Emma Watson for Burberry

August 19, 2010 Venoma 0 Comments

I liked her the most when "Harry Potter the philosopher's stone" came out looong time ago. She was a Hermione Gradger I always imagined when I read Harry Potter saga. I hated her the most when she made her "curly" hair straight in some of the movies - "Prisoner of Azkaban" I think. That was something they sould have never let her do. I felt like she ruined Hermione's main charachteristic. But that was a long time ago, tho I will never really forgive her for doing so.

Today Emma Wotson is busy not only on the movie sets, but in the fashion and design world too. I bet you all know that she has been modeling for Burrbery last year. I loved those pics.

This is what she's doing this year:

"EMMA WATSON'S People Tree collection will make its catwalk debut this September - not at London Fashion Week but at The Prince of Wales' eco festival, A Garden Party To Make A Difference.

The fashion show of the actress' spring/summer 2011 collection will take place on September 12 at 3.30pm and will be held in the historic Friary Court of St James' Palace.

Watson created her first collection for the Fair Trade and organic clothing label last year, frustrated by the lack of clothing aimed at people her age.

"I'm so thrilled that People Tree will be showing the spring/summer collection at A Garden Party To Make A Difference. I think The Prince of Wales' initiative is such a brilliant idea and I'm thrilled," says Watson of her involvement with the event - at which she will introduce the show via a video message as she will be unable to attend in person.

The twelve-day festival will also feature performances from comedians and musicians.

"This festival aims to give people of all ages a fun day out," says HRH The Prince of Wales."

source: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/daily/100818-emma-watsons-people-tree-collectio.aspx

And except that, (to get a new rolle I think) she's done a huge makeover. A pic she shared online is saying more than a thousand words.