The Different Types of Pimples (And How to Treat Them)

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We've all been there. We've had a pimple when we need to look presentable. We've had blackheads and whiteheads.

Around 50 million Americans per year have acne.

What do you do to treat the condition? We have compiled a list of the different types of pimples and skincare tips to treat them.

Types of Pimples: Blackheads

One of the most common kinds of pimples is the blackhead. An open pore that clogs up with oil and dead skin.

To prevent blackheads, you can use a salicylic acid-based formula to wash your face. This cleans the skin before oil and dirt have the chance to clog your pores. Pay attention to your reaction, as salicylic acid causes irritation in some users.

Whatever you do, do not try to pop your blackheads. The pressure from pushing grime out of the pimple can scar the skin and spread bacteria, thus making the pimple deeper.

Try out some products from GetGlowing Skincare to treat your blackheads.


Whiteheads are prominent, white pimples caused by clogged pores. The skin closes over the pores, trapping the bacteria.

Witch hazel is a popular treatment for whiteheads. The topical solution cleans the skin, but take caution because it can dry out the skin.

Honey is used for whiteheads as an anti-inflammatory. It minimizes wounds and scarring and can soften the skin. Aloe Vera is another medicine used to reduce scarring and eliminate bacteria.


Pustules form when pores clog with yellow pus and the skin surrounding the pustule is red. The pus forms because the body uses its white blood cells to combat the bacteria.

Pustules can be treated with calamine lotion, a topical cream also used to treat sunburns.

Acne Papules

Acne papules are caused when the pores are blocked with too much bacteria. The papule erupts and becomes irritated.

Papules can be treated with sulfur. Similar to salicylic acid, but less harsh, sulfur soothes the skin and absorbs extra debris and oil.

Prescription creams treat papules. They are a life-changer for many. You need to see a dermatologist for prescription creams, but they contain quality ingredients not found in over-the-counter products. A lot of these creams contain vitamin A which cleans skin and pores.


Nodules are pimples that form deep under the skin. They are mostly solid and do not fill with pus.

Nodule treatments include birth control to regulate hormones, apple cider vinegar, and cortisone injections.


Cysts occur when the bacteria collected in pores get infected. Cysts are very deep in the skin and they scar easily. They are also the largest kind of pimple.

Treatments for cysts include using ice to reduce inflammation, warm compresses, antibiotics, and in some cases, surgery.

Pimple Prevention

Pimples all form when a pore gets clogged with dirt and debris. However, there are several different types of pimples that form from the initial clogged pore.

Pimples are treatable with preventative methods such as prescription creams, antibiotics, and natural remedies such as aloe vera and apple cider vinegar.

Don't stress if you have a pimple. Everyone gets a blemish from time to time, but not everyone knows how to get rid of pimples. Now you know how to treat different types of breakouts and different types of pimples!



What Causes Hair Loss for Women? 4 Main Factors

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Research shows that 80% of women say that their hair influences their personal outlook and confidence. Yet for the millions of women who struggle with hair loss, a thinning mane can trigger embarrassment and insecurity.

If you're dealing with hair loss as a woman, understanding the cause can help you find the right solutions to achieve a full head of hair once again.

Read on to learn what causes hair loss for women and what treatments are available.

1. Alopecia

Alopecia is the medical term for excessive hair loss, and it's often linked to genetics, aging, and chronic medical conditions. Essentially, most hair loss that is ongoing or due to biological factors alone (as opposed to lifestyle or environmental factors) is considered alopecia.

For some people with alopecia, the hair follicles can shrink, causing hair loss and blocking regrowth. Treatments like this PRP treatment for hair loss in women can restart hair follicle activity.

2. Stress and Illness

Hair loss in women can, in many cases, be caused by bouts of stress and illness.

Mental stress, such as experiencing a difficult life event, can lead to short-term hair loss in women. Similarly, physical stress to the body from a high fever, surgery, or fluctuating hormones can also trigger hair loss.

In both instances, hair is pushed into the resting phase of the hair growth cycle, stopping healthy hair from continuing to grow. This can then lead to hair shedding.

As you recover from the stressful event or medical condition, hair will eventually regrow. However, it may take several months, so it's important to be patient and continue keeping your mind and body as healthy as possible.

3. Tight Hairstyles

You may love high ponytails or tight braids, but these hairstyles can actually trigger hair loss.

When the hair is pulled and yanked on too often and for too long, it may break, leading to hair thinning and bald spots. Warning signs to look for include bumps on the scalp, redness, itchiness, and soreness.

After these initial symptoms, you may then start to notice hair loss on the areas where hair is pulled back the tightest. In some cases, repeatedly wearing tight hairstyles can lead to permanent hair loss.

The best course of action is to stop wearing tight hairstyles. That way, the hair follicles can rest and regrow lost hair.

4. Poor Diet

Hair, just like the rest of the body, needs certain nutrients to grow and stay healthy. But a poor diet can get in the way, triggering hair loss in women.

Women who are trying to lose weight fast, avoid certain food groups, or are struggling with an eating disorder may be at risk of hair loss, along with other health issues.

Be sure to incorporate plenty of proteins, biotin-rich foods, vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables, and foods containing healthy fats to support hair growth.

What Causes Hair Loss for Women?

Hair loss can crush your confidence, but what causes hair loss for women? There are a variety of factors, from medical illnesses to the food you eat. Determine if one of the four causes discussed here may be the reason for your hair loss, and talk to your doctor if your hair doesn't start growing back within a few months.

For more beauty tips, check out our latest posts!



How to Smell Good All the Time: 5 Perfect Tips

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Did you know that 41% of American women wear perfume every day? Just walking past someone who smells good is a quick reminder that you want to smell that good too. Unfortunately, there are tons of factors that can stop you from getting your desired smell.

Whether it’s sweat, bad breath, short-lasting perfume, or environmental factors, something can always get in the way of smelling fresh. If you need some guidance to get it right every time, take a look at these tips on how to smell good.

1. Drink Water

Drinking water is good for your general health but it also helps you to avoid some unpleasant body odors. When you drink plenty of water it helps to flush out food particles in your mouth and tones down the smell of foods like onion, garlic, or cumin. In addition, drinking more water will help you sweat less.

If you don’t like drinking water alone, try adding some flavor by slicing up lemon and limes and adding them to your drink. You can also add berries or buy an already infused bottle of water.

2. Prolong Your Perfume

Do you find that you have to reapply your perfume throughout the day? Your favorite fragrance may not last as long as you’d like but there is a way to fix that. Apply a small amount of vaseline to your wrists and neck before applying your perfume.

Spray your perfume on top of the vaseline and you should notice that your perfume lasts an extra few hours each day. You can find a selection of perfume sprays at Perfume Price if you like to change your scents.

3. Spray Your Bedding

Wearing perfume doesn’t have to stop at night. Did you know that if you spray your pillows and sheets with your favorite scent, it’s more likely to stay on your skin throughout the day? Scents like rosewater and lavender will help you to sleep easily and promote a sense of calm in stressful situations.

