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Perfect Christmas outfit with Rihoas

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Oh I have a treat for you fashion lovers today! Recently I discovered a brand new online store that I fell in love with. I am excited to tell you more about it!

This perfect online corner is called Rihoas and it offers a lot more than fast fashion. Their garments are pretty unique, elegant, stylish and comfy. They are perfect if you are looking for something different for this holiday season. If you need a gift for yourself or someone you love, they offer a large variety of special products for everyone's fashion taste.

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Recently I was looking for a perfect Christmas outfit for this year and Rihoas gave me many interesting options. Make sure to check out their current Christmas sale where they offer buy one get one with 20% off! Isn't that awesome?

I picked out a few of my favorites to show you of course, but their product range is quite large so I suggest you look at it yourself. Let me know what are your favorite items at Rihoas!

Lots of love,


Styling White Sweaters For Women

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing with pieces that are all able to be combined. This allows for the maximum number of outfits while still keeping the size of your wardrobe under control. This is a trend that is catching on in the fashion blogger community as well as in the world at large.

It is important when creating the perfect capsule wardrobe that you choose items that are high-quality. Look for organic materials such as cotton that will breathe well. This ensures that your looks can easily be worn all year round by adding different layers.

Simple pieces are the easiest to match and will allow you to create the maximum amount of looks possible. Look for basics with details to help make your piece unique. Examples include unique stitching, pockets, and embroidery.

A staple in any capsule wardrobe is a white sweater. You can throw it on over a little black dress to make it office friendly. Paired with jeans and a t-shirt, your sweater can look more casual. The possibilities are endless.


Care and Cleaning

It is important to learn how to properly care for your white sweater.


Check either the product listing online or the tag on your garment to find out what material it is made out of and what the washing instructions are. Wool can be difficult to clean correctly and is prone to shrinkage if not laundered according to instructions.


If there is one thing that detracts women from a clothing item, it’s the care and cleaning involved. But you need not live in fear of the ketchup bottle or the occasional drop of coffee. It can be easy to clean stains out of your white clothing. Click the link: for tips on how to keep your white sweater looking fresh and Instagram-worthy.


If you spill while you’re on the run, you might want to consider carrying a stain emergency kit with you. It could include a bleach pen to help combat stains before they are able to set in. Seltzer water is another common tool used to help remove stains.


If you’re caught without your kit, never fear! Scientists say that the best stain fighter is actually your own saliva. That is because our saliva contains enzymes that help to break down food. As we chew, our saliva is starting the process of breaking down food for digestion. As a result, our bodies come equipped with the best stain fighter around!


You may want to find somewhere private like a bathroom stall to apply your biological stain destroyer. Although it’s perfectly natural, you might attract some strange looks if you begin licking your clothes in public.


Knit sweaters can present maintenance problems of their own. A small snag can pull a thread out of the weave and ruin the sleek image you are going for. A small sewing needle or a crochet hook can help you reintegrate the stray thread into the overall weave.


If you don’t already have one, you can find a cheap plastic sewing needle at a craft supple store. You may even be able to find one as part of a sewing kit at the dollar store. This is a great investment because they typically are small and portable. You can bring your emergency repair kit with you on the go to attend to small repairs at any time.


This is also a great remedy if your sweater loses a button. Click here for a tutorial on how to attach buttons to a knit sweater.


Different cuts

There are many different cuts of white sweaters to fit every style.


A longer hem creates a loose, blousy feel to your outfits. This is great when paired with jeans and a cute ankle boot. It says that you’re stylish without needing to make a big deal about it.

A cropped sweater is a great way to add a little youth and energy to your outfits. Consider pulling one on over a dress to create a fun and trendy silhouette without showing too much skin.


Another great option is to pair it with high-rise jeans. This creates the illusion of long, slender legs. Add a cute high-heel and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway.


Pull-over sweaters are great for layering. In the fall and winter you can pull one on over a turtleneck or a simple t-shirt to help keep you warm. In the spring, you may find that a sweater is the perfect wardrobe piece to keep your body temperature just right.




A white sweater is a great neutral and can be dressed up or down depending on what accessories you pair with it.

Consider a statement necklace to contrast with your sweater. You could choose a bib-style, which covers much of the d├ęcolletage. These can be found in a variety of colors and materials and can help make your sweater ready for date-night.

