June&July Outfit Recap

July 31, 2013 Venoma 5 Comments

Hey lovelies! It's the last day of July and the most awesome month of the year is starting tomorrow! I'm so excited! ^^ My birthday is in August, few of my friend's birthdays are also in August, there is Beer Fest in Belgrade and I am going on a trip again in a few days... Can't wait! Also, as at the end of every (or every two) month we are doing an outfit recap here on Venoma's fashion diary! Please use this post to let me know what did you like the most / the least in my outfits for the last two months, what would you like to see more of, etc. Links to the whole posts are under the pics! Enjoy!

So what do you say lovelies? Let me know what you think!

Love you,


  1. Lots of gorgeous outfits...I look forward to all of them to come xx

  2. Cat ate your... i I'm chillin' su mi fave za ovaj mesec :)
    Bilo je dobrih komada, shorts sa zvezdicama, iscepane helanke, torba i clutch s nitnama... :)

    1. I meni je Cat jedan od fav... Svidece ti se sledeci ^^

  3. Nice pices. Looking beautiful I love that picture with hat.