4. Scented Closets

Another way to keep smelling good all day is to add scented sachets to your closet. When your clothes smell nice, you smell nice. Whether you add the scents to your clothes hangers or stash them in the cupboard drawers, you can be sure they’ll leave a long-lasting scent. You can even add sachets to your clothes hampers for extra effect.

5. Treat Your Hair

For anyone taller than you, your hair is often the first thing they’ll smell. You can improve how you smell by treating your hair with some tender loving care. Always ensure you thoroughly wash your scalp before anything else and add a few drops of essential oil to your shampoo for a deeper scent.

Tricks For How to Smell Good

These simple tricks for how to smell good don’t take much thought but can make a huge difference. Along with making you smell good all day long, they can also help to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

If you’ve found this article helpful, take a look at the rest.


Everything you need to know about glueless wigs

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It does not matter if it's a celebration, a special event, or perhaps a work day in the office, all youthful ladies like to look lovely. They frequently search for ways that will help them boost their beauty, complete their persona and embellish their aura.

Ladies and Their Passion for Hair

Hair are certainly is the most prominent body feature that catches the very first glance when you are in front of anybody. Women frequently will work on their hair on their own, attempting to make it look lustrous and seductive by adding nourishment to it. However, maintaining hair vendors every day and keeping these aspects in good shape isn't always possible. Sometimes your hair gets damaged which could be a result of weak health, ecological effects or possibly due to tinkering with a lot of things in your hair. In these situations, women always locate a perfect alternative option to their naturally beautiful hair.

Wigs, hair bundles with closure and hair tracks could be the very fine way to help you to feel your best. This way you are keeping your natural hair healthy and less impacted by experiments. Whenever we discuss wigs, nearly all women choose to have glueless wigs which are easy and efficient to set up into hair, with no obstacles.

Before we discuss how you can put on glueless wigs, let us first uncover exactly what do these wigs mean.

Exactly What Does Glueless Wig Mean?

As it would seem, glueless wigs are type of full lace wigs that do not require using glue to stay mounted on your head. Conventionally, these wigs include clips, bands and combs already installed into them to enable a wearer to secure the wig for their head effortlessly - and more importantly without any glue.

The astonishing factor about glueless wigs is they include HD lace, a fabric that's pretty invisible when connected to the forehead. These HD full lace wigs make sure that the wearer has a natural-looking uncovered hairline.

Additionally to that, glueless wigs may also be classified into two fundamental groups called V-part wigs and U-part wigs. The fundamental distinction between these two groups is that first group includes a v-formed opening whereas second group has a u-formed opening. Inside a V-formed hair wig, the area is way narrower when compared with a U-formed wig, so you don't have to take out your own hair.

Why Women Love Glueless Wigs?

Females put on this kind of wig for multiple reasons. Some might put on these to boost their look, while some may put on these to cover hair loss. Glueless full lace wigs have a lot to provide that will help you achieve your preferred looks. Here are the best advantages of putting on glueless wigs.

1. Perfect for Women with Sensitive Skin

Are you currently intending to acquire some beautiful curly wigs for you personally, or possibly you need to have chic straight extensions for you personally? Nearly all wigs usually require adhesive like tape or glue to be able to remain mounted on your hear. However, glueless wigs do not require any of that.

You'd be amazed to see the wonders of glueless wigs. These bits of hair are seen as the safest kind of hair wigs for ladies. Especially individual wigs that are created using 100% real hair. Since glueless wigs haven't got any tape or glue, they're best choice for ladies with sensitive skins. Especially for individuals who might catch skin allergic reactions because of glue or tape. Glueless wigs cause no allergy symptoms whatsoever so you can rock a wig of your choice even if you have sensitive skin.

2. Friendly for starters

Are you currently new in town? Would you like to put on wigs for the first time? Are you afraid that your natural hair could get spoiled because of putting on wigs with laces? Don't panic. You'll need no skills to put on glueless wigs. You can easily to put it on, adjust it and be on your way! You don't need to cut the additional lace.

3. Promote the development of the Hair

A glueless wig is definitely an amazing choice for women that choose to let their hair have a break from everything but nonetheless desire a nice hairdo. Would you also like to do the same? Are you currently battling with how you can let your hair on a break but also have a trendy hairstyle? Do not worry.

A v part wig is an excellent choice to consider. It functions like a protective hair do for the organic hair, protecting it and keeping it in good shape and away from any harm. Additionally, putting on a wig from wig vendors you would have so many beautiful natural hair options to try out. You may have any hairdo of your liking in your glueless wigs.

4. Provide you with a Natural Look

It's a common misconception that wigs don't look natural. However, it's not like this. Wigs possess a perfectly natural look and overall great look. Particularly if you buy glueless wigs made from 100% natural real hair.

Putting on such wigs, you don't have to cope with aggressive baby hair, harsh or dangerous glue or tape, or hidden lace holes. You are able to put on a wig with no obstacles and this will definitely provide you with an enticingly natural look.


Which Disposable Gloves are Best for You

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Disposable Gloves are common and expected sight in lots of workplaces and they almost go undetected. Disposable Gloves are an essential safety and health tool in lots of industries across Nz, getting used in different environments - for example for preparing food, garages, domestic services, hygiene and healthcare. Essentially, they are simply a highly effective barrier in material handling. If you dive much deeper, their use could be connected with minimizing contamination, reducing sickness, and growing worker safety.

Materials like vinyl, latex, nitrile and polyethylene are popular selections for disposable Gloves, but consideration must also go into thickness, color and the amounts of grip offered to ensure that you are using Gloves ideal for the application that you will need them for. It's this wide selection of gloves which has brought us to Primepac's selection of disposable glove options, while having all the primary variations together.

In the following paragraphs we'll cover some of the popular disposable Gloves as well as their uses, so that you can select the right Gloves for you.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves have lengthy been famous in the food industry. Their thin material is most effective to delicate work where sensitivity in contact is valued and the chance of puncture is minimal. Vinyl Gloves are frequently vibrant blue causing them to be well suited for food service industries because the blue is generally a stark contrast towards the colors of the food.

You need to note that there is not much stretch in vinyl, so make sure to find the correct glove size, it is vital. Vinyl Gloves which are the adequate size will reduce slippage from smaller sized hands or unnecessary restriction in large hands.

Bastion vinyl Gloves

Uses: Vinyl Gloves are ideal for preparing food and catering, and ideal for frequent glove changes to lessen contamination.

Benefits: Latex free and looser fitting, vinyl Gloves are great for short-term, low-risk tasks. They are even the most economic option.

Industries: Food service, cleaning, restaurants and lightweight industrial workplaces.

Primepac stocks a variety of vinyl Gloves at different cost points, including blue vinyl Gloves which are ideal for massive food operations.

Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves are created from raw latex that is drawn on from rubber trees. Highly comfortable with enough stretch, these Gloves will fit just like a second skin and could be worn for longer intervals which makes them popular for medical and cosmetic use. Relatively cost-effective, the only real downside is that they aren't appropriate for anybody who has a latex allergy.

Latex Gloves are mainly utilized in industries where prolonged and highly tactile jobs are needed. Their close fit to hands means there aren't any bulges, folds or loose items of glove to obstruct. They're a little more durable than Vinyl Gloves meaning they may be worn for many hours at any given time.

Latex Gloves may also offer an effective barrier against potentially irritating substances for example bleaches, dyes and chemicals. Whereas loose-fitting Gloves present an chance for fluids to slide inside the glove, latex Gloves form an obstacle in the wrist which eliminates this possibility.

Disposable latex Gloves

Uses: Latex Gloves are best suited to carers, tattooists, hairdressers and anybody that actually works inside a profession of medicine.

Benefits: Very elastic, strong and comfy with an advanced of touch sensitivity. These Gloves could be worn for lengthy intervals.

Industries: Beauty, cosmetics, preparing food, healthcare, hygiene, laboratories and medical environments.

View the plethora of latex Gloves offered by Primepac.

Nitrile Gloves

Produced from a combination of man-made compounds, nitrile Gloves offer less chance of allergy symptoms than other Gloves. Very flexible and stretchy and will be offering great skill, nitrile Gloves are superior with regards to puncture resistance. Those are the preferred gloves of dentists, mechanics and, lately, even hairdressers.

Nitrile Gloves are available in powder-free variants as well as cut-resistant versions. These attributes make sure they are well suited for industries where sharp objects are a constantly-present risk making them simple for use within food cutting or prep areas, garages, and workshops.

Durable black nitrile Gloves

Uses: Most generally utilized by individuals in medical professions in addition to hairdressers, tattooists, mechanics and individuals employed in the food industry.

Benefits: Latex-free and puncture resistant, nitrile Gloves may also mold to your hands for a great fit. They may also be worn for an extended period of time and work nicely for top-risk situations involving infectious material.

Industries: Cosmetics, workshops, garages, heavy industrial environments, meat processing and animal handling.

See the range offered by Primepac and select from durable black nitrile to orange nitrile Gloves.


Maxi Dresses by Noracora

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 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Aren't we all happy that spring is finally here? I am so excited about all the new trends that I will get to enjoy in the upcoming season! Recently I was searching for some great spring options for online shopping and I am happy to share all my finds with you in today's post. I hope you will enjoy it!

The online store I will be telling you about today is called Noracora and it has absolutely everything you might need for spring. They offer a large variety of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and even garments for men. I am pretty sure you will enjoy browsing this store!

What I particularly liked in this online shop is their large variety of maxi dresses. There is something for everyone's taste. Wide choice of designs, colors and sizes makes it a perfect place for you to find your dream maxi dress for everyday or evening wear. Isn't that awesome?

Make sure to check out their New in section for all the latest and trendiest models. If you are looking for a bargain, then their Sale and Outlet sections are ready for you.

I am showing you some of my favorite maxi dresses from their website in this post. You can feel free to let me know what are your favorites!

Lots of love,



Shapewear and waist trainers by Sculptshe

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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new fashion post! Today I have prepared for you something really special. You know how I just love to browse around and find great online store for some affordable shopping for myself and you guys? Well, lately I have discovered some new great shops that you might be interested in! I hope you'll enjoy the post!

The online shop I will be telling you about today is called Sculptshe and I recently discovered it while searching for come comfortable and yet affordable best shapewear bodysuits. Among their products you will find shapewear, waist trainers, bodysuits, as well as a special plus size category. That means that women of all shapes and sizes can find what they need in this store. Isn't that great?

There is a large variety of colors and sizes for almost every product they offer, as well as some great deal such as 20% off if you buy two products with a code. For their latest items, you can always check out their new in section. If you are looking for a bargain on waist trainer wrap and other products, you should check out their sale section for sure. You will find some great items with some special prices just for you. There is some pretty cool seamless shapewear as well.

I picked out a few of my favorites from this store for you guys to check out on the photos in this post. It was super hard to pick out only a few from their large variety of products, but here are some that I particularly liked. I personally enjoy wearing some flattering shapewear, especially if it is beneath a bodycon dress, it just makes my curves look so much better, my waist smaller and my figure more attractive. I feel more confident while wearing some support, if you know what I mean!

Do you enjoy wearing backless shapewear as well my lovelies? What are your favorites from this online store my babes? Feel free to share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear it!

Lots of love,



Effortless Aesthetics - 5 Essential Beauty Tips for Lazy People

March 02, 2022 Venoma 1 Comments


Picture: Allef Vinicius/Unsplash 

Anyone with self-confidence can feel beautiful, but some people like to achieve their confidence through beauty routines and cosmetics. The problem is, many beauty routines can take a long time to complete, and not everyone has hours to spare when they’re getting ready to start the day. 

Whether you’re time-poor or don’t want to spend more time than is absolutely necessary preparing for the day, here are some essential beauty tips you may like to consider.

Consider Cosmetic Tattooing

When you visit a cosmetic tattoo studio, your eyes are opened to the possibilities of saving yourself hours of time each week and potentially hundreds of dollars on makeup products. Experienced cosmetic tattooists can provide a range of convenient services like eyelash extensions, tinting, non-permanent eyebrow treatments, and lash lifts. 

Many cosmetic services are temporary or semi-permanent and can be cost-effective and convenient for men and women. Why spend hours in front of a mirror trying to make your eyelashes look longer with mascara when you can see an expert for extensions instead? Cosmetic tattooing is the ideal choice for those who want to be able to genuinely say, “I woke up like this.”   

Apply Face Masks In The Shower

Face masks have long been a popular beauty treatment among people who want to achieve brighter, more moisturized skin. The problem is, you generally have to sit around with the mask on your face, waiting for it to work its magic. 

Whether you lack the time or the desire for all this sitting around, consider applying your face mask right before you step into the shower. While you shave, cleanse, and exfoliate other parts of your body, your face mask will get to work helping your skin. 

Cover Your Roots With Makeup

Not everyone has the time or money to visit a salon as often as they should. Some people simply don’t like the experience and want to avoid it at all costs. If you need to save money or lengthen the time between salon visits, consider using eyeshadow in your hair. 

It sounds absurd, but many people have successfully blended in their gray regrowth with powdered matte eyeshadow that matches their hair color. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’s a convenient and effective one.

Make Your Lipstick Stand Out

It can sometimes feel like applying a full face of makeup takes longer than the event for which you’re getting dressed up. Rather than applying layer upon layer of makeup to smooth out your skin and fix blemishes, consider drawing the eye somewhere else. 

You can achieve a finished look in just seconds by applying a vibrant, beautiful lipstick color to your lips. You can’t go wrong with red, and no one will notice that you’re not wearing any foundation or concealer. 