Another great option is to pair your sweater with a cute pair of earrings. Pearls help show the world that you’re unique and classy. This makes a great pairing for a day at the museum or volunteering at your local library. Your look will appear effortless and have people saying, “Who’s that?”

If you opt for a longer sweater, one that is nearly dress length, you might want to style your look with a belt. A thick belt is the way to go with this one, as it creates an hour-glass effect with your waist. Choose a neutral like brown or tan or go bold with cobalt blue or mint green. Any color you choose with look great and stand out from your white sweater.

If you’re considering a capsule wardrobe, a white sweater is a piece you’re going to have to have. Even if you’re not interested in downsizing your wardrobe, there are thousands of different ways to create unique and fresh looks with this garment. No matter what your style, Cute White Sweaters offer you the opportunity to look great and feel comfortable no matter the weather. They look great and work with any body type.

Don’t let the fear of stains hold you back. Find your perfect sweater today!

Maxi Dresses by Noracora

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Aren't we all happy that spring is finally here? I am so excited about all the new trends that I will get to enjoy in the upcoming season! Recently I was searching for some great spring options for online shopping and I am happy to share all my finds with you in today's post. I hope you will enjoy it!

The online store I will be telling you about today is called Noracora and it has absolutely everything you might need for spring. They offer a large variety of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and even garments for men. I am pretty sure you will enjoy browsing this store!

What I particularly liked in this online shop is their large variety of maxi dresses. There is something for everyone's taste. Wide choice of designs, colors and sizes makes it a perfect place for you to find your dream maxi dress for everyday or evening wear. Isn't that awesome?

Make sure to check out their New in section for all the latest and trendiest models. If you are looking for a bargain, then their Sale and Outlet sections are ready for you.

I am showing you some of my favorite maxi dresses from their website in this post. You can feel free to let me know what are your favorites!

Lots of love,


Top Styling Tips For the Corporate Woman


The fashion world of women keeps evolving day by day. New trends are introduced every day. What is in vogue today becomes outdated tomorrow. So, women need to be on top of their fashion sense at all times, to keep up with the others, and rock the scene, wherever they go. When it comes to corporate dressing, there are hardly any trends involved. Even if there are any trends in this sector, women should know better than to follow them. Here, we have listed some of the top styling tips for the corporate woman that will hold you in good stead at all times. Trends may come and go, but these old-school corporate styling tips are here to stay on forever.

Don’t wear anything that reveals too much

When it comes to corporate dressing, you should always follow the traditional route and refrain from exposing too much of your skin. Business skirts and dresses should be at least knee-length. When you are seated, these skirts and dresses may rise up slightly; hence, you need to be mindful of that when deciding the length of the dress. Never wear anything that has a very high slit. These outfits may help you rock the night scene, but may look out of place in a corporate setup.

Your shirt or blouse should be very modest and buttoned up to your neck. Please ensure that you don’t reveal any cleavage while dressing up for office. Stay away from see-through tops that expose your innerwear to the outside world. Always maintain the decorum of the office, and wear clothes that don’t reveal too much of your skin. Modesty is the key here.

Open-toed shoes are a strict no

Irrespective of your dress, ensure that you don’t wear open-toed shoes to the office. These are apt for weekend getaways, casual outings with friends, etc., but they are definitely not professional to be worn to the office. Always wear closed-toes shoes only to office. It could be shoes with flats, heels, pumps, or anything else, but it should have a closed-toe design.

Ace the minimalistic look

When it comes to makeup and accessories, you should portray a minimalistic look always. Wearing corporate attire with a lot of gloss and bronzer will make you look odd. Avoid going overboard with your eyes, lips and brows. Stick to nude lipstick shades and natural makeup only. A pair of small pearl earrings and a pearl necklace should go well with a corporate suit. Avoid noisy jewelry like bangles, rings, earrings, etc. as all of these may seem to be a distraction for you in the office.

Avoid piercings and tattoos

An important rule to follow if you want to ace the corporate look is to avoid piercings and tattoos of all kinds. Eyebrow piercings, body piercing, and bold tattoos should be avoided at all costs. If you have tattoos, you should do everything to cover them up when dressing for office.

Button-down shirts work well

Don’t hesitate to try colorful button-down shirts when getting ready for work. They work well with pastel shades of trousers. However, while choosing colors, we recommend you not to go overboard with bold shades. Bling, shine and metallic patterns can be avoided. Instead, you can opt for decent but bold shades like maroons, burgundy, dark blues, reds, orange, etc. While wearing button-down shirts, you should remember to sport a decent and professional look.

