a special bargain and to save a few bucks while shopping, make sure to check out their Sale section because there you can always find some interesting stuff at a fraction of a price.

I previously shopped in this store and I was very happy with the quality of the products and their fast delivery. You can make sure to get a tracking number and follow your order from their store to your doorstep, which is pretty awesome. 

Their autumn and winter collection you can check out here, it is full of new trendy items you will fall in love with. Knitwear and oversized sweaters are taking over, as well as floral outerwear, crop top sweaters, tops with stripes on them and so on.

What do you think of this store my lovelies? Let me know!

Lots of love,

Recenzija: Avon 5u1 Lash Genius Maskara

Zdravo drage moje i dobrodošle u novu beauty recenziju! Tema današnje recenzije je nova Avon 5u1 Lash Genius maskara. Ova maskara je nedavno dospela u moje ruke i imala sam dovoljno vremena da se upoznam sa njom kako bih vam detaljno prenela svoje utiske u ovoj kratkoj recenziji.

 Avon 5u1 Lash Genius maskara obećava pet efekata na vašim trepavicama: volumen, dužinu, razdvojene trepavice, podignute trepavice i dve raskošne nijanse. Nijanse koje su u pitanju su Blackest Black i Black Brown, a ja sam isprobala ovu prvu. Četkica je dugačka i deblja pri vrhu, sa preporukom da se stranice četkice koriste za gornje trepavice, a vrh četkice koristi za donje. Pakovanje je zlatno tako da ga nikada nećete izgubiti na svojoj polici sa šminkom. Sadrži 10ml proizvoda.

Aplikacija je poprilično laka i Avon 5u1 Lash Genius maskara dobrim delom ispunjava obećano. Izdužuje i podiže trepavice, razdvaja ih dajući ''spider'' efekat ne stvarajući grudvice, dok za naglašen volumen morate naneti dva ili tri sloja maskare. Ne trusi se, dugotrajna je i lako se skida uljanim skidačima za šminku. Najbolji utisak možete videti na close up slici koju sam napravila za vas na kojoj naravno nosim Avon 5u1 Lash Genius maskaru na svojim gornjim trepavicama.

Maloprodajna cena  Avon 5u1 Lash Genius maskare iznosi povoljnih 599 RSD i možete je naći u aktuelnom katalogu. Pišite mi svoje utiske o ovoj maskari drage moje!

Do sledećeg posta,
vaša Venoma

Beach babe

Hello my lovelies! I am showing off my new beach dress in today's post and the way I would wear it if I were on holiday. I love these easy flowy dresses for summer days. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:
Dress: Dresslily (here)
Earrings: Dresslily
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: Lightinthebox
Bag: ToSave

What kind of beach dresses do you wear dolls?

Lots of love,

How to Add Volume to Your Hair

Thick, full-bodied hair is often associated with good health and considered more attractive. But not everyone is blessed with a full head of hair. If you have naturally fine or thin strands and would like to add more volume to your hair, here are a few tips on how you can achieve this:

Hair Extensions
Let’s start with the most obvious solution: hair extensions. These are a godsend for anyone who wants to achieve longer or thicker hair, or who wants to quickly change their hairstyle or color without treating or dyeing their hair. Hair extensions are also great for anyone with naturally fine hair, or for people who are struggling with hair loss or thinning hair. For instant, vavavoom voluminous hair, shop Brazilian deep wave bundles at

These hair extensions are made from premium quality virgin hair, and offer lots of beautiful bounce and shine. They look, feel and move just like natural hair, so no one will be the wiser that you’re wearing hair extensions. Nothing is worse than obviously fake or cheap-looking hair extensions! For a more versatile option, consider getting the Brazilian straight bundles, which can be curled or styled however you want.

Since these hair bundles are extremely well-made and durable, they can withstand regular styling, and can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Change Your Part
If you don’t want to invest in hair extensions, there are still a few sneaky tricks you can do to add more volume to your hair. One of them is to simply change where you part your hair. Chances are you already have a natural part, where you hair tends to naturally fall. This is also where your hair most lies flat.

Flipping your hair to create a side part creates instant volume at the crown. For more subtle volume, part your hair while it’s still wet, but for maximum volume, try a deep side part with dry hair, then mist lightly with hairspray to hold.

Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside Down
Nothing could be simpler than this technique, yet it’s surprisingly effective if you want natural volume in your hair. Simply flipyour head upside down when you blow dry. Doing this automatically lifts your roots off your scalp and creates extra body. Blow dry your hair until it’s almost dry, then go through it with a round brush for a smooth and sleek yet voluminous look. Don’t forget to spray a heat protectant product before blow drying!
Apply a Texturizing Spray
Another incredibly easy way to add volume to your hair is to apply a sea salt or texturizingspray to your roots. This will also lift your roots off of your scalp and create instant body and volume. This method is perfect for the laidback, casual “beach babe” look.
These are just some of the tips and tricks you can try to add volume to your hair. Do you have any tricks of your own? Be sure to comment and share them!

What You Need To Know About Investing In Jewellery

If you have extensive knowledge about all types of jewellery, then investing in jewellery may seem easy to you, but most of us are not that clued up about it and if you are not careful it is easy to squander your investment. If you are looking to invest and are considering jewellery as a potential vehicle for this, here is some advice that you will need to bear in mind before parting with any of your hard-earned cash.

Choose Jewellery That Retains Its Value

One thing that you need to ensure is that any jewellery that you purchase is going to retain its value, and one way to do this is to choose jewellery that never goes out of fashion and uses the best materials. The Diamond Jewellery Studio has a collection of pink diamond pieces that will most likely increase in value once the diamond mine closes towards the end of 2020, so many consider this to be an excellent investment option to consider. You will want to try and steer clear of quirky jewellery, or styles of jewellery that are not in fashion. Designs by well-known designers usually also retain their value more than other types of jewellery designs.

Carry Out Research Before You Invest

You will want to research the most popular types of jewellery that are good for investments, as well as the materials that people prefer, such as rose gold, platinum, white or pink diamonds. The purity of the metal used will have a bearing on the value of the jewellery, as will the quality of the gemstones such as diamonds. If you are looking to invest, then you should choose gems of the highest quality, which will also cost you more. You will also need to decide whether you are going to invest in vintage or antique jewellery or choose something more contemporary.

Seek Independent Valuations

You should take the word of any seller at face value, but not rely on what they say. Instead, you should ask their permission to seek an independent valuation of the jewellery before you purchase it. The valuation will consider the precious materials used in the item, as well as the quality of any gemstones, and you will be given a realistic value of an item before you pay for it. If you are making a significant investment in jewellery, then it is worth the cost of paying for this service.

Make Sure You Shop Around

Investing in jewellery can be tricky, and you need all the tips you can get on how to buy fine jewellery. You should not expect to go into a regular high street jewellery store, purchase an item, and then expect that it will hold its value. Jewellery in high street stores often has a massive mark-up on it, and the price does not reflect the real value of the item.

Whether you are looking to commission a brand-new piece of jewellery or at antique jewellery, to get yourself the best deal possible, you must shop around. Remember that only exceptional items of jewellery when sold second hand are worth more than the scrap value of the materials that it is made with, so always pay attention to the overall value of the elements in the jewellery, and always try to spend as close to cost price as possible.