Try Dry Shampoo

High-quality shampoo can cost a fortune, yet we still use so much of it to avoid oiliness. If you’re keen to save money, time, and effort while still getting rid of that greasiness, try dry shampoo. 

Dry shampoo can absorb any grease in your hair while also improving its volume and texture. It’s a quick, effective fix that can be the perfect solution when you’re not in the mood to wash your hair before work or a night out. 

Your beauty routine doesn’t have to take up half your day. While there’s never any harm in taking your time to achieve a look that makes you feel beautiful inside and out, you may also like to be aware of some quick fixes to save time. The options above add convenience without sacrificing aesthetics.   


Top Styling Tips For the Corporate Woman

February 19, 2022 Venoma 1 Comments


The fashion world of women keeps evolving day by day. New trends are introduced every day. What is in vogue today becomes outdated tomorrow. So, women need to be on top of their fashion sense at all times, to keep up with the others, and rock the scene, wherever they go. When it comes to corporate dressing, there are hardly any trends involved. Even if there are any trends in this sector, women should know better than to follow them. Here, we have listed some of the top styling tips for the corporate woman that will hold you in good stead at all times. Trends may come and go, but these old-school corporate styling tips are here to stay on forever.

Don’t wear anything that reveals too much

When it comes to corporate dressing, you should always follow the traditional route and refrain from exposing too much of your skin. Business skirts and dresses should be at least knee-length. When you are seated, these skirts and dresses may rise up slightly; hence, you need to be mindful of that when deciding the length of the dress. Never wear anything that has a very high slit. These outfits may help you rock the night scene, but may look out of place in a corporate setup.

Your shirt or blouse should be very modest and buttoned up to your neck. Please ensure that you don’t reveal any cleavage while dressing up for office. Stay away from see-through tops that expose your innerwear to the outside world. Always maintain the decorum of the office, and wear clothes that don’t reveal too much of your skin. Modesty is the key here.

Open-toed shoes are a strict no

Irrespective of your dress, ensure that you don’t wear open-toed shoes to the office. These are apt for weekend getaways, casual outings with friends, etc., but they are definitely not professional to be worn to the office. Always wear closed-toes shoes only to office. It could be shoes with flats, heels, pumps, or anything else, but it should have a closed-toe design.

Ace the minimalistic look

When it comes to makeup and accessories, you should portray a minimalistic look always. Wearing corporate attire with a lot of gloss and bronzer will make you look odd. Avoid going overboard with your eyes, lips and brows. Stick to nude lipstick shades and natural makeup only. A pair of small pearl earrings and a pearl necklace should go well with a corporate suit. Avoid noisy jewelry like bangles, rings, earrings, etc. as all of these may seem to be a distraction for you in the office.

Avoid piercings and tattoos

An important rule to follow if you want to ace the corporate look is to avoid piercings and tattoos of all kinds. Eyebrow piercings, body piercing, and bold tattoos should be avoided at all costs. If you have tattoos, you should do everything to cover them up when dressing for office.

Button-down shirts work well

Don’t hesitate to try colorful button-down shirts when getting ready for work. They work well with pastel shades of trousers. However, while choosing colors, we recommend you not to go overboard with bold shades. Bling, shine and metallic patterns can be avoided. Instead, you can opt for decent but bold shades like maroons, burgundy, dark blues, reds, orange, etc. While wearing button-down shirts, you should remember to sport a decent and professional look.

The right business skirt

A business skirt is one of the first things that would come to your mind when thinking about corporate dressing. While we already told you about the length you should follow, you can experiment with some colors and fabric. If you thought only pencil skirts look professional, you are mistaken. You can carry off this look with elegance, if you also wear an A-lined or flared skirt. These go well with long-sleeved blouses or printed tops. Ensure that the colors of your shirts and skirts contrast each other.

Pantsuits are great choices

If you want to look confident and elegant in your corporate attire, you should invest in a business pantsuit. Invest in a few pantsuits that come in light pastel shades, as they work well for corporate meetings. For the evening parties, you can wear dark-colored pantsuits. The key to rocking this look is to wear well-fitted pantsuits. Striped pantsuits look great on you, if you look lean.

Some of the things you should keep in mind

Before dressing up for your office, you should read your company’s guidelines properly to know what it says about dressing rules. Follow the rules perfectly, and ensure that you remember these guidelines every single day at work. It would help if you never forgot your company’s culture.

Never try to keep up with the trends, as this will only lead to embarrassing situations later. You shouldn’t wear anything that will make you feel out of place in your office. Dressing uniquely is different, but dressing weirdly is completely different. So please stick to the simple corporate attire always.

Avoid wearing a lot of colors in your clothes. You shouldn’t wear wide-striped pants as well. Focus on neat fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, etc. Avoid wearing rayon, synthetic and polyester, as these materials will make you feel uncomfortable after a few hours.

Make sure your shoes are soft and decent. You should never wear noisy shoes or shiny shoes to the office. Also, avoid wearing shoes with bling, platform heels, spike heels, and many straps.

Ensure your purse or tote matches the color of your shoes, for a more professional look. You should avoid carrying huge and colorful purses, as that can spoil your look, even if you have chosen the best corporate clothes.

During the winters, you can wear well-fitted tailored knit sweaters to the office. Please remember that even sweaters should not be loose or tight-fitting. The fabric should be classic, such as wool. Velvet or fleece should be avoided, as they may look unprofessional to be a part of corporate attire. Regardless of the type and fabric of cloth you wear, it would help if you kept it decent and not too revealing.


Wacth winder by JQUEEN - a perfect gift

February 12, 2022 Venoma 0 Comments

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I believe all of us are searching for perfect gifts for our loved ones for so many upcoming occasions. I have browsed the internet for something special for my husband this year and I found many interesting options that I will share with you today. If you have a special person that loves to wear watches or has their own collection of watches, this post is something that might interest you. I hope you enjoy reading!

Today I will share with you a new store I recently discovered called Jqueen. JQUEEN watch winders are maybe their most popular product among many interesting items you can browse on their site. 

There are different collections of watch winders you can check out: ebony, black, hawaii and more. Also you can choose the material your winder is made of: wood, leather, bamboo and more. Your winder can be made for a single watch, but also for two, three, four or more watches. Isn't that awesome?

I picked out some of my favorites when it comes to JQUEEN watch winders UK and I hope you will enjoy my choices. There are so many collections that it was really hard to pick out only a few to show you, I hope you will check out the rest of their products. They also have a special collection for Rolex watches.

Their shipping is fast and you have 18 months warranty and all their products including JQUEEN jewelry. All of their products are high quality so you can expect your winder to look perfect for a very long time.

Let me know what do you think about this store my lovelies. Did you find something you like? What do you think about winders and watches as Christmas gifts? Feel free to share your thoughts and your favorites!

Lots of love,



Shapewear by

January 31, 2022 Venoma 0 Comments

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new post! I'll be happy to share with you today some of my tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best and what items you should invest in to make any of your amazing outfits look even better on you. Today we will be chatting about our little helpers: body shapers, lifters and waist trainers. I hope you will enjoy my post!

