D&G and Monica Bellucci

September 10, 2010 Venoma 0 Comments

DOLCE & GABBANA has unveiled actress Monica Bellucci as the star of its new advertising campaign for Martini Gold - and the designer duo couldn't resist making a cameo themselves.

Monica Bellucci has modelled for the designers before, plays a mysterious Italian beauty who charms and turns heads at every corner, before meeting her good friends Dolce&Gabbana a martini. The three stars are seen laughing and joking together, as Bellucci's identity is revealed.

The commercial was shot entirely in Rome by director Jonas Akerland - who has worked with Lady Gaga and D&G favourite Madonna - as a tribute to the Oscar-winning Italian director Federico Fellini's iconic film La Dolce Vita.

source: vouge.com

I'm personaly looking forward to this video, I'm a great fan of both D&G and Monica Bellucci :D

Here's one of their earlier commercials:

P.s. I know the autumn has just started but Spring/Summer fashion week in NY is kicking off, soon to be followed by all other famous fashion weeks, so there might be some info on it too, even tho I think it's a bit too early ;)