The right business skirt

A business skirt is one of the first things that would come to your mind when thinking about corporate dressing. While we already told you about the length you should follow, you can experiment with some colors and fabric. If you thought only pencil skirts look professional, you are mistaken. You can carry off this look with elegance, if you also wear an A-lined or flared skirt. These go well with long-sleeved blouses or printed tops. Ensure that the colors of your shirts and skirts contrast each other.

Pantsuits are great choices

If you want to look confident and elegant in your corporate attire, you should invest in a business pantsuit. Invest in a few pantsuits that come in light pastel shades, as they work well for corporate meetings. For the evening parties, you can wear dark-colored pantsuits. The key to rocking this look is to wear well-fitted pantsuits. Striped pantsuits look great on you, if you look lean.

Some of the things you should keep in mind

Before dressing up for your office, you should read your company’s guidelines properly to know what it says about dressing rules. Follow the rules perfectly, and ensure that you remember these guidelines every single day at work. It would help if you never forgot your company’s culture.

Never try to keep up with the trends, as this will only lead to embarrassing situations later. You shouldn’t wear anything that will make you feel out of place in your office. Dressing uniquely is different, but dressing weirdly is completely different. So please stick to the simple corporate attire always.

Avoid wearing a lot of colors in your clothes. You shouldn’t wear wide-striped pants as well. Focus on neat fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, etc. Avoid wearing rayon, synthetic and polyester, as these materials will make you feel uncomfortable after a few hours.

Make sure your shoes are soft and decent. You should never wear noisy shoes or shiny shoes to the office. Also, avoid wearing shoes with bling, platform heels, spike heels, and many straps.

Ensure your purse or tote matches the color of your shoes, for a more professional look. You should avoid carrying huge and colorful purses, as that can spoil your look, even if you have chosen the best corporate clothes.

During the winters, you can wear well-fitted tailored knit sweaters to the office. Please remember that even sweaters should not be loose or tight-fitting. The fabric should be classic, such as wool. Velvet or fleece should be avoided, as they may look unprofessional to be a part of corporate attire. Regardless of the type and fabric of cloth you wear, it would help if you kept it decent and not too revealing.

Womens blouses by

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Our today's topic is fashion and trends that are currently taking over the runways and the fashion world. You know that I am addicted to online shopping and I tend to spend hours browsing online for the best prices and trendiest items out there. That is how I find all these amazing shops that I am happy to share with you in my posts. I hope you will enjoy today's post and find something nice for yourself!

The store I will be telling you about today is called Dear-Lover and it's quite an online gem. It offers a variety of fashionable items, from cheap womens blouses, cardigans, jackets, over shoes and bags to mens wear and lingerie. Their prices are very affordable and they also offer a range of accessories, costumes, items for kids, loungewear and more. Make sure to check out their sale section for some really good bargains! They also have some ongoing promotions you should check out.

One of the coolest stuff about this store is that it is always on trend when it comes to wholesale womens shirts and all other fashion items. In their New in section you can find fresh fashion picks on daily basis, so you can have all the latest items first and show them to the world!

I picked out some of the blouses that I just loved to show you in this post, but there are many more you can choose from. There is also a graphic section with some cool products that you can check out!

Make sure to let me know what are your favorites from this store and feel free to share them with me and my readers in the comments. I'll be happy to check them out!

Lots of love,


Winter coats by Ninacloak

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my brand new post! I am happy to share with you today my latest findings when it comes to trendy clothing you can purchase online. I have been looking for some in fashion hot trendy new items for the upcoming winter and I found some great stuff I want to show you in today's post. I hope you will enjoy it!

Recently I discovered a new online store that I fell in love with. It's called Ninacloak and it has quite a lot to offer. There are a lot of categories you can browse: dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, followed by shoes and accessories. If you are looking for the latest, trendiest hot items, just check out their trends section where you can find all the latest fashion. Best sellers are also there if you are in for a safe bet and great addition to your closet.

Some of their amazing deals you can always take advantage of. Make sure to check out their cheap women's tops online. For example, on any order over 89$ you can get yourself free shipping worldwide. Also, any new registered customer gets 10% off their first order which is pretty awesome. If you want a really great deal, make sure to check their flash sale - it's a section with discounted items that you can catch for a limited time. There's also clearance section for some really great bargains.