When it comes to shapewear manufacturers, Waistdear is my go to online store. They have a large selection of products made with love to make women feel and look their best. Only some of their sections are about waist trainers, shapewear, sportswear and plus size items. Most of their products come in a variety of colors and sizes, so everyone can find something for themselves in their online store.

And now let me get to the coolest part of this post! Not only you can get some really cool shapewear here, you can also get it by an excellent price. Make sure to check out sale section on their site to find some very awesome items that are discounted form 30% to 50%! Isn't that just a great deal my lovelies?

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Womens blouses by

January 31, 2022 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Our today's topic is fashion and trends that are currently taking over the runways and the fashion world. You know that I am addicted to online shopping and I tend to spend hours browsing online for the best prices and trendiest items out there. That is how I find all these amazing shops that I am happy to share with you in my posts. I hope you will enjoy today's post and find something nice for yourself!

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Odmor na Maldivima - Moje iskustvo - Ostrvo Maafushi

January 10, 2022 Venoma 1 Comments


Zdravo mili moji i dobrodošli u novi post. Ovom prilikom sa vama delim svoje iskustvo sa odmora na Maldivima. Nadam se da će vam ovaj post pomoći u odabiru destinacije nekog vašeg narednog putovanja. Za sve što sam možda izostavila - stojim vam na raspolaganju na instagramu @venomafashionfreak.

Najbolje vreme za putovanje na Maldive

Na Maldivima (po rečima domaćeg stanovništva) postoje dva godišnja doba: leto i kišovito leto. Za vaše putovanje idealno je leto koje traje od novembra do aprila, a najidealniji period je od decembra do marta. I tokom ovog perioda se može dogoditi da vas uhvati kiša, ali to su uglavnom prolazne kiše koje padaju pola sata-sat i onda nestanu zajedno sa oblacima, kao da ih nikad nije ni bilo. Mi smo za naše putovanje odabrali početak decembra i nismo se pokajali.

Trenutno vam je za put na Maldive neophodan negativan PCR test i pri odlasku i pri polasku (ova info je promenljiva, proverite). Ovde se radi pcr do tri dana ranije (treba da je urađen 96h pre ulaska na Maldive), tamo ga radite u skladu sa instrukcijama vašeg vodiča. Nama je tamo bilo organizovano od strane agencije i koštalo je 50$ po osobi.

Put do Maldiva i nazad

Uplatili smo aranžman preko agencije (pun pansion, a postojale su i povoljnije opcije bez klope). Leteli smo Turkish Airways-om do Istanbula, pa odatle presedanje ka Male-u. Vreme provedeno u avionu je otprilike bilo 2h+8h sa presedanjem između.

Sve pohvale za Turkish Airways, za ova dva leta poslužili su tri obroka (lepa klopa), na noćnim letovima smo dobili ćebiće, neseser sa maskom za oči, papučama, čarapama, četkicom za zube, osveživačem daha... Na svakom letu smo dobijali slušalice za ekrane koji se nalaze ispred svakog putnika gde smo mogli da gledamo filmove, serije, igramo igrice itd. Takođe se dobija epidemiološki kit sa maskama i dezinfekcionim sredstvima džepne veličine. Stvarno je bilo uživanje leteti sa njima.

U putu ka tamo imali smo veliki layover, čitavih 9h smo proveli na novom istanbulskom aerodromu. U povratku ne toliko, svega dva sata, pa smo morali da trčimo sa gejta na gejt.

Novi istanbulski aerodrom

Istanbulski novi aerodrom je jedan od najvećih aerodroma u tom delu sveta i zaista JEZIVO je velik. Nije toliko teško snaći se jer se sve dobro označeno, ali nije ni baš najprijatnije iskustvo. Iako je epidemija u toku, aerodrom je bio krcat. Ogromna količina ljudi cirkuliše ovim aerodromom. Preporučujem da spremite maske i da ih ne skidate jer svi krljaju i kašlju. Sam aerodrom je udaljenih nekih 2 sata od grada, tako da nije preporučljivo da izlazite sa njega ukoliko vam layover ne traje bar 10-12 sati. 

Dobro smo se pripremili pre polaska. Izučila sam mapu aerodroma koliko je to bilo moguće, pronašla sam sve što bih želela da obiđem. Skoro nijedan aerodromski restoran nije imao ni pristojnu ocenu na guglu, tako da smo na kraju klopali u nekom lokalnom restorančiću u centralnom delu, nešto što je ličilo na giros. Cene su tipične aerodromske, možda 20ak eura za fast food obrok za dvoje. Imate na raspolaganju i standardne fast good restorane kao što je Burger King, Subway itd.

Na aerodromu postoji internet koji je besplatan u trajanju od sat vremena. Registrujete se putem mejla/broja telefona/broja pasoša. Nakon tih sat vremena možete doplatiti (možda 4-5e) da ga koristite ceo dan. Ukoliko vam layover dugo traje, toplo preporučujem da ga kupite. Moguće je nakačiti se na neke kafićke internete, ali su oni upitne brzine.

Ako vam je layover dug kao naš, možete potražiti pored određenih gejtova takozvane ,,sleeping'' zone koje imaju udobnije, zavaljene stolice/fotelje na kojima možete odmoriti ili odspavati. Tu smo proveli nekoliko sati.

Što se tiče šopinga, možete naći sve lokalne turske stvarčice i đakonije, ali po višestruko nepovoljnijim cenama nego van aerodroma. Tu su začini, ratluk, tradicionalna obuća, proizvodi od kože itd. Duty free je naravno tu, što se tiče parfema, jeste nešto povoljniji od naše Sephore. Ima i standardnih globalnih brendova, od Waikiki-ja do Furle. Najbolje da pogledate na sajtu šta sve ima i napravite spisak radnji koje želite da obiđete ukoliko nemate puno vremena. 

Dolazak na Maldive

Kada sam prvi put išla za Egipat, rekli su mi da te vlaga zapahne čim izađeš iz aviona. To mi se u Egiptu zapravo nije dogodilo, ALI ZATO NA MALDIVIMA... Zamalo da se onesvestim! Međutim, brzo sam se prilagodila. Izlazak sa aerodroma nije predugo trajao. 

OBAVEZNO NABAVITE SIM KARTICE NA AERODROMU. Na Mafušiju ih najverovatnije nećete naći. To je nešto što smo mi uradili na svoju ruku i sva sreća pa je bilo tako. Po mom mišljenju, to bi oduzelo malo vremena vodiču i ljudima koji čekaju da nas prevezu do ostrva, ali mislim da bi putnicima mnogo značilo da im je bilo rečeno odmah. 

Vreme na Maldivima je 4h unapred u odnosnu na naše. To znači da gubite 4h u putu ka tamo, a dobijate 4h u putu ka nazad. 

Sa aerodroma do Mafušija dolazi se malim brodićem na koji su nas upakovali zajedno sa koferima. Vožnja je trajala manje od sat vremena.

