Fabulous shoes by Aruna Seth

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Luxury shoe designer with lot of potential.

"Footwear designer Aruna Seth puts her elegant, ultra-feminine design aesthetic down to her family's influence.
"My father is Indian and in India it's traditional to shower your wife with quite ostentatious jewellery. I'd watch my Dad do that with my Mum and how she'd politely say no to the more OTT stuff. I think I learnt the balance of glamour and glitz from seeing that."
Seth has been designing shoes since she was a child working at her father's footwear factory in Surrey.
"It's always been in my blood - every summer, from when I was very young, I worked with my father," she tells us. "I saw every aspect of the business, from designing, to packing boxes, to dealing with sales and accounts. It taught me how to run a business."
All of her lovingly crafted shoes are made in Italy, with the finest of materials.
"I want to create elegant, timeless shoes with the wow factor," she says. "They have to be sexy but not uncomfortable. I don't want to make shoes that people can't smile in. People are programmed today to think that gorgeous shoes should be painful but I want to change that."
Citing Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and Roland Mouret as her design inspirations, Seth currently offers her customers a bespoke shoe service. She visits clients and helps them select and design their perfect pair of shoes.
"It's about creating the ultimate in luxury footwear," she says. "I want people to be wearing their Aruna Seth shoes in 20 years time and for people to still be telling them that those same shoes look incredible. That's my goal."
source: vouge.com

Here are some of my favorites from her current collection. She has few different lines, I specially liked butterfly and swarowski line :)

Pics taken from and more about Aruna Seth: www.arunaseth.com