Personally I was looking for some womens long winter coats on sale for the upcoming winter. There are so many great designs to pick from. I am not sure if I would like a fur coat or a classic trench coat. On the other hand, why not both?

I picked out some of my favorites to share with you today and I would love to hear what you think of these items. What are your favorites my lovelies? Are you shopping for coats online as well? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,


Cheap dresses by Berrylook

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post. I am happy to be here with you guys today to share some news from the fashion world! You all know how I just love a good bargain and stores that offer a variety of hot fashion trends at the same time. That is why today we will be chatting about a brand new store I recently discovered online.

This online shop is called BerryLook and it has quite a lot to offer when it comes to cheap clothes online. When it comes to latest summer trends, there is everything you might need: from cute tops and matching skirts, over summer dresses and sandals, all the way to coats and accessories to spice things up. 

What I love about BerryLook is that there is always a sale or a promotion you can take advantage of. Free shipping is there on any order over 99$ and on your first order you can get 5% off as well. There are flash sales you should keep your eye on and well as the best selling section where you can find the most popular items that everyone wants to have. If you are looking for cheap dresses online, this is the best store for you. 

I have picked out some of the dresses that I really likes from this store. You can see some of my favorites on the photos on this blog. I don't think a good summer dress can ever be out of style honestly. It's a must have for every beach or a night out! And I do love when girls do their hot girl summer thing all the way! 

What are your favorite items from this store my lovelies? Feel free to share your favorites with me so we can discuss them together! I'd love for you to share your thoughts on this one. 

Lots of love

6 Advantages that a Linen Dress will Offer You

Clothing is one of the basic needs of humans. We need to cover our nakedness but there is more to clothing than coverage. This is especially in this age where fashion trends keep coming and going.

This means looking the best we can is something we consider when putting on our different wears. To do this, we have to be cautious of the fabric used to make our clothes. This is especially because looking good does not have to be at the expense of our comfort and health at large

Some fabrics/clothing materials have chemical properties and structural makeup that is toxic to the body. This is why you should be very selective of what you put on.

Some of the fabrics that fall into this category include Acrylic, Rayon, Nylon, and Polyester. For more on this, you can click here.

On the other hand, linen is one of the best fabrics you can ever come across. There are several reasons why we have come to this conclusion. You should keep reading if you are interested in finding out some of these reasons.

Benefits of Buying and Wearing Linen Dresses

Research has shown that women have more sensitive skins than their male counterparts. This is why they cannot afford to just put on anything.

Whatever they wear needs to make them feel good. It should not cause skin irritation for instance. This is one of the benefits that linen dresses bring to the table. Listed and explained below are some of the other reasons buying and wearing this material is a good decision:

Ethically Sourced Material

You should not only be concerned about good looks when choosing a fabric. This is because of all that is going on around us in the world.

In some parts of the globe; child labor, extortion, human trafficking, animal abuse, and so many odd things are responsible for the fabrics you see. For instance, cashmere is a good clothing material when you talk about quality.

However, some special breeds of sheep are abused to get this fabric in some parts of the world. By buying such materials, you are indirectly promoting these wrong practices around the world.

This is just a part of the whole concept of ethical sourcing. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Well, this is not the case with linen. More often than not, it is ethically sourced, manufactured, sold, and purchased.


Linen materials can be used in various ways. This is unlike what you have with some fabrics that can only be used for sole purposes.

For instance, many impressive corporate/formal, casual, and even inner clothing are made using this material. You should also know that they look and feel good when worn.

Relevant All Year Long

We have 4 seasons and this means you need dresses that can help you cope with the demands of these seasons. Whether it is summer, winter, spring, or autumn; dresses made of linen are complaint.

This is even though you may need to add something extra during some seasons. For instance, you might have to use a cardigan over your linen dress in winter.

Healthy Option

We did explain how some materials are toxic and gave a few examples. In the same vein, there are healthy alternatives to these toxic fabrics.

Linen is high up on the list of healthy alternatives. One of the reasons is that it is hypoallergenic. This means it does not create a breathing ground or suitable environment for microbes and bacteria which causes allergic reactions in some folks.

Additionally, it does not retain moisture which also creates a suitable environment for microbes and bacteria. This is regardless of the shade or size of the linen dress you have. For instance, a white linen mini dress is just as hypoallergenic as a black linen dress.