Ostrvo Maafushi - moje iskustvo

Ostrvo Mafuši je lokalno ostrvo što znači da na njemu živi lokalno stanovništvo, pretežno muslimanske veroispovesti. Površina mu je otprilike kilometar kvadratni, a na njegovom kraju se nalazi čak i - lokalni zatvor! Za ostale informacije koristite vikipediju i gugl, ja ću se ovde fokusirati na ono što vam je bitno kao turistima i ono što je na mene ostavilo najveći utisak.

Šta su bitne informacije za turiste vezane za Mafuši ostrvo?

Na Maldivima se koristi lokalna valuta ili američki dolari NE STARIJI od 2000. godine. Mi smo dolare nabavili u menjačnici Pirana u Beogradu jer su me u četiri druge menjačnice gledali belo kada sam im tražila nove dolare. Imajte spremne dolare pre odlaska na ostrvo.

Temperatura na Maldivima je varirala između 28-30 stepeni tokom dana, a nije nešto padala ni tokom noći. Idealna temperature ako mene pitate. I pored vlage, nismo se nešto pojačano znojili. Temperatura vode je bila sasvim zadovoljavajuća, imajte u vidu da ja najviše volim topla mora poput Crvenog.

Na ostrvu ima kafića, restorana, poneki beach bar koji se noću pretvara u ,,klub'', a tu su i lokalne prodavnice i suvenirnice. Nema bioskopa, šoping centara i takvih vrsta zabave, pa to nemojte očekivati.

Skoro svaki hotel ima ponekog papagaja ispred, a neki će vam dozvoliti i da ih pomazite. Na ostrvu ima mačaka, ali ne i pasa. Možete videti dva-tri velika papagaja koja redovno lete preko ostrva i deluju divlje, ali su oni isto vlasnički papagaji sa kojima se možete fotkati na plaži.

Lokalno stanovništvo je muslimanske veroispovesti i to znači dve stvari: nema alkohola i na većini plaža se ne možete kupati u bikinu već morate imati majicu i šorc preko.

Međutim, alkohol možete ,,preko veze'' nabaviti na brodićima koji obilaze ostrvo. Samo pitajte nekog lokalca da vam to sredi i biće sređeno, mada po jačim cenama. 

Da budem iskrena, Maldivi su takav odmor za dušu da vam alkohol nije ni potreban za sjajan provod.

A ako želite da se kupate ,,normalno'' kao ja, u kupaćem, Bikini beach vas čeka.

BIKINI BEACH na Mafušiju

Za turiste je posebno ,,odvojena'' BIKINI BEACH - najpoznatija i najlepša plaža na Mafušiju, gde se možete kupati u bikiniju ili čemu god hoćete. Bikini beach se nalazi ispred lokalnog hotela i (ako niste u tom hotelu) možete u svom hotelu na recepciji tražiti da vam rezervišu ležaljke. Mi to nismo radili i uvek smo nalazili ležaljke. Veća je gužva prepodne i popodne nego u sredini dana, što je i logično.

Plaža je prelepa, pesak je prelep, more je prelepo. Morske struje nisu jake, voda je topla, boje mora su predivne. Možete pribaviti nazuvice (Dekatlon ih ima) za kupanje/ronjenje zbog delića korala na koje možete naići u plićaku. Bila sam na mnogim lepim plažama u životu i mogu vam reći da mi je ova jedna od najlepših koje sam videla.

NOSITE SPF KREME I ŠEŠIRE. Na Bikini beach-u, ali i većini drugih plaža, NE POSTOJE SUNCOBRANI. Imate palme, pa možete juriti njihov hlad po plaži. Mrak pada do 18h, tako da se organizujte na vreme za plažu. Vetrić duva, temperatura nije previsoka, tako da nećete osetiti koliko je sunce jako. Vodite računa.

Inače, plaža pored od Arena hotela ima suncobrane, ali je namenjena samo gostima hotela. Možete se na njoj kupati, ali ne i dobiti ležaljke. Možete doduše sesti i popiti piće u njihovoj bašti, pa tako doći i do plaže...

Ostale plaže na Mafušiju su ok za kupanje, ali na nekim mestima ima više trave i dubine. Jedna od plaža je rezervisana i za vodene sportove. Ne treba vam dugo da ih sve obiđete, ali verujem da ćete se odlučiti za Bikini beach na kraju.

Smeštaj i hrana na ostrvu Maafushi

Naš hotel je trebao biti Triton Beach Hotel & Spa, ali smo umesto njega ipak smešteni u novi Triton Prestige Seaview & Spa. Od plaže udaljen na pljuvometar (ozbiljno). Od Bikini beach-a par minuta. Ljudi moji, POGLED IZ SOBE JE SVE.

Hotel je glanc nov, osoblje je uslužno, klopa solidna. U više detalja:

Osoblje hotela nas je dočekalo na pristaništu i okitilo cvećem kao da smo na Havaje došli. Dobili smo piće dobrodošlice i sve sobe osim jedne su bile spremne čim smo stigli. 

Mi smo imali sve obroke uplaćene i nismo se pokajali. Doručak i večera su bili po principu švedskog stola. Hrana im naginje malo ka indijskoj i kineskoj, ali može da se probere nešto za svakoga. Ima dosta salata i SVEŽEG VOĆA koje ima potpuno novu dimenziju ukusa. Nema svinjetine, ima teletine, piletine, ribe i morskih plodova. 

Ručak je nekad bio po principu švedskog stola, a kada nas nije bilo mnogo na ručku bilo je a la karte tako da smo probali i neka jela koja možda inače ne bismo. Kvalitetom hrane sam veoma zadovoljna. Nijedan problem sa stomakom nismo imali tokom celog odmora.

Dobijali smo peškire za plažu pre svakog odlaska na plažu i pre svakog izleta, što smatram zaista fantastičnim. I peškire u sobama i posteljinu su redovno menjali. 

Na ostrvu se inače pije FLAŠIRANA voda koju možete jeftino naći u radnjama ili piti iz staklenih flaša koje se redovno menjaju u vašoj sobi. Svaka soba je imala jednu staklenu flašu koju smo mogli zameniti na recepciji ako je popijemo u toku dana.

Sobe su bile čiste, prostrane, kreveti solidno udobni, kupatila pod konac uvek, tereasa je bila sa stolom i dve stolice i pogledom za padanje u nesvest. Klima je radila sjajno. TV je imao nula iskoristivih kanala. Net se mogao uhvatiti i u sobama, ali je bio nepouzdan.

Osoblje je bilo top uslužno i nasmejano. Bez nekih tipping očekivanja. Znate ono kad vam je prosto jasno da ti ljudi VOLE što su tu i uživaju u svom poslu? Od toga sam se toliko odvikla u Srbiji da mi je prosto šokantno kad to vidim negde drugde. Inače, ne primaju sitne eure kao bakšiš, dajte im dolare ili lokalnu valutu.

