MTV awards 2010 red carpet fashion

September 14, 2010 Venoma 2 Comments

Kao sto mozda znate, preksinoc je bila dodela MTV nagrada - sve nagrade dodeljene su malom broju ljudi koji su se pokazali kao dominantni nad sirokim masama. Posto muziku samo volim da slusam a ne preterano analiziram, necu se time baviti - uostalom, ovo je fashion blog, zar ne ;) Stoga predjimo na interesantne stvarcice koje su poznati nosili na belom tepihu - da, zaista, tepih je bio beo umesto crven. Izdvojila sam nekoliko YES and NO varijanti :) As you might now, MTV awards ceremony happened two days ago - all the rewards were given to actually very small amount of people who proved their dominance on the masses. Soon as I only like to listen to music, not to analyse it, I won't write about rewards - this is a fashion blog after all ;) I'll write about outfits they wore on the white carpet - yes, the carpet was white, not red. Here's few YES and NO outfits, by my personal oppinion ofc :)
Big YES for Katty Perry wearing Marchesa - it fits her :) Big NO for Snookie from Jersey Shore, for her make up and whatever she's wearign here...
Big YES for Audrina Patridge and this shiny dress - you know, I think that everything fits to beutiful females like she is :) Somethign between YES and NO for Ciara in Givenshy by Ricardo Tisci Apsolutely NO for Florence Welch in Givenshy by Ricardo Tisci Lovely YES for lovely Ashley Greene and this cute dress A small YES for Jenny Jwoww Farley from Jersey shore - maybe she could teach those other girls what style means... Even tho I love Kesha's music, I'll give a NO to her outfit.. And hair... What's up whit the hair anyway is this an extended trailler for Tangled movie (zlatokosu?)? A cute YES for Shaun Robinson and this simple outfit. A huge NO for Laurie Ann Gibson - if her goal was to look different, she managed it for sure... I mean whaaat is this ?? And last but not least, Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is wearing a creation of one of my fav designers, Alexander McQueen. She is a perfect person to wear something he made. And Lady Gaga is really ABOVE YES AND NO. :D


  1. definitvno mi je bila najljepša Ashley Greene, iako mislim da je trebala odabrati druge cipele.

  2. Moj favorit je Audrina Patridge ali bih i ja izabrala druge cipele ;)