Easy Maintenance

Some fabrics are good in many ways but pose a problem because of maintenance issues. This is not the case with linen materials. They can be easily washed, ironed, packed, and taken care of.

However, you need to be careful of the solutions used to clean them. For instance, you are to avoid detergents that have the option of whiteners, as well as bleach. These solutions can affect the look and even the quality of the material.


This clothing material is well able to withstand a lot. This is although it looks and feels light. So, you should seriously consider it if durability is something you are very particular about.

Wrap Up

Dresses made with linen material are one of the best for you. We have discussed 6 reasons why this is the case in this article. We advise that you make informed decisions going forward by taking advantage of the information shared here.

Cute tops by Ninacloak

 Hey my fashion babes! I hope you are enjoying your hot girl summer! I am happy to share with you today some amazing items that will make your summer even better and more fashionable! I know how you all love to stay trendy and get the latest clothing, so I will be sharing with you today a great new online store that can help you get what you need!

The store I will be talking about today is called Ninacloak and it has anything and everything a fashionable women would love to wear this season. Everything from tops, dresses, jeans, skirts, outerwear, shoes and accessories is there for you to choose from. They even offer free shipping on any order over 89$! Isn't that awesome?

When it comes to cheap women's clothing, I am the biggest fan of following all the latest trends. That is why I picked out some of my favorites when it comes to tops this season. Tops are so easy to style: you can wear them over a skirt, over a shorts or with some long pants or a pair of jeans. A good top is really a versatile piece. 

There are some really great deals you can find here if you are looking for a bargain. Make sure to check out their special sale section. Also, you can pick straight from items that are shipped within 24h if you are looking for something that will arrive to your doorstep very fast.

You can see some of my favorites from this store on the photos in this posts, but there are many others to choose from as well. Make sure to browse their store and let me know if you can find something for yourself. Cute tops for women are never out of fashion!

Lots of love,


Buyer's Guide: 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Women's Yoga Leggings


While many people may buy yoga leggings with the intent of wearing them during yoga, some people buy them for other sports and even everyday wear. Before jumping in and buying a pair, there are five questions a customer needs to ask and consider about the pants. By asking the questions below, a person can make sure they are buying a good pair and will know the return policy in case things don't work out.

How Do the Pants Feel?

When buying yoga leggings, one of the more important factors is how the fabric feels. If the leggings aren't comfortable, they likely aren't going to get worn. Look for soft buttery fabric that feels good on the skin. If online shopping, read the reviews from other users and see what they say about the fabric.

Is the Material Stretchy?

The fabric needs to be soft, but it should also be strong and stretchy. The last thing a yogi needs are pants that split during practice. Look for pants and yoga leggings with a history of being both strong and stretchy, such as those from Sunia Yoga leggings. By making sure the pair are stretchy and high quality enough to last through many workouts, the buyer is protecting their investment.

Is the Color Going to Match?

While a crazy one-off legging pattern is fun, if the buyer doesn't have other pieces that will match, they may not get a chance to wear them. Either look for a complete outfit or try to buy leggings and pieces that can mix and match. On the other hand, if the yogi wants pants that are one of a kind, unique patterns may be the way to go. Keep in mind that, if the yoga pants are going to be worn at work, the pattern and color may need to look professional.

Is it the Right Length?

Yoga leggings come in different lengths. Some people want their leggings to their ankles, some want them to their knees, and other people want them somewhere in between. On top of the many length options now available, yoga pants and yoga leggings now also come in many cuts or fits, such as skinny leg and bootcut.

Is There a Return Policy?

Many times, a person may think they have found their perfect dream leggings only to discover later that they weren't the right pair. When shopping for yoga pants and yoga leggings, make sure to know the return policy. If all sales are final, the buyer should know upfront so that they understand they are taking a bit of a risk. If the buyer is unsure if the leggings are going to work, make sure to buy them only if they can be returned. Pay attention to the exact policy as well, as some companies may only allow returns within a certain window, while others may allow returns indefinitely.

In conclusion, by asking a few questions a person can almost guarantee that they are buying a good pair of yoga leggings. The fabric, the color, the pattern, and the length need to be considered before a person makes a purchase. The buyer should also consider the return policy just in case the leggings need to be returned or exchanged.


Fashion clothes by

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new fashion post. I hope you are all doing well. Are you also doing your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home? I really enjoy online shopping lately. I discovered some new online places where you can get the trendiest items with more than affordable prices. One of those stores I will be sharing with you today!