Hotelu bih dala ocenu 10/10 i došla bih opet.

Piće, klopa i suveniri na Mafušiju

Generalno su restoranske cene po ostrvu za nijansu jače od beogradskih. Obračunavaju vam i obavezan bakšiš i neki porez na računu. Osoblje je nasmejano i uslužno, ali ne i brzo. Mislim da bismo skuplje prošli i duže čekali na obroke da nismo uzeli PP.

Narod na Maldivima nije agresivno napadan kao u Egiptu ili Turskoj. Niko vas ne vuče za rukav da bilo šta kupite. Samo na plaži se može desiti da vam priđu promoteri nekog restorana, vodenih sportova ili izleta, mada se i to retko dešavalo.

Na samom Bikini beach-u šetaju konobari dva lokalna kafića od kojih možete naručiti mocktails - koktele bez alkohola, kokos, voće, ice kafu, sokiće ili običnu kafu. Cene su otprilike 5-10$ za mocktail, 3$ za kokos, 3-6$ za kafu. 

Imali smo lepa iskustva sa Juice vibe barom i Disfruta barom na plaži. Kokos je top ako volite da cevčite kokosovu vodu celo popodne ili da se slikate za instagram. Na Bikini beachu imate i ljuljašku idealnu za vas i vaš kokos :D U Juice bar-u ice kafa podseća na dom, isto kao i moka. Neki kafići imaju i šišu sa milion aroma na raspolaganju.

Suvenirnica ima nekoliko i cene su otprilike 1-3$ za magnetiće. Na više komada vam daju popust, nas je naša gomila magneta izašla 2$ po komadu. Gledala sam i neke bambus torbice i slične ,,lokalne'' stvarčice, ali su im cene bile dosta jake. Garderoba je ograničena na letnju i pristojnih cena (majice 6-8$, haljine 10-20$). Ništa mi nije delovalo preterano originalno.


A sada deo koji ste svi dugo čekali :D Izleti na Maldivima su po mom mišljenju i poenta odlaska na Maldive, mada oni koji vole da bleje u resort-ovima u istu plažu 10 dana se verovatno ne bi složili. U svakom slučaju, u naš aranžman bilo je uključeno 13 izleta (mada svašta oni smatraju izletom no dobro). 

Uz ove izlete, postojala su još dva izleta uz doplatu: neko ostrvo i resort day. To ostrvo (10$) smo preskočili jer od silnih izleta nismo imali vremena da izblejimo na našoj lokalnoj plaži, a resort day je bio 120$ za nekoliko sati i ručak u jednom od retkih otvorenih resort-ova. Guglala sam taj resort i nije mi ta slika za instagram vredela 200e koliko bi me taj izlet koštao + izlet je bio poslednjeg dana kad i put nazad pa se ne bih mogla okupati u svojoj sobi, već u nekoj zajedničkoj.

Za većinu ovih izleta biste u privatnoj režiji morali platiti najmanje 50$ po osobi, a u nekim resort-ovima i mnogo više. Pokušaću da sumiram počev od onih najmanje impresivnih izleta ka onima koji su stvarno strava.

Ronjenje na lokalnom koralnom grebenu na Mafušiju

Pokupili smo maske i peraja iz hotela i krenuli u par minuta dugu šetnju do određenog dela plaže gde smo zaronili. Nakon što sam išla na snorkling u Egiptu, ovaj greben mi nije bio ništa posebno. Ima malo morskog sveta, ima dole neki ship wreck (ili nešto slično) što je možda malo zanimljivo, ali sve u svemu ništa posebno.

Rooftop tea

Otišli smo u Triton Beach Hotel na krov gde smo imali priliku da uz zvuke lokalne muzike probamo njihove poslastice i lokalni čaj. Čaj je ultra gorak (da ne kažem užasan), kuhinja podseća iz nekog razloga na tursku kuhinju (?). Lep je vidik sa krova i ovaj momenat možete iskorsititi za upoznavanje vaše grupe. Ovaj izlet uveden je umesto noćnog pecanja jer su se ljudi žalili zato što ništa ne upecaju :D

Obilazak glavnog grada Maldiva - Male

Turistička tura po Male-u se odvijala uz našeg i lokalnog vodiča, u povratku pre odlaska na aerodrom. Prvobitno je planirana u dolasku, ali posle 24h puta ka tamo stvarno sam zahvalna što nas nisu time maltretirali.

Grad je površine 4 kvadratna km i može se lako obići peške. Saobraćaj je dosta neregulisan a higijena nije naročita. Međutim, to nije smetalo našem obilasku. Obišli smo lokalnu pijacu gde smo mogli da kupimo voće (preporučujem) i lokalne đakonije poput sušene tune. Daju vam sve da probate, pa možete lako izabrati, cene su pristojne. 

Obišli smo dve njihove džamije od kojih je jedna napravljena od morskih korala. Žitelji Maldiva su inače bili budisti pre nego što su prihvatili islam. Male Friday Mosque je jedina džamija u svetu napravljena od korala i to je čini interesantnom. Ni jedna ni druga džamija nisu nešto posebno impresivne, niti smo mogli da ulazimo u njih. 

Ono što jeste lepo videti su Sultanove bašte. Drveće i biljni svet u njima je kao iz bajke. Imate i ljuljaške sa neon svetlima za interesantnu fotku za insta. Ovaj park nije prevelik, ali ga definitivno vredi videti.

Druženje sa ražama

Druženje sa ražama podrazumeva odlazak na jedno ostrvo na kojem su se u plićaku okupljale raže. Što se tiče hendlovanja raža, budite oprezni i postupajte po instrukcijama vašeg vodiča. Mi smo smeli da ih dotaknemo dok su bile u plićaku, ali ne i kad su počeli da ih hrane. Raže su brze i  imaju rep koji vas može ozbiljno povrediti, a spreda su generalno bezopasne.

Nisam se uspela slikati sa njima jer je jedna ajkula bila u plićaku :D

Večera na pustom osrtvu sa logorskom vatrom

Pusta ostrva na Maldivima su skroz kul iskustvo i nikad ne postaju dosadna. More je predivno oko ostrva, pesak predivan, plićaka nekad ima, a nekad se ulazi direktno u dubinu. Kada padne mrak na otvorenom moru, ume i temperatura da opadne, pa ponesite i nešto za ogrnuti. 

Klopa se na izlete nosi iz hotela i nije nešto specijalno, ali je dovoljno i nema rizika od stomačnih problema. Večera uz vatru na pustom ostrvu je lepo i unikatno iskustvo, would recommend.

Večera na plaži

Self explanatory. Divna večera na plaži uz sveće i performans lokalnog benda (?) koji nas je bliže upoznao sa lokalnom kulturom. Hotelska klopa je, kao što sam već pomenula, veoma fina.