The online store we will be checking out today is called Feelingirldress and it's one of those cool online places where you can find pretty much anything you like when it comes to trendy clothes. They have different categories such as wholesale lingerie, tops, dresses, bottoms, activewear, swimwear and so much more.

For all of their latest and trendiest items, you should visit their new in section. They have a large selection of sexy dresses cheap with popular designs and prints. I'm pretty sure there is a dress for everyone on this site. If you are looking for a bargain, make sure to check our their sale section. You can also get 5$ off by signing up for their newsletter. Currently there is also a Christmas sale going on where you can find plenty of options with discount. 

I have, as always, picked out some of my favorite items from this store for you guys to check out. By clicking on the photos in this post, you go straight to the items. I really enjoy wearing dresses all year long and I'm always looking for fitting shapewear to wear under them. You can view Feelingirldress on sales anytime. 

Let me know what are the items you are shopping for the most lately my lovelies. I'd love to hear all about your shopping adventures this season. Feel free to share your favorites and your thoughts in the comments!

Lots of love,

Deciding What to Wear - Fashion Advice for the Mature Lady


Dressing your age is extremely important, and this is not something about changing your personal style. It’s all about reflecting your style in a fashion that is appropriate for your age. Know more about dressing well on this page here. Just because you are turning 40 means that you should get rid of all your skinny jeans and put them into a garage sale.

If you are only 27, no rule says that you should never go out with that sophisticated maxi shirt that you just bought for Christmas. To dress up your age means that you wear an outfit that wouldn’t cause you to look older by a decade. Many fashion trends can come and go, and you are meant to make certain changes, but this doesn’t mean that you will completely change everything about yourself.

Dressing for your 30s

-Look for dresses that are edgy but make sure that they fit your personal style. You may not want to be an urban hipster and transform into a princess outfit the next day. Becoming a chameleon is acceptable for the young. But when you are in your 30s, you may want to develop a concrete style that is fit for you and in which your friends can immediately recognize you. Know your likes and dislikes and always consult the mirror and see if an outfit looks good.

-If you want to move out of the girly stuff and become a more mature woman, you can always visit boutiques for choices. There are shops like the Snazzy Boutique that can provide you with several excellent options for your looks. Add some levels of sleek blouses and jackets to maintain a more polished look. You may want to balance the pink and white polka dots with a single color of cardigan and other accessories.

Dressing at 40

-You need to get serious when you are in your 40s. This is the right time to start mulling about clothes that don’t belong to your wardrobe and do a more refined and classic look. You need items that have higher air of sophistication, and everything should look chic.

-When you are 40, it may not mean that it’s time to go when it comes to the basic tees and jeans in your closet, though. If you could fit snugly and look classy, they are still valuable for you. If you add some chic turtlenecks and a no-nonsense blazer, then everything may fall perfectly into place. You may want to save your basic t-shirts as well and pair them with cream-colored shorts.

-It’s still possible to wear form-fitting outfits, but it’s better to skip them if they become too revealing. What many people love nowadays are those dresses and skirts that flow up to their knees. The clothing should still lend a kind of sex appeal and a subtle sexiness that many will find refreshing.

-However, instead of super short skirts that barely cover your knees, you may want to be more subtle about your dresses. You want to have curve huggers that have interesting designs, colors, details, and patterns. Instead of those low-cuts and crop tops that show your cleavage, what you need is an elegant lacy blouse that has a subtle sheerness on your mid-riffs.

Dressing in your 50s

-At age 50, everything does not have to be sugar coated anymore. You are officially old, and you need to choose clothes that will incredibly make you more beautiful. Many women in their 50s are still incredibly beautiful, but it involves skill and art to maintain the compelling look and youth that they had from their youth.

-The fact is that there’s more to maintaining one’s physical beauty at age 50. There is the confidence, wisdom, and maturity that are carefully cultivated and incorporated into one’s fashion style. What you need is to aim for a more elegant and smarter look. You should wear something that genuinely represents you, and the fashion trends may not matter anymore. Read more about cocktail dresses for women in their 50s here:

-What can best fit you are the softer or darker colors that are relaxing to the eye. Avoid the pastels and the brighter ones like shocking yellow or pink. Instead, choose stylish and sophisticated color schemes with lacy trims. It’s possible to dress in an age-appropriate manner when you are in your 50s and still look like a chick.