Vodeni sportovi

Na ostrvu imate mesta na kojima se možete baviti vodenim sportovima. Nama su u aranžman bile uključene surf daske i vožnja kajacima. Neki su kajakali, neki smo se slikali na dasci :D Možete uz doplatu iznajmiti jet ski (35$ 15 minuta), ima i para-sailing-a i drugih stvari.


Sve u životu čovek treba jednom da uradi, pa i ovo. Ne znam zašto, moja zamisao ronjenja sa ajkulama je bilo ronjenje sa bebama ajkulama. Međutim, ovo nije to, niti je u naročito kontrolisanim uslovima. Ronili smo sa ajkulama vrste nurse shark, veličine od 3 do 5m, na otvorenom moru. Ove ajkule generalno nisu opasne za ljude ali su blaaaago strašne.

Iskustvo je bilo krajnje jezivo ali treba ga doživeti. Ulazili smo dvoje po dvoje u vodu. Ume da bude ultra spooky kada krenu ajkule direktno na vas, jer zbog maske nemate osećaj koliko su blizu ili daleko. Peraja su obavezna, a ruke ne širite preterano dok plivate. Prošlo je bez incidenata.

Sad kad razmislim, ponosna sam na sebe što sam uopšte skočila među njih. Mnogi saputnici su preskočili ovu avanturu. Iako sam rekla da ne bih opet to radila... MOŽDA I BIH.

RONJENJE SA KORNJAČAMA i na koralnim grebenima

Ako ste tražili National Geographic iskustvo na putovanju, ovo je definitivno to. Trebate biti malo više fizički spremni za ovako nešto jer se dosta pliva dok ne naiđete na kornjače. Zaista su magične životinje u pitanju, neke su manje, a neke su baš velike. 20/10 I would do it again. Koralni grebeni, kao što sam rekla već, nisu nešto naročito živopisni. Ima lepih šarenih ribica doduše.

Ronjenje sa mantama je bilo deo aranžmana ali se nije dogodilo jer mante nismo našli (plaky). Drugi put.


Ovo je bio zvaničan izlet ali nije nešto što trebate pod obavezno očekivati od putovanja na Maldive, jer na delfine možete ali i ne morate naići. Ali ja sam imala sreće i meni se desilo.

Naišli smo na jata delfina na putu ka nekom pointu za ronjenje u toku nekog izleta i pustili su nas u vodu. Ova jata delfina nisu ni približna onima u Egiptu gde vidite par komada - ovo su stotine delfina oko vas. 

Uglavnom se udaljavaju od brodova, idu svojim putem. Dobri plivači su bili pušteni u vodu sa instrukcijom da ne plivaju ka delfinima jer će ih uplašiti nego da puste njih da priđu ako budu želeli. Brodić se pomerio tog dela grupe nakon što su ušli u vodu. Ovaj deo grupe nije imao sreće da roni sa delfinima na kraju jer im nisu prišli.

Nisam smatrala sebe dovoljno dobrim plivačem da uđem sa tim delom grupe. Ali kako sam se žalila kapetanu što nismo našli mante taj dan, uhvatio me je za ruku i naterao da uđem u vodu kada se brodić opet zaustavio nedaleko od naše grupe. Tako sam dobila priliku da ronim sa jatom delfina i to je bukvalno NAJMAGIČNIJA STVAR KOJU SAM IKAD DOŽIVELA.

P.S. kad kažem ronjenje, ne mislim na ronjenje sa bocama, nego na snorkling.


Bilo je sjajno i išla bih opet. Ostrvo je veoma lepo, ima dovoljno sadržaja i za kraći i za duži odmor. Temperatura je idealna, ljudi preljubazni i sa sjajnim znanjem engleskog. Niko vas ne gnjavi i nema dece koja vam skaču po mozgu. Mafuši je idealna destinacija za miran ili aktivan odmor i neko novo, egzotično iskustvo. 

Većina ljudi iz naše grupe išla je u paru, ali ovde se možete lepo provesti i sami ili u većoj grupi. 

Ako uplatite pun pansion i imate uključene izlete, osim troškova testiranja bukvalno ne morate imati dodatne troškove. Za neki lagodan odmor, ponesite koju stotinu dolara preko. Ako letujete u resort-u, tražite cenovnik izleta unapred kako biste znali koliko će vas koštati ono što želite da vidite.

Hotel Triton Prestige Seaview & Spa je ispunio sva moja očekivanja i malo preko. Ipak, ne zaboravite da život nije Instagram. Ostrvo je predivno, hotel sjajan, izleti fantastični, ali svi dodaju filter na slike i hvataju dobre uglove :D Sa nekim normalnim očekivanjima, nećete biti razočarani.

Ako ste već došli na Mafuši a nemate uključene izlete, uplatite sebi što više ronjenja sa morskim svetom jer to je ono najdragocenije što ovaj deo sveta može da vam pruži. Plaže su lepe, ali plaže imate svuda.

I za kraj, sumirani odgovori na nekoliko najčešćih pitanja sa Instagrama:

Da li je na Maldivima skupo?

Skupo je relativan pojam. Za ishranu, na Mafušiju morate jesti u hotelu, restoranu ili nešto iz prodavnice. Postoji neka pekara, ali je nikad nismo videli da radi. Možete kupovati i voće.
Cene u restoranima su malo jače od beogradskih restorana. Glavno jelo za ručak i sveže voćno piće za dvoje su oko 30$.  Cigarete su oko 7$, kafa oko 3$, sim kartica 35$, pcr test 50$, milka čokolada 4$, šiša je 10$....

Koliko traje put do Maldiva?

Preko Istanbula se leti otprilike 2h + 8h, dakle nešto manje od 10h u avionu + presedanje i čekanje na aerodromu. Ka tamo smo išli sveukupno skoro 24h (9 sati presedanja) a nazad 14h (2 sata presedanja).

Da li na Maldivima ima Srba?

U momentu kada sam ja bila na Mafušiju, tu je bila samo naša ,,srpska'' grupa, a nju je činilo možda 20-30 ljudi iz cele ex yu. 

Da li ima šta da se vidi na ostrvu Mafuši?

Imate plažu, restorane, kafiće, vodene sportove, dovoljno mesta za šetnju i sasvim solidna mesta za fotkanje. I da ne odete ni na jedan izlet (što bi bila šteta), verujem da ćete uživati.

Koliko vremena je dovoljno da se dožive Maldivi na pravi način?

Najmanje nedelju dana, idealno 10-15 dana.

Da li su Maldivi kids friendly?

Pretpostavljam da da ALI... Na Mafušiju je bilo dece, ali sva deca koju sam videla su lokalna deca. U našoj grupi nije bilo dece, a nisam videla ni decu turista na plaži. Ne deluje mi kao destinacija na koju ljudi vode decu i pretpostavljam da deo izleta sa ronjenjem nije baš najidealniji za decu. 

Da li put na Maldive vredi novca koji je za njega potrebno izdvojiti?

Vredi mnogo više.

Da li su Maldivi opravdali tvoja očekivanja?


Hvala na pažnji i voli vas vaša Venoma

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